Seahawks Franchise Expected To Be Sold

The “sense” at the NFL’s ongoing league meetings is that the Seahawks franchise will be eventually be sold following owner Paul Allen‘s death, according to Mike Garafolo of (Twitter link).

Allen, who passed away Monday due to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, purchased the Seahawks in 1996. Allen never married and has no children, so there’s no clear heir to helm the club. As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk notes, the Seahawks could be turned over to Allen’s sister Jody, but it’s not apparent she has any interest in running an NFL team.

As such, the team is likely to be sold at some point, although the organization is expected to remain in Seattle, tweets Jenny Vrentas of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who holds a significant amount of sway in league matters, told Garafolo that he “can’t imagine the Seahawks not being in Seattle.”

Per Forbes, the Seahawks are currently valued at $2.5 billion, with yearly revenue of $413MM and an operating income of $71MM. Those are obviously unofficial figures, but the price of NFL teams has only risen in recent years. The Bills, sold in 2014, went for roughly $1.1 billion, while the Panthers, who were purchased by David Tepper earlier this year, sold for at least $2.2 billion.

No matter who owns the team, the Seahawks don’t need to worry about their head coach. Asked if he wanted to stay in Seattle following Allen’s death, Pete Carroll responded “absolutely,” according to Florio. Carroll is currently under contract through the 2019 season under the terms of a 2016 extension that is believed to have made Carroll one of the NFL’s highest-paid coaches.

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18 comments on “Seahawks Franchise Expected To Be Sold

  1. Lary Lapczynski

    RIP Mr Allen. Please hope this doesn’t turn into another Supersonics franchise thievery situation. Hope Allen’s estate has language written into any sale that the franchise can’t be stolen from Seattle.

    • DuffManCometh

      That would be one of the stupidest moves ever by a franchise. Seattle is such a good market.

  2. jorge78

    Why would they move? Don’t they sell out regularly? Nice stadium? What a world…..

  3. ThePriceWasRight

    some of the richest people in America have Seattle residences. Bezos, Gates, Ballmer just to name a few. Howard Schultz could also be an option if he doesn’t run for office but would likely need a partner.

    • 24TheKid

      Don’t think anyone in Seattle wants Howard Schultz to have anything to do with Seattle sports ever again.

    • brockbartels

      Shultz will get shot dead by the people of Seattle if he gets even the slightest idea he wants to try and buy the Seahawks.

    • pt57

      Bezos might do it just to torque off Trump (with Trump’s failed effort to buy the Bills).

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman should get together and have one of those “buy one sports franchise and get the second at half price” sales.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Or you could do it with the MLS and it would be buy one get one free :)

  5. darquee

    Why is the thought of moving the Seahawks even mentioned? Great fans. Great stadium. No reason to allow the team to move. That is unless the other NFL owners want to rape another city in order to get the extra millions in franchise relocation fees.

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