49ers Hosting Group Of Veteran QB’s

In the wake of Jimmy Garoppolo‘s ACL tear that will sideline him for the rest of the 2018 season, the 49ers are making moves to bolster their quarterback room, as the team will host a group of veteran signal callers according to head coach Kyle Shanahan (Twitter link via Nick Wagoner of ESPN).

The quarterbacks coming in for workouts tomorrow include Tom Savage, T.J. Yates, and Kellen Clemens. Wagoner adds that Shanahan said Matt Moore is “another possibility” and that Nick Mullens would likely be activated from the practice squad. Shanahan has already said that the team won’t bring in any competition for C.J. Beathard, so any quarterback signed would be added solely as a backup to Beathard.

Savage started seven games for the Texans last year, but found himself released by the Saints at final cuts after New Orleans traded for Teddy Bridgewater. Yates also most recently spent time with the Texans, starting three games for them last year. He’s bounced around the league as a spot starter, and even won a playoff game for the Texans a few years back. Clemens just recently saw his long tenure as backup to Philip Rivers come to an end when the Chargers decided not to re-sign him after the 2017 season. Clemens hasn’t seen meaningful action in a long time, as Rivers never missed a start during Clemens’ run with the Chargers.

Overall, it’s not exactly an inspiring group. Beathard should have no trouble keeping the starting job the rest of the way assuming he can stay healthy, and it’s possible the team opts to just stick with Mullens as their backup. Mullens was an undrafted free agent in 2017 who has stuck around on San Francisco’s practice squad.

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42 comments on “49ers Hosting Group Of Veteran QB’s

        • jkoms57

          They wont sign someone who is in an active lawsuit against the league.
          The lawsuit can only focus on the isolated window of the 2017 offseason.. Anu current team passing on him has no influence…much like his protest.

          In all seriousness, its a good thing that his protest really helped bring the country together and was right on target with influencing police reform in dangerous communities….. Syke…..

        • anthonyd4412

          Right it can’t because Kap sucks and has been out of the league for some time now

  1. snotrocket

    It’s been pretty obvious through the first 3 games that the Niners still have massive holes they need to address. The receivers can’t catch, the secondary is a dumpster fire, nobody knows how to tackle, and they take too many penalties. Robert Sala should be feeling his seat warming up soon if he can’t get the defense to look semi competent.

    • cowman707

      Don’t forget the offensive line has underwhelmed as well. Help at guard is a necessity I think

    • Clark K

      Honestly a 47 year old Warner would be an improvement over everyone listed in the article especially Beathard.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Already under contract in Montreal but Christian Hackenberg is available.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Niners have already allocated more of their cap to the QB position (16.21%) than any other team and it’s unlikely Taylor would have any interest in being a one year rental.

      • LordShade

        Well, Tyrod just got replaced as QB in Cleveland, so he probably doesn’t get to be picky anymore with where he plays.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Proper allocation of cap resources is very important. If you botch it then you mortgage the future for the next 5 years or end up having to dump a Mack like talent because you over leveraged a position.

  2. playicy

    Matt Moore would be a great addition to this team, because need a spark plug for their offense and maybe the defense will follow suit, because this team has potential, but they need leaders!

    • angelsfan1391

      I hope he does. I’d love to see the niners dance to “I will survive”

  3. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    I just read that Vinny Testaverde has signed with the Niners.

  4. MarcG

    Davis Webb to backup C.J. Hopefully C.J. balls out and we can trade him for a high pick. Davis can be the backup afterwards

  5. JJ Wattcha Going to do Brother

    Bringing in Houston’s ex-crap. That worked out so well for the Texans.

  6. woodstock005

    Bad knee lead to ACL
    ACL not just happened in seconds
    Jimmy G knew it
    New England knew it

    That why New England trade Jimmy
    Jimmy small for quarterback
    Very fragile
    Sooner or later he get major injury

    A chance 49er failed

  7. Thatoneguyyouhate

    I wonder what Ryan Leaf or Jim Druckenmilller are doing these days? Probably the same thing the 4 mentioned quarterbacks in this report should be doing. To me saying they won’t bring any competition in is suggesting they are giving up on the season. I’ll m not delusional either as this team has a lot of holes. But to not at least try to bring in someone competent that within a few weeks could at least be a possibility to make a difference just shows a lack of direction. Unless you call tanking a direction. CJ Busthard will undoubtedly be a key piece to the failure of the season. But not the cause. Unwillingness to improve when opertunity is there will be the main reason.

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