Bears To Sign K Redford Jones

The Bears’ kicker workout Friday ended with a rookie coming aboard. One of the lesser-known specialists trying out, Redford Jones, will be added to the roster, according to Jones’ agency (Twitter link).

Jones joined Nick Folk, Blair Walsh, Josh Gable, Ernesto Lacayo and Austin MacGinnis in the kicker derby, Field Yates of tweets. Chicago will go with Jones, a 24-year-old Tulsa product who was out of football this season, as the player who will compete with the embattled Cody Parkey.

This was the first known NFL workout for Jones, whose Tulsa eligibility ran out after the 2017 season. He was the Golden Hurricane’s kicker for three seasons. After missing eight kicks in 2015, Jones went 21-for-26 in 2016 and 12-for-16 as a senior.

While it is far from certain a Parkey-Jones duel will be how the Bears decide who their 2019 kicker is, this is how the competition stacks up for now.

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28 comments on “Bears To Sign K Redford Jones

    • It was grazed. Even the dude who barely got a fingertip on it said he didn’t think he hit it enough to do anything. He watched it go and thought it was going in and looked away. Only when he heard the crowd did he realize what happened….. but IMO it wasn’t because he barely touched it. I mean watch the video, the balls end over end rotation doesn’t change at all, and its trajectory doesn’t change any either….. much like the guy who barely touched it even said.

      Even if you want to believe it wasn’t Parkey’s fault…. the dude cost them games in the regular season and hit more uprights in 2018 than I think Gould did in his entire career in Chicago. He had like 7 or 8 total kicks hit the upright this year… 8 or 9 if you count his last one twice for hitting the upright and crossbar, haha.

  1. leprechaun

    Won’t be any competition with Parkey. He will be cut post March 1st to lesson cap hit. This guy is just the beginning of the end of Parkey they are sure to bring in more kickers as time goes on.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Lewis Ward hit 51 of 52 FGs as a CFL rookie last season so I’m sure he will be on every NFL teams radar now.

    • crosseyedlemon

      What’s taking the Eagles so long to provide us with a kicker? Did they forget they would never have been in the playoffs without our help?

  2. midway_monster85

    Why not go out and get Gould? He’s been amazing ever since the bears let him go. Prior regime messed up they should of never let him go.

    • Steven Juris

      He sucked the last time he was here. He admitted that he deserved to be cut. He might cost too much, though.

    • sss847

      they can’t until the next league year starts. and signing gould + paying parkey’s dead money means they’re spending ~10 mil on kickers next year

  3. chitowninwi

    Right now we need the McJokes to admit they made many mistakes on kickers, I hope they learned their lesson!! Sign Gould and get rid of the butter boy , he can’t make a kick under pressure!

  4. Polish Hammer

    Good thing they hurried up the tryouts and got a kicker for their upcoming game…September will be here before you know it…

    • dray16

      maybe they should just wait til Sept to find a kicker. why try and get prepared in the off season at all

      • crosseyedlemon

        There was a shortage of good kickers last season and now two new leagues are in the hunt. Teams like the Bears are going to have to kick over every rock they find if that’s what it takes.

      • Polish Hammer

        Trying to corner the market on kickers is what put them in this predicament as they’re stuck with Parkey and that large contract.

  5. This is the best they could find? Looks like we’ll have more Parkey next year. I figured as much. They’re making a half a**ed effort to show fans they’re “looking” for a replacement for Parkey…. but Parkey is not a viable “cut.” He’d cost the team more money if they released him than if they kept him on the team….. so yeah, the decision was already made a year ago when they signed him to the retarded contract they gave him. On the team the Bears pay him like $4M….. if they cut him they owe him like $5.1M. So I can think of 5 million reasons they’ll keep Parkey on the team. I mean Redford Jones (???) beat out Nick Folk?

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