Poll: Who Will Be The First Coach To Get Fired?

The NFL is not a patient league, and there are several head coaches who could be in jeopardy of losing their jobs if they do not turn things around quickly.

One could argue that Vance Joseph could be on the hottest seat of all after the Broncos lost to the Jets 34-16 last weekend. The season is far from over and the Broncos are far from done at 2-3, but Joseph might not have much time to turn things around after he was already given a reprieve this offseason. CEO Joe Ellis is saying all of the right things in support of Joseph, but the Broncos have some tough games ahead including Sunday against the Rams and Oct. 28 against the red-hot Chiefs. 

However, you may be surprised to learn that online oddsmakers do not view Joseph’s seat as the hottest. That dubious distinction goes to Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, whose decision to punt on 4th-and-1 against the Texans wound up costing Dallas the game. The Cowboys are now 2-3 – putting them above only the lowly Giants in the NFC East – and it’s fair to wonder how much patient owner Jerry Jones will be this year. Jones recently endorsed Garrett by saying that he is the “real deal,” but another questionable loss or two could change his opinion.

When we gauged PFR readers on this topic in July, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter was one of the leading vote-getters. Despite some early-season Fitzmagic working in his favor, the rumblings are starting up again after an ugly blowout loss to the Bears. Questions persist about Jameis Winston’s effectiveness and the Bucs’ defense has allowed a league-high 34.8 points to opponents on average this year, so things will have to change radically in order for Koetter to have some sense of stability.

A few short weeks ago, Texans coach Bill O’Brien was a contender to get the first axe, but he did receive an extension in the offseason and his seat looks a lot cooler after consecutive overtime wins. Hue Jackson is also coming off of an OT win and the Browns are hovering near the .500 mark, so he looking a little bit safer than he was at the start of the season. If you were a betting man considering coaches with longer odds to get canned, you might also look at Adam Gase (Dolphins), Dan Quinn (Falcons), Jay Gruden (Redskins), Ron Rivera (Panthers), Sean McDermott (Bills), and Todd Bowles (Jets).

Click below to make your pick for who will be the first to get a pink slip. Then, you can head to the comment section to back up your choice.

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30 comments on “Poll: Who Will Be The First Coach To Get Fired?

  1. afsooner02

    I think McCarthy’s seat will get much warmer if the packers keep losing games.

    • cowman707

      I agree and am rooting for it. I think Rodgers and everyone else on offense could benefit from moving away from McCarthy’s vanilla scheme

  2. TJECK109

    Dan Quinn. Falcons are a mess regardless of injuries. Matt Ryan and the offense has been dismal the past 2 seasons now. Julio held to zero catches through 3 quarters vs a Swiss cheese secondary in Pittsburgh.

  3. Kenleyfornia74

    Id be shocked if Gase or Ron Rivera get fired. Both would find work quickly in the offseason

  4. Alex Graboyes

    I like vance joseph but he is a bad coach. Also elway should go to. Hasn’t made proper signings and trades.

      • cowman707

        Aside from Lynch he’s been pretty solid in the draft. It’s not like it was unheard of drafting him where they did, if I remember correctly other teams were trying to trade up for him as well where the broncos took him

  5. Matthew Singer

    Steve Wilks. Yes it’s his first season but he’s shown that he is not fit to be an nfl head coach

  6. tank62

    Why is Mcdermott’s name listed? He’s doing a great job with little talent.
    Jerry wont whack Garrett.

    • StreenM

      I’m hoping the Giants let him go, so he can be Vikes OC again after DeFilippo gets a HC job this offseason.

  7. wreckage

    I could see Zimmer or McCarthy if their teams dont turn it up. Both were expected to be better with their rosters. Vikings were preseason favorites to win their division and they’re playing .500 with a huge negative in the points for/against column.

    But really it should be Atlanta with how poorly they’ve been so far.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    Jason Garrett survived the mistake of icing his own kicker in the dying seconds of a 2011 game against the Cardinals which the Cowboys went on to lose in overtime. His punt decision against the Texans wasn’t any worse.

  9. mgrap84

    How about if the Ravens start struggling they get rid of Harbaugh. Past few years have been bad. Maybe it’s time to move on from him and Flacco.

  10. Perksy

    I know it’s only the first year but Shurmur has to be on this list. He was 11-28 with Cleveland and it’s been a disaster so far with the Giants.

  11. Lee Bouchonville

    If the Packers lose on Monday night McCarthy may very well get the ax.

    • connfyoozed

      If it were a different franchise I would agree with you, but I just don’t see the Packers making a coaching changing in-season. Still, a bold prediction nonetheless, and not without merit.

  12. Bubba

    Steve “ Drinking” Keim in Az needs to get Axed right after he gets rid of his recent hire of a coach Steve Wilks.

  13. brood550

    Jon Gruden should be, he’s lost his edge and seems to be the person he was on TV. Which was really a man that made a pretty sad football persona(at least to me, but I grew up watching John Madden drawing up blocking schemes and just full of great football knowledge, if there was ever a person that could go from the broadcast booth to the field Madden was the man) But the contract is set in stone. So he’ll stay even though his leadership seems to be very questionable anymore.

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