Antonio Brown Addresses Controversy

Antonio Brown raised eyebrows this week when he got into a Twitter spat with an ex-Steelers employee and subsequently skipped a team practice. In his tweet, Brown seemingly dared the Steelers to trade him, but Brown insists that he wants to stay put. 

It was a guy that used to work here, a PR guy … [taking] a personal shot at me,” Brown said (Twitter link via Ian Rapoport of “But, obviously, I don’t want to be traded and I’m still grateful to put on my uniform…I just got to stay away from online with the distractions.

Already, head coach Mike Tomlin and agent Drew Rosenhaus have thrown cold water on the notion that the wide receiver wants out of Pittsburgh. This week’s hysteria may have been much ado about nothing, but no one can be blamed for speculating on the matter, particularly given Le’Veon Bell‘s ongoing holdout.

Although Brown is admittedly frustrated with the Steelers’ slow start, he is clearly on board with the team. The stage could be set for a classic performance against the Buccaneers on Monday night, provided that Brown’s calf injury from Week 2 has healed up.

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16 comments on “Antonio Brown Addresses Controversy

  1. JJB0811

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new direction next year in Pit. If they stumble again, I could see a new coach, QB, and RB. That’s a whole lot of change for a team that prides itself on stability.

    • deal1122

      New RB for sure in Conner next year with bell gone. Very well might be tomlin’s last year. No new QB next year. It’s Ben’s job until he’s ready to be done

      • Michael Chaney

        Agreed; as a Browns fan I hate Big Ben but he’s not at all the problem with them

        • tsolid

          5 turnovers in the 1st game not a problem? Are you blind? It’s amazing how people put NO accountability on Ben and his BAD performances. It’s always everyone else’s fault.

          • tylerall5

            5 turnovers seem bad but Jesse Hames had a ball go straight through his hands and it was picked, receivers not running the proper route and Ben “over throwing them” and the weather it is lessened. Not excusable but lessened. When you have a pass defense that can’t stop anything, a dysfunctional locker room, and a coach that would rather be his players best friend than their boss, a HOF QB is not your problem he will fix himself.

          • louwhitakerisahofer

            Coming from a guy that probably didn’t watch the game. From memory, 1 was tipped. Another was a deep ball that would have netted the same as a punt. The fumble and 1 pick was on him.

            He’s not a superstar anymore, but he is better than any rookie QB that is going to replace him and a high end 2nd tier QB now.

          • madmanTX

            And then almost 500 yards and no picks in the 2nd game. Yeah, but let’s just focus on the worse game he had. Geez.

      • madmanTX

        Tomlin will only leave the way his predecessors did—retirement or convinced to resign. The Rooneys can’t be seen to actually fire a coach.

  2. frankchitown

    Ben has been discussing the possibility of retiring for a couple of years now. I don’t see him returning next year if Tomlin is let go. Not because the relationship is great or anything. More because I don’t see him wanting to rebuild with a new coach.

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      Ben will be back no matter what. He is on record asking for a 2 year extension.

      The only way I see him leaving is if he wins the Super Bowl this year. Then it’s 50/50.

  3. Chris

    Lol you guys really hate the Steelers huh? How many double digit win seasons have they had in a row? I think most teams wish they had this kind of disarray

    • Munsonmanor4

      While that is true, it’s also true that they should be battling New England in Championship games and reaching Super Bowls, not losing to a one sided Jacksonville Jaguars team in the first round of the playoffs. They have had a Super Bowl caliber team the last 2-3 seasons and they can’t seem to get out of their own way. Each season this happens, the more the calls for Tomlin’s head is going to keep getting louder.

      • padam

        The same Jags that almost beat the Patriots last year and smacked them around this year. Tomlin isn’t going anywhere, he just needs to keep the locker room in order. He’s a players coach, but no player is bigger than the team.

  4. twentyforty

    Why is everything always someone else’s fault with Brown? This dude hasn’t taken responsibility for anything negative in his life and sets up extremely poorly when his football career ends. Pittsburgh would be wise to rid themselves of him sooner than later.

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