DeSean Jackson Wants To Leave Bucs

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson has expressed a preference to move on from the Buccaneers after this season, Josina Anderson of tweets. This is consistent with what we’ve heard over the last couple of months even though the team has denied the existence of a rift.

Jackson made waves in October when he requested a pre-deadline trade. Since then, he’s publicly walked back his stance, but things haven’t changed much.

Anderson hears that issues started to “fester” after an argument between the veteran and head coach Dirk Koetter when he sat out of practice due to a thumb injury. He ultimately played in that game, but other maladies, including his recent Achilles issue, have eaten up chunks of his season.

Jackson clicked with Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he has been less successful on the other end of Jameis Winston‘s throws. In any event, Jackson thinks he’ll do better if he’s playing elsewhere.

The Bucs have Jackson signed through next year at a cap number of $10MM, but there is no guaranteed cash remaining on his deal. With a league-leading 18.9 yards per reception, Jackson will certainly have suitors after him in March.

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25 comments on “DeSean Jackson Wants To Leave Bucs

  1. duke1776

    Doesn’t surprise me. No one wants to play with Over or Under throw Winston.

    • jkoms57

      Dirk really mismanaged the QB situation.

      He was given a gift in the form of Fitzpatrick, but gave him the shortest leash , and tried the “play the hothand qb” and ended up just getting Fitz out of rythem.

      Obviously upper management put a lot of pressure on Dirk to be a Yes man and give Winston ample opportunity to not make them look bad for drafting him… But they should have just accepted they’d be signing Winston no matter what, so just try to make the playoffs with Fitz this yr.

      Would have been interesting to see a full year or Fitzmagic.

      • tsolid

        A gift?? LOL!! Do you even look at games? Or even look at stats? The guy was in fire for a couple games and then the BIG R (reality) set in, like it does Everywhere he’s played. He is what he is, a backup, which is not a bad thing to have. Once Teams figure him out, he throws the ball to the other team often. A gift? I don’t think so.

        • Clark K

          You do realize you basically just described Winston right? If Winston was on almost any other team he would not be seeing the field except to kneel the ball, and even then he’d probably figure out a way to turn it over. The right move this season was to start Fitz all year and release Winston.

          • tsolid

            Ok…My response was to Fitz being a “Gift”. Please quote back to me WHERE I praised Winston. Also, tell me where I was wrong in my description of Fitz

          • nigg3rphish

            No he didn’t. Winston has never been ‘on fire for a few games’ his entire career.

      • victorg

        I understand the LOVE for Fitz I felt he was underrated in is time with the Texans but yeah he is what he is a good back up to have but not someone to lead your team year in and year out game in and game out.

  2. PeterDipersio

    I wouldn’t want to leave the Bucs if Mike McCarthy is coming to Tampa!

  3. goldenmisfit

    Everyone please spare me the pro Fitz Patrick talk. Ryan Fitz Patrick had 12 interceptions in 246 attempts and Winston has 13 interceptions in 350 attempts. If Fitzpatrick played a full season he would be over 20 interceptions by now. Playoffs? What are you people smoking.

    • goldenmisfit

      Ryan Fitz Patrick is averaging 20.5 pass a tamps par interception. If you average that out over 600 passing a tamps you are looking at 29 interceptions. No team is making it to the playoffs with a quarterback throwing that many interceptions. Winston is the better option but not by much, Winston in a full season was on pace for around 20 interceptions that still does not get it done. They need a change at quarterback.

  4. Jason Grafman

    I’m thinking Desean to replace Ted Ginn Jr in the black and gold. Come to the big easy to play with Drew Brees! Who Dat!

  5. crosseyedlemon

    No I don’t want to be part of the offense that leads the league in passing….trade me to the Cardinals. LOL.

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