Redskins To Work Out Mark Sanchez, Others

The Redskins are bringing in a group of quarterbacks to work out on Monday, as Adam Schefter of tweets. Mark Sanchez, E.J. Manuel, and T.J. Yates will show their stuff for Washington as they seek a new backup quarterback for new starting QB Colt McCoy. Kellen Clemens and Josh Johnson will also get a workout, as NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweets.

McCoy was thrust into the starting lineup when Smith suffered a broken tibia and fibia. This trio of prospective QBs is not the most exciting bunch, but the Redskins are hoping that none of the three veterans will have to see action.

McCoy has not attempted a pass since 2015, but he is considered one of the NFL’s better No. 2 signal callers. In recent years, the team has flirted with the idea of starting him, so they clearly have confidence in his ability.

On the plus side, all four veterans offer NFL experience. By the end of business on Monday, one of them will take a step closer to seeing live action.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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29 comments on “Redskins To Work Out Mark Sanchez, Others

  1. JJB0811

    “McCoy has not attempted a pass since 2015, but he is considered one of the NFL’s better No. 2 signal callers.” How is he considered a good BU? No one has seen him play in 3 years.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I think they poll the starters who naturally rate the backups least capable of taking away their jobs the highest.

  2. billybaseball

    Washington, would be the LAST potential landing spot for Kaepernick…IMO

    • crosseyedlemon

      Trump would use every presidental power at his disposal to see that Kaep never got close to wearing a Redskin uniform.

  3. diller79

    Kaepernick has been to more super bowls then over half the QBs in the league.

    Insert comment that there are better options available

    • Kenleyfornia74

      What happened in 2012-13 is relevant? Should Joe Flacco get another 100 million dollar deal because he played in the 2013 super bowl?

    • bigjonliljon

      And he hasn’t played in how long? Doubt he’s kept himself in game shape

  4. deeznuts

    Dan Snyder is a racist scumbag so they probably won’t do the smart thing and sign kaep

    • JJB0811

      Dan Synder has made more black people and their families multimillionaires than you an ever dream about.

      • deeznuts

        Donald sterling did as well right?
        Doesn’t mean he isn’t s racist scumbag

      • diller79

        Did Dan Snyder make more black people and their families millionaires out of selfish reasons for his personal gain or out of the kindness of his heart????

        • JJB0811

          So now all white business owners are racist? You’re a lost generation. Billionaires get that wealth not by discriminating but rather buy hiring the best people at their job. There’s a reason Doug Williams is a VP w/ the Skins. And its not because he is black. And there’s plenty more women and other minorities in all of his businesses. Just excuse you do not like a person doesn’t make them racist.

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