Chiefs Expect A Six-Game Suspension For Hunt

When the NFL’s investigation concludes, the Chiefs expect the team’s former Pro Bowl running back Kareem Hunt will receive a six-game suspension, The Athletic’s Nate Taylor writes. Taylor also notes the investigation is not expected to conclude until the offseason. 

On Friday, a video was released by TMZ Sports that showed Hunt shoving a woman to the ground and kicking her during an incident at a Cleveland hotel in February. After the security footage was made public, the Chiefs released the second-year back, who led the league in rushing yards in 2017.

Neither the NFL, nor the Chiefs, saw the footage before it was released, the league said in a statement Friday night. Following the release, the Chiefs said the events depicted in the video differed from what Hunt disclosed to them at the time of their investigation. According to Taylor, Hunt told the team, “I never left the (hotel) room. I didn’t do a thing.” Taylor adds that if Hunt would’ve been truthful, he more than likely would not have been released:

“Had Hunt told the truth in February, the Chiefs, according to team sources, would have pursued every option available to them through the league to ensure the possibility of him remaining on the team’s roster.”

One team source also told Taylor that Hunt probably cost himself $20 MM in the form of a multiyear extension with the Chiefs, which was expected to be discussed following the 2018 season.

The six-game suspension would be the same punishment that Ezekiel Elliott received following his incidents last year. One difference between that case and this one is that there is footage to document Hunt’s part. On Friday, Hunt was placed on the Commissioner Exempt list, prohibiting from partaking in practice or playing in games.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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47 comments on “Chiefs Expect A Six-Game Suspension For Hunt

  1. salsmanblaine

    So is Hunt going to come back in the NFL just to a different team or is he gonna come back to the Chiefs? And the Chiefs will resign him

  2. timw3558

    Let’s see how many people I can tick off…Hunt did something despicable however that girl could of left and not provoked Hunt..and no I’m not saying she got what she deserved just saying she ain’t innocent

    • eyoung11

      She was sitting on the ground and he ran back and kicked her. That’s not me getting ticked off, that’s you being ignorant

      • howiet

        Think she was squatting and not sitting. He clearly kicked her and he clearly pulled back before contact w her. That’s why a 230 pound man kicking a woman didn’t even knock her over. Dumb ass moves thru the whole ordeal on Hunts part but every time he went to strike her he pulled back. Not defending at all his actions. Don’t care what comes of him. Gotta be smarter and make better decisions. Simple as that. Let’s not act like this should end his career though. Make necessary changes to his life and good luck.

    • yogineely

      In the same mentality- he could have kicked her out and never left the room, called security himself, send his buddies who are more level headed to handle it, so many other options than pushing a girl to the floor and kicking her while she’s dazed and no longer aggressive. Agree with the homie eyoung, not ticked off, you’re just ignorant

    • Darrylx77

      I agree! Should have walked away, but it’s still not an excuse for him to hit her and then kick her! He should have told the truth in the beginning! Teams like the Cowboys, Bengals, 49ers and Redskins will probably attempt to sign him!

      • youneed2bquiet

        Why would the Niners try to sign him? They are the only team to release all very talented players when domestic violence was proven. You must have been backhanded one too many times to know the facts.

      • ghostrobot

        Why would the niners sign him they already dispatched of two losers in Aldon Smith and Reuben Foster

    • bestno5

      I agree….he is still dumb for doing such a despicable thing but she kept on the attack. Video looked like two drunks fighting

    • SoCalBrave

      Her behavior does not justify his. Whether she was innocent, the instigator, or worse, his actions are not excused by hers.

    • Connorsoxfan

      The kick puts it over the top. If it was the one slap/push each I don’t think there’s enough there for anything, but the kick changes everything.

      • tharrie0820

        Because he wasn’t caught on tape, and it happened before he was in the NFL

  3. bowserhound

    He barely kicked her at all, I don’t see why that is the focal point. He pushed her and then she got slammed into a wall as she was falling. Can’t tell who did that but if anything he pushed her and tapped her with his foot.
    He ain’t OJ.

