West Rumors: 49ers, Kaep, Broncos, Raiders

The NFL should seek to end the Colin Kaepernick collusion grievance via settlement, if only for its own good, opines Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. The league has indeed broached the topic of a financial settlement with Kaepernick and his team, but those talks have reportedly gone nowhere, as Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com indicated earlier this week. A 2019 hearing now appears likely, but as Florio writes, the NFL has a lot to lose by allowing a hearing to take place. League personnel would likely be deposed, internal communications could be made public, and — in a worst-case scenario — Kaepernick could prove collusion did indeed take place. Of course, the former 49ers quarterback would have to be amenable to a settlement, and given that a) he’s earned more than $43MM during his career and b) his grievance and interests don’t appear to be financially motivated, it seems unlikely he’d agree to be paid for his silence.

Here’s more from the NFL’s two West divisions:

  • The Broncos are “doing a lot of homework” on collegiate tight end prospects in advance of the 2019 draft, according to Tony Pauline of DraftAnalyst.net (Twitter link). Denver has spent consecutive fifth-round picks on tight ends, but both of the club’s selections have fallen victim to injury. 2017 draft choice Jake Butt missed his entire rookie year while recovering from an ACL tear; he played in three games this season before suffering yet another torn ACL (the third of his football career). Meanwhile, 2018 selection Troy Fumagalli has been on IR since August after going down with a thigh injury. Per Gavrino Borquez of USA Today’s Draftwire, the top draft-eligible tight ends include Noah Fant (Iowa), Kaden Smith (Stanford), and T.J. Hockenson (Iowa).
  • In his latest mailbag for The Athletic, Matt Barrows writes — perhaps unsurprisingly — 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is in no danger of losing his job despite a disappointing 2018 campaign. Shanahan and general manager John Lynch signed dual six-year contracts prior to the 2017 season, so he presumably has plenty of leeway to execute his vision in San Francisco. Additionally, the 49ers lost both quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and running back Jerick McKinnon before September ended, making it difficult to evaluate the club’s offensive talent.
  • More from Burrows, who adds three-game starting quarterback Nick Mullens‘ “leash was shortened” following his lackluster performance against the Buccaneers in Week 12. After tossing three touchdowns in his first NFL start, Mullens — whom the 49ers signed as an undrafted free agent in 2017 — has regressed over the past two weeks, throwing just two scores against four picks while posting a 68.5 passer rating during that time. C.J. Beathard, who’s managed a 81.8 quarterback rating in six appearances this season, is now healthy and could get another shot under center if Mullens struggles against the Seahawks on Sunday.
  • Former Raiders/49ers edge rusher Aldon Smith turned himself into San Francisco police on Tuesday after being accused of domestic violence, reports Evan Sernoffsky of the San Francisco Chronicle. Smith, of course, has been no stranger to off-field incidents since being selected in the first round of the 2011 draft. The Raiders quickly released Smith following another domestic violence episode earlier this year, and it’s obvious Smith will never play in the NFL again.
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29 comments on “West Rumors: 49ers, Kaep, Broncos, Raiders

  1. Thronson5

    Smith and Foster must be related. Knuckle heads. I just don’t get it. Your dream comes true of being an NFL player, the talent to be great played for a long time but throw it all away. What a shame.

    • snotrocket

      Can’t fix stupid. Too bad, because the Niners defense could use the help.

  2. Al_Vengenace

    The NFL should take a book out of the pages of all the NFL teams and not pay Kap a dime. Nobody wants you and your horrible football skills on their team. Go away. Go become a political activist read: Race Baiter like Al Sharpton.

        • TrollHunter

          Are you referring to “reverse racism?” Sorry that’s a not a real thing!

          Oh btw, you are a RACIST also.

            • TrollHunter

              Yea I know the name for unicorns, leprechauns, and god, but all those things are made up too!

              Didn’t know Batman was a racist!

              • brucewayne

                I’m not a racist! I belong to the human race like we all do! But you are being the exact thing that you are calling everyone else! By the way, why is someone automatically a racist if they have an opinion that’s different than yours? Isn’t that a bit racist in itself?

          • Al_Vengenace

            You’re right. There is no reverse racism. There’s just racism and everyone and anyone can be a racist. If you think you are better or somebody else is inferior simply because of the color of their skin or their ethnic background…you are a racist.

            • brucewayne

              Anyone can be racist ! Call it what you want, but it’s not right for anyone to be that way. We are all Gods children

    • sleepyfloyd

      @al whatever your name is …..you’re a freakin moron.

      I will laugh to see how pissed you and your racist cohorts will be when Keap makes a ton of $$$$$$ from the league because you know a payout is coming.

      The NFL has too much to lose if the good ol boys get dragged into court.

      The beauty of its is Keap is not doing this to make a quick dime. He can let it fester till the establishment buckles under pressure.

      • Al_Vengenace

        In case you all don’t know, Kaepernick is white.

        I won’t be pissed off regardless of what happens. I am just calling it out for what it is. Funny how Kaep started this about race and I am being call a racist for pointing out that he and Al Sharpton are racists. At least I am not calling for the killing of people like Al Sharpton has and the group that Kaep is affiliated with.

        • madmanTX

          Hey moron, Kap is biracial. You just want to say he’s 100% to fit your takedown narrative. You’re just butthurt about the taking a knee thing. America is only free as long as it doesn’t offend your weak sensitivities. Your President makes Sharpton look like Jesus preaching love by comparison. You don’t see people going to Beto rallies and then sending out bombs to Reps, do you?

          • Al_Vengenace

            I am not a moron. I am not saying he’s 100% anything because nobody on this planet is 100% anything anymore save for possibly the Tribes.

            I’m not butt hurt about anything, though you must be speaking from expert first hand knowledge of what that must be like.

            Kap was and is free to do whatever he likes. In kind, people are also free to feel and respond to what he has done however they like. People seem to forget this in a free society. I am free not to like what he did. His original motivation for kneeling has nothing to do with racial inequality by the way. You should read up. It was only after he got attention for doing it that he went on his new platform.

            Kneeling wasn’t the only thing though. He wore those socks, the group he associates with advocates for the killing of innocent people, and his girl friend makes blatant racist comments all the time.

            Donald Trump is YOUR President as well. I didn’t hear Trump calling for anyone to kill another person. Sharpton has, in public, and it is on tape.

            No, I just see some crazy dem shooting up a bunch of people playing softball.

            But I’m the moron. Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night. Keep your head underground ostrich.

        • brucewayne

          He’s bi-racial ! That way he can be racist to 2 groups of people at the same time !

        • dionls

          You’re still right man. Keep it going!
          F the trolls, you know you are right

          • Al_Vengenace

            I am always correct. That’s why people reply so angrily because they know it as well. They just can’t admit it to themselves because it will shatter their fragile egos.

  3. rbell1951

    Something happened along the way for these two guys in their lifes that damage there perception of right and wrong!!!

  4. crosseyedlemon

    A settlement? Florio obviously doesn’t understand that the longer the process is dragged out the more the lawyers benefit financially.

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