Reactions To Josh Gordon Suspension

With news of yet another suspension sidelining Josh Gordon, the mercurial wide receiver’s on-field work with the Patriots likely will end up concluding with the team’s Week 15 loss to the Steelers. Here are some reactions to the news of Gordon’s ban.

  • The Patriots’ decision to trade for him as a possible quick-fix option was naive, NBC Sports’ Peter King said during a WEEI radio interview (via Citing the Patriots’ failure to properly address their skill positions this offseason, King scrutinizes the organization for bringing in a player with Gordon’s immense baggage — and doing so just after yet another incident in Cleveland prompted the Browns to engage in serious trade talks. New England traded Brandin Cooks and cut a slew of wideouts — Kenny Britt, Malcolm Mitchell, Eric Decker and Jordan Matthews — before acquiring Gordon. Although Gordon’s 720 yards are the second-most in NFL history by a wideout playing on a different team than he did when a season started, behind only Wes Chandler‘s 857 for the 1981 Chargers, the Pats are again shorthanded at wideout.
  • New England’s attempt to acquire Demaryius Thomas from the Broncos stemmed from its concern about Gordon, per Jeff Howe of The Athletic (subscription required). The Patriots also protected seldom-used wideout Phillip Dorsett before the deadline, with Howe noting the team rebuffed at least one trade inquiry regarding the former first-round pick. Minimized by Gordon’s arrival, Dorsett has not caught a pass since Week 12. He’ll surely be called upon more now.
  • Cordarrelle Patterson has repeatedly failed to live up to expectations that come with being a first-round wideout, despite his immense talent as a kick returner, and Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston notes the Patriots have been hesitant to put too much on Patterson’s plate as a receiver. But they now may have to turn to him more in that area, Curran adds. New England still has Dorsett and Chris Hogan as Julian Edelman complements, but with Edelman and Rob Gronkowski not quite on their former levels, Gordon’s exit will damage the Patriots’ passing game. Patterson has 20 receptions for 244 yards and three touchdowns as a Patriot.
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33 comments on “Reactions To Josh Gordon Suspension

  1. MauiDan

    It’s only pot. When is the NFL and all you naysayers going to grow up? Playing in the NFL is dangerous. Smoking some weed is not.

    • yogineely

      Thank you! Dudes more up in arms about this than Kareem Hunt having three violent altercations in the past year. It’s an archaic system

    • K3vin

      If it’s no big deal, then why doesn’t he just stop and not throw away his career?

      • z3rogs

        Some people develop dependencies on pot so it IS a big deal to stop or quit. Many try and fail even under dire circumstances. Not just Josh Gordon.

        I believe the poster’s point is on a different topic – that pot addictions are irrelevant to football games and there’s no reason to kick someone out of the nfl because of it.

      • bencole

        Under this rationale, it would be ok to suspend players for smoking cigarettes.

        • Mel hall ruled

          I say let all drugs be legal!! Coke, meth any and all as long as the nfl makes their money and my fantasy team keeps let it roll fire it up I’m all in

    • dmart93

      You people are idiots. The thing is it’s not only pot.. Have you even read any of the statements Gordon has made during his time off in previous years? He himself stated his addiction was not pot. He has been popping pills and going to games lit since he was in middle school. Don’t get me wrong I wish the best for him and he has immense talent but if he did indeed relapse again he truly does need to be away from the game and get serious help

      • LordBanana

        The NFL doesn’t suspend guys for pills. The NFL is the one distributing them.

    • justinept

      I agree. But Gordon admittedly was doing more than just smoking weed in the past.

    • akaydn

      He is being suspended for repeatedly breaking the rules of his employer. Whether the rule is stupid or not, it is widely known and any punishment was collectively bargained. There are roughly 1700 players on NFL rosters, and Gordon chose not to be one of them because he couldn’t put down a joint to make a living.

    • Chromimw

      You’re right. So I should give a pass to the idiot who got super high, decided to drive and killed my friend in a motor vehicle accident. Makes total sense.

      • cka2nd

        So do you want to make alcohol illegal again, too, because of other idiots drinking and driving? Prohibition worked out so well for this country. And we repeated it with the War on Drugs.

  2. echozulu88

    The NFL probably doesn’t really care about weed but they aren’t giving up a CBA bargaining chip for nothing so they will pretend to care until then.

  3. Steven St Croix

    This is funny to me. Not the part about Josh Gordon, but New England’s dynasty finally coming to and end.

  4. GMB 883

    When you hear people say they hate the Patriots because “they are cheaters” that’s code for we are jealous as hell that you have 5 Super Bowls and 11 Championships 17 years in Beantown.
    Bob Kraft and John Henry are two of the best things that ever happened to Boston sports since the 2000’s.

  5. GMB 883

    Get over it NYY42. Your Yankee’s got beat by their rivals in 2018 and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. Yankees will always be good but those 26 championships seem like a long time ago. Thank the Sox for selling you Babe Ruth. The Sox won 4 of the first 16 World Series before trading the Babe to the Yankees.

  6. Edmund Dantes

    Oh, the trash talking several Patriot players and commentators did toward the Browns trading Gordon for a Patriots 5th round pick. THANK YOU PATRIOTS! When the Patriots aren’t video spying on other teams during games they’re apparently geniuses at keeping guys sober. But oops, their arrogance bit them in the ass again… Bahahahahaha!

  7. Guest617

    goodell hasn’t made the league better – exactly why ratings continue to plummet.

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