Steelers HC: Brown Has Not Asked For Trade

Antonio Brown‘s absence from Monday’s practice raised some eyebrows, but the wide receiver is not looking to leave Pittsburgh, according to coach Mike Tomlin. At a Tuesday morning press conference, Tomlin said that Brown has not requested a trade. 

Brown, however, was visibly displeased with Steelers coaches during Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs and he dared the club to trade him on Twitter in an online spat with a former team employee. Although Tomlin says there’s no reason to panic, he did confirm that he will meet with Brown on Tuesday to smooth out any in-house issues.

Brown opened the season by catching nine passes for 93 yards including one tremendous third quarter touchdown against the Browns. This past weekend, he remained productive with nine grabs for 67 yards, but lost his cool in the fourth quarter when talking with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner and wide receivers coach Darryl Drake. Pittsburgh lost the Week 2 contest against Kansas City, leaving the Steelers winless heading into their Monday night game against the Buccaneers.

We already saw one noteworthy wide receiver change teams this week, but Tomlin asserts that Brown is not looking to join Gordon on the transactions wire.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 comments on “Steelers HC: Brown Has Not Asked For Trade

    • tsolid

      Nah…he’s still wondering why he turned the ball over 5x the first game. Also, wondering why he kept taking taking so much time of the clock on Sunday when they needed two scores.

  1. Thronson5

    The end is near. Bell will be gone by next season at the latest, Big Ben is going to retire and Brown is unhappy. They do have Juju still and he’s very young and very good WR but they are coming up on a big rebuild here soon.

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      Ben is on record wanting a 2 year extension after next year. He isn’t retiring unless Pittsburgh talks him into it, just like Polamalu.

      And surprise surprise, losing makes everyone unhappy. Give them 4 weeks, nobody will even be thinking about their start. 2021 is the rebuild year.

  2. Armaday

    Can this team trade Bell where the takers can sign him to a multi year deal? If he’s going to sit, they may as well get something in return. If you have a good grasp on trading an unsigned franchise player, please explain this to me…

    • tylerall5

      The way I understand it is that no team can extend him until the offseason, but they can give him more money for this season.

  3. steelman

    As a life long Steeler fan, this team appears to want drama all the time. The coaching staff has lost control of this team and they are not prepared to play. The defense looks clueless at times and cannot tackle.

    These little temper tantrums need to stop and worry about putting up wins.

    • crosseyedlemon

      First James Harrison was the bad guy, then Le’Veon Bell and now Antonio Brown or the coaching staff (depending on your preference). Why are Steeler fans so blind to the real source of all this drama? The owner and front office have created this culture of suspicion, jealousy, and an everyone for himself mentality. Putting up wins won’t make this problem go away because it’s like holding your nose in a toxic environment. At some point your going to have to breathe.

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