Poll: Which Spring Football League Will Come Out On Top?

The U.S. can’t get enough of the NFL, but the country’s appetite for professional football alternatives is highly questionable. Despite the collapse of the USFL, the first iteration of the XFL, and other challengers, there are now three ambitious spring football leagues in development. 

On Thursday, Ricky Williams, Terrell Owens, and other former NFL notables announced the formation of the Freedom Football League, a league that vows to give players an opportunity to speak out on social injustice while providing fans with an opportunity to become full-fledged shareholders. The FFL also intends to focus on player wellness with “support on and off the field.”

The FFL says it will have teams in San Diego, Oklahoma City, Portland, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Birmingham, St. Louis, Connecticut, and Oakland, but what it doesn’t have is a concrete launch date or a broadcasting deal like the American Alliance of Football. It’s also unclear whether it has the financial backing to match the returning XFL, which is owned by billionaire Vince McMahon.

These three leagues will fight for the biggest slice of a pie that may not be all that big in the first place. One could argue that the AAF – which boasts a roster of coaches including Brad Childress, Mike Singletary, Steve Spurrier, and Mike Martz – has the best chance for survival, though McMahon seems driven to eclipse the memory of his one-and-done football experiment of 2001. We don’t know much about the FFL, but we do know that it will be playing catchup when and if it launches.


Which spring league will reign supreme? Cast your vote below (link for app users) and head to the comment section to let us know whether you think large-scale spring football can be viable.

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29 comments on “Poll: Which Spring Football League Will Come Out On Top?

  1. kaehlaone

    Never bet against Vince McMahon. Particularly since he failed once and can learn from those. The key is for the leagues to know their place and not think they are going to knock off the NFL

  2. JJB0811

    The FFL already lost my business. I want to see teams play, not talk politics.

    • The dude

      FFL are just roaching of the kap. Drama. They hope by latching on to his stuff. All the bullshit media that can’t get enough of the kap. drama will give them coverage. Sad part is it will work nobody will watch but it will be a non stop cycle on sports channels.

  3. Americans are tired of seeing the Tyrone’s take a knee. The ratings have clearly shown that. Now a league will be created where it’s encouraged? Only a moron would invest in this!

  4. Mr_KLC

    FFL should partner with Tide for advertising, seeing all the grass stains that are goimng to be on their knees during the games.

  5. morebreakdowns

    The AAF because it seems to be enbracing being more of a developmental league and working with the NFL.

  6. Bill Jasper

    I don’t see any of them surviving more than a year or two. Doubt we see the FFL ever kick-off.

    This isn’t thirty-five years ago when the USFL launched. There is so much more competition for sports entertainment dollars in pretty much every medium to large market.

  7. dew5282

    AAF & XFL will merge and become spring league for NFL, just like Europe used to be

  8. Clayton Russell

    I was trying to check the cities for the AAF and clicked on the AAF Nation website. Not what I was expecting there but got a laugh out of it anyway. I think there is a demand for more live football on par with minor league baseball, but I think all three of these happening at the same time could make none of them succeed. I also found it curious that so many of the cities already have NFL teams, especially in the XFL.

  9. goldenmisfit

    My money is on the XFL. Don’t ever bet against Vince McMahon not to mention he is the sole owner of all the teams so what happened in the previous regime of the XFL where all the owners wanted out cannot happen here.

    • dorfmac

      Never bet against the guy who has been a complete failure at this before. Obviously.

  10. crosseyedlemon

    Who wants to start a spring football league with me? I just found some loose change inside my couch.

  11. Polish Hammer

    I wish they all get together and pool resources. Three crappy startups will all lose a fortune and fail miserably. One well thought out plan might succeed. It’s a shame there’s so many baseball minors that work, hockey and basketball thrive overseas as well, but football it’s either the NFL or not much else for the same exact product.

    • There’s also the CFL which sucks up quite a bit of the waste product from the NFL (player who are talented but either too small or too slow for the NFL).

      • Polish Hammer

        True, but the CFL of today has roster limits on “imports”, and the salaries aren’t all that high.

    • gleybertorres25

      Baseball minors are completely different because they’re affiliated with the big league club and players are owned by the big league club

  12. jjabrony

    It’s going to be all about timing. No one wants to watch a lower league of football right after the NFL is over. It needs to happen after the NFL draft and before the NFL Preseason when most of us are dying to watch at least some sort of football.

    That being said, none of them will work lol

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