Broncos Won’t Consider Colin Kaepernick

The Broncos may be on the lookout for quarterback help, but they won’t be calling Colin Kaepernick. The polarizing athlete will not be in consideration for Denver, GM John Elway told reporters on Thursday (Twitter link via Lindsay Jones of USA Today). 

He had a chance to be here, he passed on it,” Elway said.

The Broncos and 49ers discussed a possible Kaepernick trade at length in 2016, but the deal was nixed when the QB refused to trim $5MM from his ’16 cap number and take additional pay cuts in future seasons. Kaepernick lost the camp competition to Blaine Gabbert, but regained his starting job in Week 6. After the Niners went 2-14 with Kaepernick starting for eleven of those games, the two sides parted ways in the offseason.

The Broncos, meanwhile, went 9-7 that year as they failed to land a quarterback who could fill Peyton Manning‘s shoes. It’s debatable as to whether they would have been better off with Kaepernick under center (Kaepernick personally largely played well that year), but what we do know is that he will not be joining the Broncos this year.

Denver is in a better place overall after signing Case Keenum, but there’s still much to be figured out when it comes to the backup quarterback situation. For now, former Mr. Irrelevant Chad Kelly is slated to be the team’s No. 2 QB with Paxton Lynch in line for the No. 3 job.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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45 comments on “Broncos Won’t Consider Colin Kaepernick

  1. rxbrgr

    Good reasoning there by Mr. Elway. Should halt any reasonable media objections.

    • Christopher_Oriole

      Riiight. It’ll just be another just another team not giving Kap a shot

      • Adam

        To get a longer deal. He ended up restructuring afterwards anyways to be done with his contract after that 2016 season. Had he taken less per year, but still been able to play, he could have ended up making more over the course of his career. Especially if there were performance incentives he could have hit if he played well. Tough to guarantee paying someone starter money when there was no reason to think he would hold the starting job long term. He couldn’t even lock down the starting job in San Francisco, and he wasn’t exactly facing hall of fame level competition with Blaine Gabbert and in 2016 Christian Ponder. He then went out as a free agent and wouldn’t settle for any less than starting QB money and to compete for the starting job. That’s why he’s unemployed now. If he hadn’t taken that approach he’d have been a Seahawk last year backing up Wilson.

    • jb19

      I was thinking the same thing. Broncos can say “we tried to trade for him once, he passed, so we are going to pass this time.” How can anyone object to that? Broncos probably due in court now haha… it’s safe to say Kapernick will never be back in the NFL. No one to blame but himself for becoming a distraction (from a football perspective). I’m sure he’s doing “great things” in the community, whatever that is.

        • jb19

          Race has nothing to do with anything. If you would like to educate me on what it is that Kapernick does that makes him inspirational, feel free. Otherwise go away and don’t make dumb comments.

          • marijuasher

            This was a dumb comment: “I’m sure he’s doing “great things” in the community, whatever that is.”

            This is what tells me the guy who wrote it is white. A complete indifference stacked ontop of a penchant for soapbox morality.

            That’s white bread white, and I’m white.

            • brucewayne

              Yea, but you are just a crap-disturbing white race baiter who makes more dumb comments than any poster on this whole site AND the baseball site as well !

    • marijuasher

      What are media objections? The smarter you fellas think you come off, the dumber you truly sound.

      Media objections, I guess, are articles about Colin Kaepernick that you don’t agree with. This article, however, can only be considered a Media Affirmation since you read it and didn’t fully crap your pants.

      Good stuff.

      • brucewayne

        Hey MaryJane; Guess what? You’re not the smartest or the most social conscious person in the world . You’re just a snob who thinks they are better than everyone else. By your weird comments, I think you’re a repressed closet queen who has a huge crush on Kap! It’s ok, maybe one day you can meet

  2. nathans

    Shocker, Kaepernick was not playing well before he started his protest campaign….his buddy Eric Reid who was a top Safety is also unemployed…..

  3. burtgummer

    And since he was offered a contract there goes his collusion case
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

    • RenoChris

      He was not offered a contract douche, the 49ers tried to trade him to the Broncos but they wanted him to reduce a guaranteed salary. God you if you are going to be an idiot at least try to be an informed one.

    • Adam

      That wasn’t the only contract he was offered. Seattle was interested in him as a back up, but when it came down to working out the contract he wasn’t willing to accept the contract Seattle offered him either.

      • RenoChris

        Seattle never offered him anything. It never got to that point due to the fact he would still kneel. For sports fans you guys are not very informed

        • Adam

          They got to the point where they exchanged numbers. To say there was no offer made would be a game of semantics that agents like to play, but in all intents and purposes there was an offer since there was back and forth negotiation; even if it wasn’t ever formally written up as one. I think you’re letting your desire to see this as a political issue blind you to the sports side of it. The Kaep supporters are as bad as the Tebow backers.

          • Discussing numbers isn’t a contract offer. That’s pretty straight forward and simple.

            If I go in for a job interview and we talk about salary expectations, have I just been guaranteed the job? Can I say it’s as good as a signed contract? No I can’t, because it’s not.

