Latest On Bills’ LeSean McCoy

On Tuesday, disturbing allegations were made against Bills running back LeSean McCoy. McCoy denied any involvement in abusing his ex-girlfriend, who was left battered and bloodied after an apparent home invasion. Furthermore, McCoy was not in the same state at the time. However, the attorney for Delicia Cordon is now also intimating that McCoy was involved in the incident.

Here’s the latest on McCoy:

  • The assailant demanded specific items of jewelry that had been previously gifted to Ms. Cordon by Mr. McCoy, which Mr. McCoy had requested back on many occasions,” the statement from the attorney explains (via “In fact, after Ms. Cordon refused to return her jewelry gifts to Mr. McCoy, he would often suggest to Ms. Cordon that she could be robbed because the jewelry was expensive.”
  • The Instagram post that brought the allegations to light has since been deleted, but the unidentified Instagram user says it was not her call. “For the record [the alleged victim’s] lawyer forced me to remove that post. I stand by what I said….I’ve personally addressed [LeSean McCoy] on everything that was stated many many times over the years. Lie to these people if you want Shady, but you know I know everything,” said the friend of Cordon (Twitter links via’s Mike Rodak).
  • Court records in Georgia show McCoy has been attempting to evict Cordon from the home in question since last July. A hearing was scheduled for Tuesday in the case, but it was postponed until August because of an emergency in Cordon’s attorney’s family (via Rodak). The attorney for Cordon also alleges that on June 1, McCoy directed “his family, friends and laborers” to remove Cordon’s furniture from the home in an attempt to evict her. The attorney also claims McCoy changed the alarm system and removed security cameras.
  • The police report in the incident also points to a specific motive. “The preliminary investigation indicates that this residence was specifically targeted by the suspect or suspects, and not a random incident,” police said. “When officers arrived they found one victim who had been physically assaulted by a lone intruder. During the altercation, the suspect demanded specific items from the victim.”
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5 comments on “Latest On Bills’ LeSean McCoy

  1. mikey

    While I’m not defending McCoy if he did this, but if you break up with a man, I feel like you should move out of that home. Jewelry is one story, but it’s probably best to sever ties for something bad happening like this. But McCoy to so this is a little crazy if he did do it. Certainly worth a couple of years worth in prison would be deserving.

  2. RockHauler

    Don’t know whether or not Shady was involved in the attack, but I have to echo the comments made before about the ex-girlfriend. Seems they broke up a while ago, Shady has been trying to evict her for a year. Her lawyer suddenly comes up with a family emergency so it’s postponed once again. How can a court allow the eviction process to go on for over a year? In NY where I’m from it’s a 2-3 month process, tops. Seems she doesn’t want to give up the nice house, the furnishings and the life style. She didn’t seem to concerned with moving out because she just came back from a vacation in England.
    Either way if the allegations are true, what a shame on both parties.

    • Pawtucket

      Not validating anything McCoy did or didn’t do

      But she sure sounds like she loves the lifestyle and now that it is coming to an end she wants to max out on his bank account.

      Anyway, that’s what it looks like.


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