Extra Points: Burfict, Tannehill, Browns, Herbert, 2019 draft

Vontaze Burfict seems to always be involved in controversy. The Bengals linebacker only recently returned from a suspension that cost him the Bengals’ first four games of the season, and found himself once again the subject of a lot of criticism due to several hits he made during Cincinnati’s loss to the Steelers last week.

Burfict was slapped with a massive fine, and the next time he makes any sort of hit that’s seen as dirty he’ll be hit with another suspension, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link). Rapoport writes that Burfict’s “next similar action to last week will result in suspension for a player the league office has spent countless hours with to try to get him to adjust his play.” Additionally, a source told Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk that the only reason the league didn’t suspend Burfict this past week was that they were “concerned that a suspension would not hold up on appeal.” Apparently the NFL wanted to suspend him, but thought it was likely to be overturned by independent arbitrators, and wanted to avoid the embarrassment of losing in court.

Here’s more from around the league:

  • “The Dolphins are in wait-and-see mode on QB Ryan Tannehill, whose complex shoulder issues limit his range of motion”, Rapoport tweets. Tannehill has now missed two straight games with a mysterious shoulder injury, and his return date is an open question at this point. The Dolphins have a short week before they take on the Texans in a Thursday night game, and Rapoport adds that it’s “hard to see him playing Thursday night.”
  • The Browns should look to re-sign receiver Terrelle Pryor, opines Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com. Pryor was recently released by the Jets, and although there seemed to be some bad blood between the two sides after Pryor left the Browns in free agency, a reunion would make some sense. The Browns’ receiving corp has been depleted by injuries, and Pryor could definitely help.
  • Despite being widely seen as the best draft-eligible quarterback prospect, Oregon signal caller Justin Herbert is likely to not enter the draft and return for his senior season, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. A lot of people have identified Herbert as a potential number one overall pick, but it’s “far more likely that the junior actually remains in school for another year”, writes La Canfora.
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17 comments on “Extra Points: Burfict, Tannehill, Browns, Herbert, 2019 draft

  1. playicy

    Browns need to fire Jackson because he is damn garbage with a 3-35-1 head coaching career with the browns that’s dreadful! They have a lot of talent, but aren’t disciplined at all, and that starts at the top and dwindles down to the players

  2. Clark K

    I’m shocked Burfict didn’t get some sort of suspension given his past. The guy has been head hunting for the past 3 years, at some point the NFL really needs to think about player safety because eventually someone is gonna get hurt bad because of him. If he pulls something again he should be suspended minimum 8 games.

  3. Rocket32

    Burfict should be banned from the NFL. He obviously doesn’t really care about the fines and suspensions and clearly isn’t going to learn. He’ll always be a dirty player.

  4. mattbengals

    burfect is the best LB the bengals have. FO says the hit was clean but you all whine about a hit that impacted a bengals player morr then AB. Want a real story, talk about the hits that the bengals receive that dont get called on the regular.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    So exactly when was the last (first?) time a kid decided to stay in school rather be the first overall pick in the NFL draft?

  6. deanejr64

    Vontaze is what happens when Bengals try to dish it out rather than take it. ESPN feeds the dirty narrative cause they know it’s what the countless Steeler fans out there want to hear.

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