49ers Unlikely To Bring In Competition For Beathard

The 49ers are dealing with the devastating loss of Jimmy Garoppolo to a torn ACL that will cut his 2018 short. 2017 third round pick C.J. Beathard stepped in to replace Garoppolo against the Chiefs and will now move up to number one on San Francisco’s depth chart.

Despite Beathard’s lack of success as a starter last year, it doesn’t look like the team will be bringing in any outside competition to push Beathard for the starting job. While he notes the 49ers will “obviously” need to bring in an additional signal caller to back Beathard up, Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle passes along that 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said he “didn’t anticipate 49ers bringing in a QB to compete with C.J. Beathard as starter” (Twitter link).

Beathard, a former Iowa Hawkeye, started five games for the 49ers last year and appeared in seven. He completed 54.9% of his passes for 1,430 yards, four touchdowns, and six interceptions. The 49ers won just one of the games he appeared in, and he mostly struggled during his time as the team’s starter. After the 49ers acquired Garoppolo in a trade with the Patriots, Beathard quickly relinquished his starting duties.

There was a ton of optimism surrounding the 49ers heading into 2018, as they were expected to make a major leap in Shanahan’s second season. They lost a close game to the Vikings in Week 1 and beat the Lions last week to improve to 1-1. They now sit at 1-2 and face a tough upcoming schedule, with three out of their next four games against the Chargers, Packers, and Rams. With no big-name signing or trade forthcoming, it looks like it’ll be Beathard the rest of the way.

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23 comments on “49ers Unlikely To Bring In Competition For Beathard

  1. inside source

    If they were smart they would bring in Paxton Lynch or see if Jay Cutler would still want a job.

    • roddy1018

      If they were smart, they’d play Beathard and hope to land that 1st overall pick.

      • cowman707

        Problem is beathard might actually win a game or two. smoking Jay Cutler however, would guarantee the first overall pick

  2. ahale224

    Well if he’s gonna miss any time next season and they have any hopes of being competitive this year we may hear about Foles or McCown. Any other obvious names I’m missing?

    • braveshomer

      Aj McCaron maybe…Foles shine has worn off after the 1st 2 games. Bridgwater landed in a great spot and i doubt Cleveland would give up Tyrod

      • Polish Hammer

        They believe in Mayfield enough to name him the starter so of course they’d be willing to hear offers on Taylor.

  3. gobbledeez

    Nick Mullens (currently on the 49ers practice squad) was a beast at Southern Miss, setting school records and such. He would likely make a serviceable backup to Beathard. Also, Sean Renfree is a free agent and has experience in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

    • Polish Hammer

      A lot of beasts at better programs than Southern Miss and they aren’t handed a better gig, what makes you think a QB passed over by every team in the NFL as well as the Niners themselves would be a good choice?

  4. captainchaos55

    Well , I’ll just state the obvious since no one else has .. I expect Beathard to get beat HARD. Anyone on that team that was fantasy relevant are no more ..

  5. tylerall5

    It’d be hard to bring a guy in and have him learn the offense unless he has a previous relationship with the coaching staff. I’m not sure that anybody out there would be an immediate upgrade

  6. Thatoneguyyouhate

    I’d go for Tyrod Taylor or Brett Hundley. They are the 2 most mobile QBs not starting right now. Why those two you might ask? Because we need someone who can run for their lives with that line.

  7. rocky7

    Wow, 8 games into his NFL career as a starter and Jimmy G is down already with a major injury! As Bill Parcells used to say, “lets not put them in the Hall of Fame just yet”
    Guess Lynch the GM isn’t the luckiest guy on the planet as we all thought when Jimmy G fell into his lap.

    • Polish Hammer

      Another guy living his life with a crystal ball none of us mere mortals are lucky enough to have…

    • crosseyedlemon

      Where are you getting this “fell into his lap” stuff? Jimmy isn’t exactly playing for beer and pizza money.

      • Polish Hammer

        No, but Wild Bill swung that deal to the Niners for less than market value (less then he was offered elsewhere).

  8. crosseyedlemon

    Beathard will have to be the guy because the Niners leveraged themselves more than any other team on QB spending with a 16.21% cap commitment.

    • billykent

      You have the same taste in QBs as you do in drink, I see…He has a victim mentality and very little talent…Athletic as a mofo, but that’s it…Let him live out his dream as a social justice warrior and leave football to professionals…

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