Raiders Considering Leaving Oakland Early?

The lawsuit the city of Oakland filed against the Raiders on Tuesday may chase the Raiders out of town a year before they planned.

A high-ranking team official said, via Jason Cole of FanSided (Twitter link), there is “no way” the Raiders will play the 2019 season in Oakland after the lawsuit.

No lease exists for the Raiders to play at Oakland Coliseum next season, and although Mark Davis wanted the team to remain in Oakland for one more season before its 2020 Las Vegas move, the Raiders now appear to be also considering alternatives.

Five or six cities will be considered, per Cole, who adds some of those markets already have NFL teams. The Raiders have been linked to San Diego, San Antonio and Reno thus far. Interestingly, one place they will not consider playing 2019 is Las Vegas. Once believed to be holding UNLV’s Sam Boyd Stadium as an emergency stopgap option, the Raiders will not play there next season because the site is “not workable,” Cole tweets.

Further complicating matters, Cole adds (via Twitter) the Raiders will not share a stadium with the 49ers and are unlikely to play anywhere in northern California in ’19. It’s unknown what the other markets would be, but’s Paul Gutierrez reported Reno, Nev., may be an option (Twitter link). The team is considering making the northern Nevada city its future training camp site.

As for where the Raiders may play next, Cole tweets a few previously unmentioned contenders will be Portland, St. Louis, Seattle and Phoenix. Some of this depends on if the Raiders opt to keep their facility in Oakland and travel to games, but Cole adds (via Twitter) a strong chance now exists the team packs up after this season and moves to its temporary city.

The 49ers showed interest in taking the Raiders in while they await their Vegas dome’s construction, per Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area (on Twitter), but Davis did not seriously entertain that possibility.

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16 comments on “Raiders Considering Leaving Oakland Early?

  1. Bubba

    Hey we will take them in Arizona. 2 teams we should be able to get to 5 wins a year.

    • bucsfan

      This man is untouchable for 24 hrs as he has made fun of his team, and done well. Continue on.

    • Bill Jasper

      I applaud Oakland for not giving into blackmail and turning over hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to a private company.

  2. kylegocougs

    Why wouldn’t they play in SF? That seems like an easy solution to me.

    • SmittyFubar

      SF doesn’t have a stadium. unless you mean wear the 49ers play. That’s Santa Clara

    • crosseyedlemon

      They would provide the zoo with an interesting exhibit and building an addition to the monkey house wouldn’t be that difficult.

  3. OCTraveler

    Since they draw so well on the road, just let them play an entire year of road games, or at cities that don’t have an NFL team. Give new meaning for “America’s Team”.

  4. Rich

    I can see the NFL encouraging them to pick a potential expansion candidate city i.e., Portland, St. Louis, San Antonio, or a long shot, London.

  5. mcmillankmm

    Maybe they can play “home” games in London and Mexico City next year, would need to find locations for the other 6 games…

    • crosseyedlemon

      They could tour some former franchise locations like Akron, Canton, Duluth, Frankford, Milwaukee and Providence.

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