Seahawks Have Not Approached Russell Wilson About A New Deal

The Seahawks have not approached star quarterback Russell Wilson to discuss a new contract, and there are currently no plans to have such a discussion, as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes. Wilson is under club control through 2019, and while Seattle generally does not redo deals that have multiple years remaining, the team has made a few exceptions to that organizational philosophy in the past, and one might expect that Wilson would be a player for whom the Seahawks would make such an exception. Indeed, he has as much time left on his current contract as Aaron Rodgers had when he signed his recent massive extension with the Packers.

However, we did hear earlier this year that negotiations between Wilson and Seattle — if they do end up happening at some point in the future — are not expected to be pretty, and Wilson himself said that he expects to be hit with the franchise tag in 2020. But as La Canfora points out, going year-to-year with the franchise tag for a player like Wilson is probably not the best strategy, and allowing him to enter the final year of his contract at a time when contract values continue to soar and the cap continues to increase significantly may not be the wisest move either.

It could be that Seattle simply does not plan to hang on to Wilson beyond 2019. The team is no longer the powerhouse it was earlier this decade, and Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times recently wrote that the Seahawks’ performance in 2018 could go a long way in determining the futures of both Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll in Seattle. Although Condotta acknowledged that it would be difficult to imagine the Seahawks not making every effort to keep Wilson, he noted that the franchise’s future looks as unclear as at any time since Wilson arrived in 2012.

It is also worth noting that the Seahawks were at their dominant best when Wilson was playing under his rookie deal, so if the club does choose to rebuild, it could seek to leverage Wilson as part of those efforts. Indeed, La Canfora says that some GMs believe Seattle could get up to three first-round picks in exchange for Wilson if it puts him on the trading block.

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7 comments on “Seahawks Have Not Approached Russell Wilson About A New Deal

  1. JJB0811

    Any GM that trades 3 ones & pays top dollar for QB should be fired. The whole reason for the rookie wage scale was so that teams could build w/ young, new talent at ‘better’ pricing than vets getting huge dough.

    That Mack trade will cost the Bears GM his job. When they’re supposed to be drafting in the top 10 and don’t pick before 35-37 range for two years straight, he’ll pay for it.

    • padam

      Agree with what you said, however top 10 draft picks aren’t always a guarantee. Since they gave up 2 #1’s, and lets say one of them is a solid pick, it still turns into good deal for both considering Mack is a known product and commodity. Plus, I believe the Bears will fare slightly better than the bottom 10.

      • JJB0811

        My concern w/ the Bears is MT QB’ing. I live in Jax and have seen them draft big, tall QB’s in Leftwich, Gabbert and Bortles. None panned out.

        When all the scouting reports came out on MT, it was basically ‘not much playing time, some poor decisions, but he’s 6ft+ & 200+ with a good arm’ That doesn’t make a QB. I know firsthand!

        • jkbuckets

          Let’s not act like trubisky is a tall qb. He’s 6ft 1-2 That’s a very average height for a qb. He also only started 13 games in college and is learning a new system. This year is another learning year for him. As a bears fan I don’t mind what pace did. Mack is a beast and our defense looks as good as it did during urlachers prime. The bears are on the rise and even if trubisky doesn’t develop into a top 5 qb (I’m assuming he’s somewhere between top 15 in that scenario) the bears will be a annual title contender in two years

    • crosseyedlemon

      Sorry JJ, but George Allen, who has the best win percentage of anyone who has coached more than 150 NFL games, proved long ago that the draft is not a magic bullet. In his 7 years with the Redskins only two players were drafted before the 5th round.

  2. carlos15

    Let’s pay Wilson even more than Rodgers so they won’t be able to afford anyone else and the Seahawks will be 6-10 every year thereafter.

  3. ayrbhoy

    Over the last two games Russell has shown questionable decision making and has become a liability while trying to escape the pocket. If this trend continues he could easily suffer a major injury- then you can wave goodbye to that contract extension and 3 number 1 picks!

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