Colt McCoy Out For Season

The Redskins are now going to be without their top two quarterbacks the rest of the way. Colt McCoy suffered a fractured fibula and will miss the rest of the season, ESPN’s Lisa Salters reports.

McCoy went down in the first half, and X-rays revealed the fracture. Signed last month after Alex Smith‘s leg breaks, Mark Sanchez is now the pilot for the 6-5 Redskins.

Washington entered Week 13 with only McCoy and Sanchez on its 53-man roster. No quarterback resides on Washington’s practice squad. But Sanchez will soon be joined by a to-be-determined player.

Prior to signing Sanchez, the Redskins auditioned both E.J. Manuel and T.J. Yates. Kellen Clemens and now-AAF-affiliated Josh Johnson also received workouts. There’s a good chance one of these players will be on Washington’s roster soon. Colin Kaepernick is obviously unaffiliated and remains interested in playing, but given the events of the past two years, it’s unlikely the Redskins will go this route.

This is brutal news for McCoy, who had a chance to steer a team to the playoffs following Smith’s injury. He is signed through 2019 and is attached to a $3MM base salary next season. McCoy started two games for Washington, finishing 24 of 38 for 268 yards, two touchdown passes and three interceptions on Thanksgiving. Previously sitting behind Kirk Cousins for three seasons, McCoy entered this season having not started a game since 2014. He’d started in 21 Browns games from 2010-11.

Washington entered play tonight in the thick of the NFC East and wild-card races. With Sanchez (no starts since working with the 2015 Eagles’ first-stringers twice), their path becomes more difficult.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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34 comments on “Colt McCoy Out For Season

  1. acarneglia

    Sanchize time for the rest of the season!!! Sorry Colt, truly feel bad for him.

  2. jorge78

    Aw Colt, tough break. Wait, Washington picks up Foster but won’t consider Kaepernick?
    What a world!

    • nats3256

      It obviously has everything to do with skill at football. I’d rather have a 9 time felon who wins me a Super Bowl then a church going preacher boy who squeaks out 5 wins a year

    • dray16

      Kaepernick is suing the league, why would any team even think about working him out?

    • It’s ridiculous that the Redskins won’t sign Kaepernick. Their season hangs in the balance. Kap has stepped in very well for Alex Smith in the past. Smith would hurry out of injured reserve as nothing would irritate him more than to see Kap in his starting job again. High stakes personal conflicts aren’t really Jay Gruden’s style though. A pity – high octane often produces winning football.

        • wildbri123

          Kap left the nfl and left a multi year million dollar deal and yet all all lovers of kap don’t know the facts. Stop supporting an anti American jerk.

      • Kenleyfornia74

        Kap could come in and their season is still done. They aint making the playoffs

      • Dkaner

        That would be funny seeing Romo in a Redskins uniform then win the division as a Redskin. Too good to be true. He’s done! Brett Farve? Payton Manning? What’s the bust QB Cleveland took and now is in the Canadian Football League?

  3. JJ Wattcha Going to do Brother

    Redskins season is over. Even if they squeak into playoffs they’re not winning squat with Sanchez.

  4. seth3120

    I missed something Bradford is available? In this situation you’d have to take Bradford

  5. leprechaun

    After claiming Foster wonder why they stopped there when they also should have claimed Hunt.

    • There’s only so much bad publicity you can at a time. The Redskins had the excuse with Foster that he was on their draft short list and they want to reunite him with his Alabama teammates (all true) to help him get back on the straight and narrow. Claim Hunt in the same week and there would be calls to discipline the Redskins and/or boycott them. Surprised to see Oakland didn’t claim hunt though – or Dallas or Pittsburgh.

      • GeauxRangers

        Foster might actually not be guilty as well, whereas the whole Hunt situation is pretty obvious.

        • Smiling on hitting women and lowering conduct expectations in the NFL. Not a good look. The Skins got away with Foster and were wise not to push it. Someone else could have taken their chance. Belichik has a full backfield or New England would have been another candidate. Bill loves other teams’ behaviour issues though he usually prefers to pick them up for low draft picks. Should rename the team New England Penitentiary.

          • brucewayne

            Maybe the Skins have a better crooked lawyer to take care of their problems !

  6. afsooner02

    Bradford is better than butt fumble….when he is healthy….but at this point with 4 games to go, why not take a chance on him?

  7. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    Nathan Peterman is warming up in the bullpen and ready to lead this team to 27 INTs in their final 3 games.

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