DeSean Jackson Requests Trade

Buccaneers wide receiver DeSean Jackson recently requested that the team trade him, per Ian Rapoport of However, Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times tweets that Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter is unaware of the request, and if Jackson did ask for a trade, it would be surprising if Koetter did not know about it.

In any event, Rapoport says that the 3-3 Bucs have refused to grant that request, and it appears as if the team will hold on to Jackson through Tuesday’s trade deadline. After all, Koetter’s job security is tenuous at best, and GM Jason Licht is probably not much safer. As such, team brass may have personal reasons, as well as on-field reasons, to keep Jackson around.

Jackson signed a three-year deal, $33.5MM deal with the Bucs in March 2017, but he and quarterback Jameis Winston never got on the same page during Jackson’s first year with the club, and Jackson’s deep ball skills were sorely underutilized. He caught 50 balls for 668 yards and three scores last season, and his 13.4 yards per catch average was the lowest mark of his career.

This year, he and backup signal-caller Ryan Fitzpatrick were making magic together through the first two games of the season, but since Winston has resumed quarterbacking duties, Jackson has once again seen his numbers take a dip. In each of the last two games, Winston has missed an open Jackson for what would have likely been a long touchdown pass.

Although the Bucs have declined to honor Jackson’s request to date, this report will surely increase interest in the 31-year-old playmaker (who turns 32 on December 1). Any acquiring team would take on the remainder of his $11MM salary for this season and would be on the hook for his $10MM salary in 2019, but he could be released after the 2018 campaign without any dead money being left on the cap.

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20 comments on “DeSean Jackson Requests Trade

  1. RockHauler

    What a shock! An over the hill, diva, unproductive wide receiver feels he’s being under appreciated and thinks that teams are out there drooling over the prospect of adding them as a #1 to put their team over the top for the Super Bowl! Maybe DeSean can go sit with Dez and see the reality of over estimating your value and talent at age 30 in the NFL.

    • Bill Jasper

      Guess he just got use to having someone that could get him the football when Fitzpatrick was playing?

      • RockHauler

        Yeah that must be it. Smh. Cause he’s never done this before (ask Philly and Washington fans). Also, give me a break with the FitzMagic stuff. Fits in every stop (what is he on? His 9th NFL team?), he gives the same thing. He plays well in the beginning and everyone goes crazy about him revitalize his career ( see Jets, Bils, Bengals, Titans, Rams, etc.) He gets big contract then sucks it up. If he could ‘get the ball to someone’ he would never be on so many teams and always be the back up. Face it the Bucs best shot to win games at QB is with Winston.

        • Bill Jasper

          Yeah, um, he’s on his third team. And his lowest yards per catch came with Winston throwing him the ball in 2017.

          And the Bucs best shot at winning games is to start over. Winston is, at best, a talented journeyman. The Bucs are stupid if they give him $20 million in 2019.

        • Bill Jasper

          “Face it the Bucs best shot to win games at QB is with Winston.”

          I hope you didn’t watch the Tampa-Cincinnati game today. Winston looked lost out there. Four interceptions before getting the hook.

  2. Polish Hammer

    Big shocker, every season since he’s been drafted he’s either wanted a new contract or a change of scenery. Time to go fabricate a story he was robbed of all that cash he doesn’t have and jewelry…

      • Polish Hammer

        Oddly, he might be what the Eagles need talent-wise, somebody that can stretch the field. But I think they’ve tried to move on from punks like him and Shady.

      • tsolid

        Oh isn’t that SWEET! The Tummy Stick brothers liking each other’s comments! So beautiful!

  3. Trade him to the Texans… it’s not working out for all parties involved in TB.

  4. PeterDipersio

    This guy is a complete cry baby! He did the same thing in philly and in Washington! As soon as he doesn’t get enough touches he wants out

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