Broncos Release QB Chad Kelly

Swag Kelly has been booted out of Denver. On Wednesday morning, the Broncos announced the release of the quarterback after a bizarre incident earlier in the week.

This was a decision that we made as an organization,” President of Football Operations/General Manager John Elway said in a statement. “After reviewing all the information and in talking with Vance (Joseph) and Joe (Ellis), we agreed that releasing Chad was the right thing to do. “Even though Chad’s no longer part of our team, we’ve offered to help him however we can and are supportive of him in every possible way.”

On Monday night, Kelly attended a Halloween party hosted by Broncos star Von Miller. At the event, Kelly began acting in an aggressive manner, prompting security to pull him aside in an effort to get him to calm down (via Mike Klis of 9News). The QB called an audible and ran off the property instead, which is where the trouble began.

Just after 1am, Kelly traipsed into the home of a family he did not know, and sat down next to a woman who was holding her young child. The woman called for a man in the house, who came out and struck Kelly with an aluminum vacuum tube. Kelly returned to the party as it was dissipating and police arrived soon after to apprehend him.

Kelly’s history of bizarre off-the-field behavior undoubtedly played a role in the Broncos’ decision. Just a couple of weeks ago, Kelly had a shot at overtaking Case Keenum as the Broncos’ starter. Now, he hopes that another team will give him a chance at redemption.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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30 comments on “Broncos Release QB Chad Kelly

  1. Kenleyfornia74

    So much for Case Keenum and Mr Irrelevant working out at QB. Better get to work on finding one in the offseason Elway.

  2. Breezy

    “The QB called an audible, and ran off the property instead” LOL, nice Zach.

  3. TJECK109

    Out of all the things I would grab I’m not sure an aluminum vacuum tube would be the first thing I’d go for

      • cka2nd

        I think it might be an aluminum vacuum CLEANER tube. Which would make sense, since those things are as hard as, well, iron. If you don’t have a gun or a baseball bat or a golf club available, you could do worse than an aluminum vacuum CLEANER tube.

    • tank62

      More like drunken thug criminal. He’s been a thug piece of trash since high school and probably sooner

    • connfyoozed

      Are we seriously going to start having people randomly and irresponsibly wondering “CTE?” out loud every single time a football player does something stupid? CTE is a serious issue for some. Speculating that CTE is the cause of someone acting like an idiot without any evidence whatsoever trivializes the issue big time. Sometimes a drunken idiot is a drunken idiot.

  4. connfyoozed

    Moral of the story: don’t act like a fool when you are an NFL backup. Because I wish I didn’t wonder if the reaction by the Broncos would have been different if this was Von Miller and not Kelly.

    • WazBazbo

      Or if the reaction by the law would have been different if it was, say, somebody not making their living as a pro football player. “Just after 1am, Kelly traipsed into the home of a family he did not know, and sat down next to a woman who was holding her young child.”

      Seriously?!? And this guy did NOT get arrested?!?!?!?!?

  5. Bob Knob

    “…Now, he hopes that another team will give him a chance at redemption…”

    Yup, tons of NFL teams are looking for an Idiotic Thug to lead their team.

    He is not a Joe Montana.

    Line must be forming in his driveway right now.

  6. joefriday14

    Despite his drinking and anger problems, his judgement was lacking, but still cutting him was a horrible mistake.The dude is destined to become a legend for the Hamilton Cats and set records in perpetuity. His autograph is worth thousands and his ability to sing the national anthem unbelievable.

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