      • DarkGhost

        It’s the fact that he was separated from the situation and made it s point to go back and kick her while she was on the ground.

      • dirtydan

        If you watch the her interview with police, she knew there was a camera there. All she talked about in the interview was the security footage, she knew there was a camera there and set him up for $$$. Watch the interview before anyone responds to this.

    • LordBanana

      So how hard do you have to kick a women on the ground for it to be despicable?

  4. Pitches Love Velocity

    She assaulted him he assaults her. The fact people expect hunt to behave better but give this woman a pass on her behavior is sad.

    She shouldn’t have pushed him. She shouldn’t have refused to leave. She shouldn’t have verbally assaulted them.

    He shouldn’t have retaliated shoved and kicked her.

    Time to move on.

    • LordBanana

      So, the correct response to someone a quarter of your size and strength shoving you is to kick them while they’re on the ground.

  5. TJECK109

    All topics involving domestic violence should be closed for comments. Some of the disgusting responses show a complete lack of respect for women and domestic violence. TradeRumors should step up on this.

    • Matt M

      They should not. Businesses have the right to limit what is commented on when it comes to their own sites but they should not exercise those rights. It’s a poor business model

      • TJECK109

        They have shut them down in the past. The problem with reporting on things like this is you get responses fueled by passion for the team involved and without understanding of laws, victims and long term effects. This is nothing but trash comments mixed with ignorance

  6. Kenleyfornia74

    KC wanted to please the social justice crowd. He was assulted and called the N word by the girl. Was an ugly incident but not going to keep him out of the leauge.

    • Rocket32

      KC is gonna regret it when they come up short in the playoffs again. I’d rather have Hunt over Ware. In my opinion the odds of the Patriots returning to the Super Bowl just went up quite a bit. Chiefs were by far their biggest threat.

      • sportznut1000

        your not talking about this year are you rocket? because if so, then i dont know where you have been the last 5 years. adrian peterson, ruben foster, aldom smith, ezekiel elliott, etc. since the ray rice debacle anyone who has gotten charged (not even convicted) of domestic violence has gotten suspended for it. with the video to go along with it, like this article says hunt would get suspended minimum 6 games and that wont even take place until next season. hunts season was over even if the chiefs kept him so this was in no way a “chiefs made a mistake” situation.

  7. OCTraveler

    All these feeble attempts at humor are almost as disrespectful and inappropriate as Hunt’s actions. Any behavior of proven domestic violence should be dealt with seriously and include at least a one year suspension without pay.

    • phnxdark23

      I’d argue it’s pretty disrespectful to liken telling a joke on an anonymous site to assault and battery. You must either not think violence is a big deal, or else you don’t understand how words work.

      • OCTraveler

        When writing and using an analogy, it is often common to make the actions (the violence and the comments) being referred to be remotely comparable to get one’s point across.

  8. Matt M

    They should not. Businesses have the right to limit what is commented on when it comes to their own sites but they should not exercise those rights. It’s a poor business model

    • Matt M

      Also this was a response to the person that believes the comments should be closed

  9. Guest617

    redskins need one to complete four of a kind or two for a royal flush: peterson, foster, hunt

  10. LordBanana

    As usual with every article regarding violence against women, most of the comments are defending the abuser.

    If this was an article about him just being suspected of doing steroids or shoplifting back in college everyone would be in the comments calling him a thug or saying he should be cut.

    A lot of people should be ashamed that when they see a video of a professional football player kicking a woman on the ground their instinct is to look for anything to excuse the behavior.

    • Connorsoxfan

      At least we know now that they side with blacks over women right? I really thought this one would go the other way with the video evidence, but I guess they always do what makes less sense…

  11. Nobby

    The news I read about this stated The Chiefs released Hunt. Is that not true?

  12. NYY42

    I think it comical that these cowards lives have to revolve around drugs/booze/sex!

    Grow up and be role model to less fortunate children not gangster/thugs!

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