Cardinals GM Downplays Trade Rumors

The Cardinals are reportedly shopping Deone Bucannon and Haason Reddick, but GM Steve Keim is doing his best to throw cold water on the hot stove talk. In a radio interview on Friday, Keim issued a general denial towards trade speculation regarding his team. 

One part of my job is to have dialogue with other teams,” Keim said said on 98.7, Arizona’s Sports Station (via the team website). “The one thing I won’t do, I won’t confirm or deny those things in public, I think you do those things behind the scenes. But it’s a lot of gossip, people enjoy it, it’s water-cooler talk, and a lot of stuff you’ll read is certainly false. Wednesday I woke up to three different names that were brought to my attention and those conversations never happened. So I would just say, for most fans, tread lightly, because very rarely are those accurate.”

It would make plenty of sense for the Cardinals to explore the trade market between now and Oct. 30. With a 1-4 record, the Cards are the current odds-on favorite to wind up with the worst record in the draft. The defense is in the bottom third of the league in both yards allowed and scoring, and the offense has failed to properly utilize one of the league’s most talented offensive weapons in David Johnson, so this would be the logical time for a reboot.

Keim knows this, and that’s why he is looking to preserve team morale without explicitly ruling out any deal.

Some of the names brought up to me will do nothing but bring a chuckle out of me,” Keim said. “You have to listen. You never know what the compensation is going to be. It might be something you couldn’t resist. You look back at the Heschel Walker trade with Dallas, you can never say never. … Sometimes, there’s a lot of procrastination, where you’ll call and there are a lot of conversations that go nowhere, unfortunately. But it’s part of the business and a fun one for fans to follow.”

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6 comments on “Cardinals GM Downplays Trade Rumors

  1. JJB0811

    That’s a poor job by the GM then. One player is 24 & the other is 26 and yet you hire a coach who can’t use them?

    I hate the notion ‘its a new coaching staff’ therefore dropping/cutting/trading players from the old regime need to go. Why hire a coach that can not use the young core already on the team?

  2. meatmachine

    The funny thing is he was the one who drafted both of those guys in the first round, and you’re gonna trust him to get proper compensation? Yikes.

  3. Z-A

    Trade Johnson for one of the Eagles 1st rounders. Sorry Fitz your team has let you down yet again.

    Trade Peterson for a 1st.

    You’re literally starting over with Rosen. Signing Sammy sleeves should get you fired.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Does Keim even stay sober long enough to know what conversations he’s had? He’s completed the NFL boozer
    program but having flashbacks of Herschel Walker…not a good sign.

  5. afsooner02

    You could likely trade Bradford if you agree to eat half his paycheck or so. Wouldn’t get much back, maybe a late round pick, but at least it would save some money.

  6. Bubba

    Steve “ Give me another drink Keim” yes let’s go ahead and trade 2 players who he drafted for the sake of a coach that shouldn’t be there and will be gone in another year when they clean house.

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