Fallout From Raiders’ Trade Of Amari Cooper

After looking at the Amari Cooper trade from the Cowboys’ perspective, let’s take a look at things from the Raiders’ side:

  • Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie insists that Cooper’s contract situation, or the fact that he is represented by the same agent as Khalil Mack agent (Joel Segal) had nothing to do with his desire to make a deal (Twitter link via Scott Bair of NBC Sports Bay Area).
  • McKenzie said the trade “was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on, to get a first-round pick. … I love Amari but I just felt it came down to getting the pick,” (Twitter link via Vic Tafur of The Athletic).
  • The Raiders are now in a full rebuild mode, and Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (on Twitter) doesn’t think they’re done yet. Safety Karl Joseph is another first-rounder who could be available, giving the Raiders a chance to add even more to their 2019 draft haul. As Rapoport understands it, quarterback Derek Carr and cornerback Gareon Conley are unlikely to be dealt, but many other players could be had for the right price.
  • Head coach Jon Gruden did not immediately address the trade with his team (Twitter link via Michael Gehlken of the Review-Journal). Some players saw Cooper pulled off of the practice field on Monday but didn’t know why until they checked their phones in the locker room.
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23 comments on “Fallout From Raiders’ Trade Of Amari Cooper

  1. moni1229

    Question now is what is Oakland going to do with the picks. Oakland known to draft a bust or two.

    • crosseyedlemon

      You won’t see the Raiders draft any player with flash because that would threaten the attention seeking ego that Chucky possesses. If the drama meter drops too low they can always draft another Aldon Smith….lol.

    • jeb39999

      What will happen is they will package picks together a move up in the draft to get Gruden’s “that’s my guy” which will be an overpayment and probably won’t pan out at least not in relation to what they will have given up to get him

  2. JJB0811

    Can’t wait to read how the Raiders ‘won’ the offseason and draft reviews. How many 1st rounders are, at best, average?

    • crosseyedlemon

      In any typical year the the first round usually breaks down with a couple of the picks going on to be pro bowlers a few being outright busts and the rest split between players who were average starters and those that never reached their potential due to injury. Despite the thousands of hours that go into scouting the college ranks it’s still pretty much a crap shoot.

  3. Bill Jasper

    Dallas gave up a first-round pick for someone in concussion protocol that could end up being a nine game rental. It was an insanely dumb play.

    Cooper will have a $13.9 million dollar cap number next year. They also have DeMarcus Lawrence to resign and have to start thinking about extensions for Prescott and Elliot, among others. And possibly eating the Frederick deal if he can’t come back.

    A Hail Mary play that leaves the Cowboys in a bad spot if it doesn’t work out. A new coach comes in with cap issues and no first-round pick. Because if it doesn’t work out, Garrett will be gone.

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      I hope you’re wrong on a Duk extension and right on Garrett gone

    • ThePriceWasRight

      they have no receivers and none standing out in the draft. A second would have been better but without a good we this team will just be the same year after year.

      • Chun

        Plus jones drafted sone bogus LB from Boise st instead of Ridley! He could’ve got earl thomas for a 2nd rounder to? Happy w/ amari.

        • taylorcm

          I really like Vander Esch, he will be good especially since S Lee can’t stay healthy. Ridley didn’t fit what they wanted in a WR, as he is more a slot receiver.

          • ThePriceWasRight

            slot or not he would have provided them a WR better than any they have now. plus ask the patriots how multiple slot guys can work (especially considering the cowboys don’t have a pass catching TE)

    • Chun

      Hey our big WR threat is a 5’8” (Beasley) With average speed! And since our division is week we still have a chance. Glad we got A cooper!

  4. darquee

    It’s a good trade for the Raiders considering that for whatever reason they couldn’t get the production out of Cooper that they expected. But if you’re a fan in Oakland you’re being asked to buy tickets to a stripped down team that is at the beginning of a full rebuild and that has no chance to win until after they’ve left town. So much for Gruden wanting to win for the fans in Oakland (as he said) – he gave up on that idea before the season even started when he traded Mack.

  5. leprechaun

    Bears and Raiders again make trade. Trubisky for Carr. Now before you laugh Gruden was a gigantic fan off Trubisky coming out of college. Carr needs change of scenery so maybe they both benefit.

      • jeb39999

        Gruden was the worlds biggest fan of anyone who just made a big play during any given game. Instead of saying that was a good play he would rant about how special the 4th string running back was because he broke a tackle for an extra 2 yards on the play.

    • bowserhound

      Why would the Bears do that with the way he has played lately? Trubisky has been a stud and Carr the exact opposite.

    • dust44

      No way that happens. He’s stuck with Carr. And if I do recall. “Loved Carr” coming out from his QB Camp days too. Also loved EVERYONE that came on that show. Lol. Like the guy said when they pay u a bunch of coin u would “love” those guy too. That’s y they all went on the show. U think if he was critical of those guys they would of agreed to come on?

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Ryan Pace took some heat for trading up one spot to acquire Trubisky so how will it look it he turns around and trades that 7M a year contract for one that will cost the Bears 25M a season? Without upgrading the offensive line there is rarely anything gained by swapping QBs.

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