            The fact that you need this explained to you, is ridiculous.

            • Polish Hammer

              He turned down trades, he opted out of his contract, he declined offers to sign and compete for a job and he’s flat out turned down contracts…good luck with that collusion lawsuit genius.

            • Adam

              A couple of points your missing/twisting to try and make a point that doesn’t exist:

              1.) You really can’t directly translate the process of you going out and doing job interviews to the NFL (or any other pro sport). In your interviews they are trying to figure out about you, how well they think you’ll do the job, how well you’ll get along with your coworkers, if you’ll reliably be there, etc. With an NFL QB’s job there is already a ton of film showing how well Kaep performs in all types of schemes and all types of circumstances. Locker room issues are hard to hide since players, coaches, etc. talk and friendships extend from team to team around the league. If someone is a big locker room problem usually the other teams already know it. They also don’t need to talk about a salary history since contracts are regularly reported on and are widely available on sites like Pro Football Reference. If all of that was available to potential employers on you before you came in for an interview, HR would have a much easier job and not have to waste time doing a bunch of interviews with people they discover they have no interest in hiring.

              2.) This wasn’t Kaep “talking about salary expectations”. They threw out a specific number that they were interested in him at. He could have said yes to that and they would have signed a contract right there. He countered with another number and the team decided with as far apart as they were an agreement couldn’t be reached and they moved on. If you want to think of this as relating to a typical job interview imagine you went into Applebees applying to be a line cook because Denny’s wasn’t treating you the way you thought they should. They give you their typical starting rate for a line cook with your experience (say $10/hour) and you counter with wanting $200/hour. The Applebees manager then thanks you for coming in and says they’ll get back to you if they decide to pay line cooks that much.

        • burtgummer

          Idiots like RenoChris whine about racism when he’s the racist
          And a true pile of garbage

  4. noodles465

    He is a complete idiot that ruined his career but being, well…… an idiot!

  5. crosseyedlemon

    If Elway is looking for a hated QB why doesn’t he just give Jay Cutler a call?

  6. WildeThing

    Future Kap Conversation

    Coach: White, x Ray, 12, b wing, 10, Ace Hit, White, 2!

    Kap: Nah, not interested in following your silly rules coach. Think I’ll just run it.

    Coach: White, X Ray, Tango, 34, Black, Ace Hit, 2.

    Kap: Well that’s a dumb call. Why would I want a 2 TE set with 2 backs. Think I’ll just pump fake it three times and throw it away.

    Coach to other coaches: See told you the GM shouldn’t have given him a contract. Can’t follow simple rules, now we’re stuck with this window licker.

    • marijuasher

      Mom: WildeThing, come here and shave my back.

      WildeThing: Nah, Mom. I’m on the internet talking smack about Colin Kaepernick!

      Mom: Who?

      WildeThing: Colin Kaepernick! I’m talking bout him on the computer. He’s black!

      Mom: Well, who’s gonna shave my back then?

      See…. Fun!

      • slapnuts

        Mom: marijuasher come here and tongue punch my butt hole.

        marijuasher: id love to but I’m on the internet talking smack about someone who is talking smack

        Mom: are they black or white?

        Marijuasher: I don’t know. Does it matter?

        Mom: yes. If they’re black they’re allowed to be racist.

        Marijuasher: what if the person their talking smack about is both?

        Mom: good god. Get a life. And if you refuse to get a life, then come tongue punch my butt hole.

        Marijuasher: on my way!

  7. Trevor

    Well…it looks like we all have a long way to go, and to think it’s the 21st century.

    • snotrocket

      Any Niners fan that watched the guy his last 2 years knows why he doesn’t have a job, kneeling or no kneeling. Can’t read a defense, can’t throw a touch pass to save his life, and trys to run at the first sign of pressure. All the stats he put up were in garbage time, and when the Niners were good his first few seasons they had a great defense, not because they had a great qb.

  8. anvil35

    Fake news!! The headline reads – Broncos wont consider CK!! It says in the article that THEY DID and HE, Kaep, turned them down. How, Mr. Author, did the Broncos not consider him??? Fake F-ing news!!!

  9. azcrook

    Who cares about Kap…..he blew his chances more than once…..probably one too many head shots that scrambled his eggs…..he chose his side….unfortunately for him it is the opposite side of the majority of the real NFL fans…..good luck Kap in your world

  10. mgrap84

    I mean he wasn’t completely terrible as a QB but people don’t want the distraction and circus that follows him not to mention its been awhile since he has even taken a snap. He completely screwed himself. I understand what he was trying to do but he did it in a fashion that ended his career. Guess if he wants to play he has to go to Canada.

  11. Itrainsontuesday

    There’s three types of QBs in the league: Starters, Stopgaps, and young guys with potential. Kaepernick is no longer a starter, too old to be an up and comer, and doesn’t want stopgap money. Maybe he should join another league to prove his value if he wants starter money in the NFL.

    • brucewayne

      Not even the CFL will have him! They chose Manziel over him ! LoL! Maybe McFake will give him a job in the XFL announcing the first few games before they go out of business again.

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