Browns WR Antonio Callaway Cited For Marijuana Possession

Rookie Browns receiver Antonio Callaway was cited for marijuana possession early Sunday morning, according to Tony Grossi of

Callaway allegedly failed to yield to oncoming traffic near Strongsville, Ohio and was subsequently pulled over by police at 2:59am. Officers found “a small amount” of marijuana under Callway’s driver seat, which will only result in a minor misdemeanor thanks to Ohio law.

For his part, Callaway says he recently had his car shipped from Florida to Ohio and wasn’t aware there was marijuana in the vehicle, per Mary Kay Cabot of Callaway is also facing a citation for a driving on a suspended license.

Although Callaway seems unlikely to face any serious legal consequences as the result of his citation, he could be subject to an NFL-imposed suspension, either during the upcoming season or in 2019. It’s worth noting that Callaway tested positive for marijuana at the scouting combine in April, and had previously been charged with felonies related to a credit card scam that resulted in his suspension from Florida’s football team.

The Browns traded up in the draft in order to select Callaway with the 105th overall pick, and he’d just been promoted into the club’s starting lineup following the trade of fellow wideout Corey Coleman. Cleveland can ill afford any more depletions to its wide receiver corps, as Josh Gordon is currently away from the team as he deals with off-field issues of his own.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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16 comments on “Browns WR Antonio Callaway Cited For Marijuana Possession

  1. Breezy

    Didn’t see this coming. Let’s say his draft stock plummeted because of failed drug tests, and had a criminal history of drug possession, then I could say I saw this coming.

  2. Dennid

    I smh regularly when these idiots are given millions and lose it over getting high. God given talent and they smoke it away. Cue the people now who will say we should legalize pot and this won’t be a problem any more. Yes it will, it’s not about pot, it’s about ignorance.

  3. Strauss

    What did his mentor, Gordon , say about this? Browns still have two boneheads on the team.

    • Polish Hammer

      It’s quite possible those two have never even met, so I wouldn’t exactly call Gordon his mentor.

  4. bravesfan88

    C’Mon man, the Browns show some faith in you, by trading away Coleman, and this is how you repay them??

  5. beany_boy

    He had simply found these drugs and was on his way to returning them at the time of his arrest.

  6. victorg

    in all fairness guys if you played for the browns you would want to get high too.

  7. TheBlueMeanie

    Who cares? This is a non-story. I also don’t get the thug comment.

  8. iamoldboy

    Oh, what a bad, bad, boy!

    And it remains a ridiculous law that needs to be broken.

    Smoke ’em, if ya got’ em.

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