Jets Fire Todd Bowles

It’s been something of a formality for a while now but the Jets made it official moments ago, informing Todd Bowles he’d been fired, the team announced in a tweet.

In a statement seen in the tweet, Jets CEO Christopher Johnson said “I would like to thank Coach Bowles for his dedication to the New York Jets for the last four years,” Johnson said. “After carefully evaluating the situation, I have concluded that this is the right direction for the organization to take. I would like to wish Todd, Taneka and their family only the best.”

Another move that had been tentatively expected has now been confirmed, as the team will be keeping GM Mike Maccagnan for next season. The team announced Maccagnan “will work closely with owner Chris Johnson on the search for a new” coach, according to Adam Schefter of (Twitter link).

Bowles did a good job hanging on as long as he did, as many assumed he would be a goner last year. Instead, he led the Jets to a surprisingly strong 5-11 record with Josh McCown and Bryce Petty, and was brought back for another year. Things got off to a great start with a huge win on Monday Night Football in Week 1 of this year, but as the losses eventually piled up it became increasingly clear Johnson wanted a different coach to pair with Sam Darnold for the future. Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates is all but certain to be replaced, and it’s likely the team will want an offensive minded coach for Darnold. Bowles was highly regarded as the Cardinals’ defensive coordinator before he took over the Jets job, and will reportedly be a candidate in other teams’ searches this cycle.

As for his replacement, the team has been linked to Mike McCarthy in recent weeks. We heard yesterday that former Lions coach Jim Caldwell was also expected to be interviewed by New York. In addition to McCarthy and Caldwell, Jim Harbaugh has also been repeatedly linked to the team, although Jets CEO Christopher Johnson recently denied they were interested.

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18 comments on “Jets Fire Todd Bowles

    • Begamin

      He doesnt seem to be able to control his own players. Disciplinary problems, lots of penalties every year. Doesnt help that his offensive playbook sucks too. Some team has to be real desperate for Bowles.

      That being said, he does seem like a good guy. I can see him being a DC somewhere, maybe not a HC though.

      • brewcrewbernie

        Mark Sanchez has more playoff wins in the last 50 years than the Lions do.

    • axisofhonor25

      Lions (but that’s if you consider them rebuilding),The Jets at least have young talent in place. Who knows how long Stafford has left in the tank and they are thin offensively. Need to rework o-like and WR. They probably have the ability to patch and play but until they are free of Stafford’s contract they’re future rebuilds have hit a snag.

    • xabial

      Trading up from 6 to 3 and drafted Darnold while accumulating $100M+ in cap space in 2019 earned him a leash, in my book.

      Plus, Bowles was never Mac’s pick for coach. Clueless owner made arranged marriage, which is risky. After his own coach hire (for once) Maccagnan has no more excuses.

      Keep Mac
      Drafting Sam, has earned it.

      • Begamin

        That trade up was a crazy overpay. From 6 to 3 cost the 6th overall, both 2nd rounders from last year AND this years 2nd rounder. An absolute steal for the Colts. They gave up a position they didnt care to have and got three 2nd rounders.

        I dont necessarily think Maccagnan should be gone but him drafting Sam is not a good reason for him to stay. Anyone wouldve drafted Sam in his spot. ANYONE. For him to keep his job because he made one no-brainer draft pick is a bit silly. The pick hasnt even panned out yet. It only looks like its going to. Not to mention Darnold was his plan B or C (depending where they ranked Baker). He really wanted to get Cousins which wouldve been a much worse scenario than drafting Darnold or Mayfield. If Mac really had it his way last offseason, Kirk would be the QB and Darnold would be playing for ARI or BUF. I’d give Mac one more year but if they miss the playoffs again he should be gone too.

  1. of9376

    I almost feel bad for Bowles. Guy was put in an awful situation with an awful team.

    • Begamin

      Bowles wasnt put in there last year man.
      What was this, his 4th season? He had a good team in 2016. This year they really needed an o-line but there was a good amount of talent to go around, especially on defense.

      Bowles couldnt keep the team disciplined. Multiple players having attitude problems under him. Brandon Marshall, Fitz, Sheldon Richardson, Mo Wilkerson, Trumaine Johnson, just to name a few. All extremely talented players who Bowles couldnt keep under check.

    • Polish Hammer

      I will never feel sorry for a coach that gets fired. They sat in the job interview and said hire me, I’m the right guy for the job to make this team a winner. When they don’t they get fired….and sit home collecting the full salary the same as if they were working for that money.

  2. xabial

    Bowles had a 24-40 record, losing 9 of the last 10.

    He is the only coach in Jets’ history to coach the team, at least 3 seasons without one playoff berth.

    Not to mention, Bowles had the worst press conferences, out of anyone, I’ve ever seen. Bowles should have been fired after Matt Barkley led the 2-7 Bills, embarrass the Jets, 41-10, threw 15-for-25 passes, 232 yards, two touchdowns, at Jets’ home.

    That was the only game Barkley started in 2018.

    Please hire an offensive-minded coach!! (For once)
    I believe can do to Darnold what McVay did for Goff

  3. axisofhonor25

    Wish Todd Bowles the best, but Jets are at a stage now where they have the pieces in place to start the next phase of the build. It was going to happen regardless, I see them 1-2 seasons away from the Bears’ progress. They just need the head coach to guide Darnold in the offense.

  4. PeterDipersio

    Jets need a high profile coach! I believe once they get that high profile coach, you will see them start making the right moves personal wise.

  5. Thronson5

    I’d like to see him come be the DC in SF. I think he will have no problem landing a job as DC somewhere if he wants to go back to that.

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