Kareem Hunt Goes Unclaimed On Waivers

Former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt went unclaimed on waivers after the mandatory 24-hour period. Hunt, technically, is a free agent, though he is unlikely to be signed by any club.

Video of Hunt’s February skirmish in a Cleveland hotel leaked late last week, spelling the end of his Chiefs tenure. In the disturbing security cam footage, Hunt is seen kicking a 19-year-old woman who is down on the ground. This did not jibe with the version of events that Hunt gave to the Chiefs at the time of the incident, leading the Chiefs to cut him hours after the video went public.

Because of Hunt’s accomplishments and his cheap rookie contract, it was speculated that another team might roll the dice by claiming Hunt. After all, the Redskins claimed embattled linebacker Reuben Foster off waivers just a couple of weeks ago following his second domestic violence incident of 2019. Instead, teams opted to let Hunt and his inexpensive two years of control fall by the wayside.

It remains to seen whether Hunt will get another opportunity in the NFL. Ray Rice never saw the field again after his infamous hotel incident, but Hunt is a much more effective player than Rice was at that stage of his career. Even if Hunt draws interest, it’s unlikely that he’ll be eligible to play in Week 1 of the 2019 season. The NFL’s investigation is ongoing and it will almost certainly result in a lengthy suspension.

Hunt, 23, led the league with 1,327 rushing yards last year while adding eight scores on the ground and three through the air. He also caught 53 passes for 455 yards, positioning him as one of the best running backs in the NFL. This year, Hunt averaged 4.6 yards per carry with 14 touchdowns in total.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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24 comments on “Kareem Hunt Goes Unclaimed On Waivers

  1. playicy

    I seen this coming and who wants a guy like hunt let’s go down his rap sheet, lied to the front office of the chiefs and assault a women! So there it is

    • TrollHunter

      Hunt will 100% get another shot after suspension! And he should. I think it will funny if he ends up signing with the raiders or broncos in a year or two!

      • crosseyedlemon

        He can’t serve a suspension until he signs with a team. He’ll be worthless if he sits idle for two years. Time for his agent to contact the AAF.

          • TrollHunter

            I don’t tolerate anything. What I do is try and understand the situation and make a determination based off the facts and circumstances.

            Use your brain, that’s what EVERYONE should do. Not just run around screaming outrage at a headline. This is your types problem. You paint every single situation with the same brush.

            Hunt pushes and barely kicks a nut job who was harassing him, and now he’s the same as Rice who payed out a women he was in a long relationship with.

    • Dodgethis

      I guess I’ll play devils advocate… if men and women are supposedly equal, why is hitting a man not the same as hitting a woman? Why is one abuse and one assault? Now answer that question without saying because women are weak, as that is sexist.

  2. Connorsoxfan

    Someone should offer him a 5 year deal with 10 million guaranteed and 4 mil a year of incentives.

    • Polish Hammer

      Sure guarantee him $2 million a year when nobody claimed him now and they could’ve had him for a fraction of that.

      • Connorsoxfan

        No one claimed him because of the immediacy of the situation. Personally if I was in the position to win a championship I’d have claimed him, but obviously I understand the PR backlash. I believe this offseason he may end up taking a deal similar to what’s structured above, unless he takes a 1 year prove it deal, but that’s incredibly risky. Potentially even down the stretch for playoffs I could see someone bringing him in. But after an appropriate amount of time has passed a deal like that would make sense for everyone involved I think.

  3. sportsfan101

    It’s sad anyone thinks he deserves another shot in the nfl. What if it was your daughter? Your sister? Who he kicked? Would you still think he deserves another chance? Funny how no matter how horrible an act someone can commit people push it to the side when it doesn’t impact there lives. And this is why players still do commit domestic violence smh

    • Domestic violence occurs when there is a dynamic of power and control in a relationship. What Hunt did doesn’t constitute domestic violence, but rather assault or battery. NFL players acting violently toward their partners has nothing to do with the public “pushing it to the side”.

    • TrollHunter

      If it were my daughter then she would have known better than to be doing what that girl was.

      It’s not like this woman was just some poor innocent victim. What Hunt did was wrong, but it would have been wrong against a man or a woman.

      Look I’m not saying women should be beat. I’ve never hit a woman in my life. But to simply say a woman can do “anything” and it’s ok is reckless.

      Like Daniel Tosh said in a standup routine, “never hit a woman” “but what if she’s already drowned 3 of my kids, and she’s bout to dunk the 4th?” “Sorry, your gona have to let her drown the 4th, you never hit a woman”

      I know that’s just a joke, but at what point do we have some understanding of the situation. Did Hunt lose his head and do something he shouldn’t have, yes. And after he goes through the legal system and serves a suspension, he should be allowed to play again!

      • TrollHunter

        Hay! We found some common ground! How about that! lol

        Good thing it was Kap instead of Hunt! Sorry could help it brother!

    • paulkauffmann

      I don’t think it should be just forgotten But I also believe he should be heard now that it’s all out Who knows what was said to the man not saying striking a woman is right No one knows so let’s just reserve judgement for a little bit

  4. Polish Hammer

    He should’ve slapped and kicked his one homey for that outfit he was wearing, he looked like a clown.

  5. anthonyd4412

    I believe in 2nd chances if the redemption is there. He needs to get his personal life in order, find ways to make amends, become a man, then football

  6. NickKC

    @jawn Thank You! Finally someone who knows the definition of domestic violence.

    Doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree with Chiefs decision to release Hunt. Does not matter who story we believe or the circumstances that led to the incident.
    To the general public, media, get the term and definition correct as you report the story. Kareem Hunt did not commit domestic violence.

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