Bengals To Interview Hue Jackson For Head Coaching Job

Could Hue Jackson return to the head coaching ranks? The Bengals are at least interested in hearing him out and could interview him as early as Wednesday, according to Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). 

The Bengals have a long history with Jackson and quickly scooped him up after he was fired by the Browns in 2018. Jackson has the support of longtime former head coach Marvin Lewis, which likely helped him secure a head coaching interview with the Bengals.

The Bengals have already interviewed in-house candidates Darrin Simmons and Bill Lazor for the gig, so they’re doing their homework internally before casting a wide net elsewhere. Old friend Vance Joseph will have a two-day chat with the Bengals this week and a meeting with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is on tap for Friday. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Rams assistant Zac Taylor are also among the names in the mix.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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37 comments on “Bengals To Interview Hue Jackson For Head Coaching Job

  1. dust44

    With my in-laws all being huge Bengals fans. Please Cincy hire Hue or Vance Joseph so I can keep the upper hand on my Bengals banter…. I’d hire Bieniemy if I were the Bengals or the Browns. But neither will, Bengals will hire one of the Marvin ex assistants and the Browns will hire a John Dorsey past relationship. Because they r the OHIO teams. And will continue to screw the pooch

  2. goldenmisfit

    Two-5-1 this season with Jackson the second he was fired they went on a 5-3 run. What is a defender of Jackson give in the week roster until this season. The guy is a great offense of coordinator but a horrible head coach.

    • Steven Juris

      It didn’t help with Haley deliberately backstabbing Hue every single day.

      • Michael Chaney

        Hue threw Haley under the bus a few times too. They were both awful.

        • whynot101

          And those years before Haley what was coach egos excuse while he was throwing everyone under the bus

  3. gozurman1

    Soooo you are in charge of the hiring and firing of coaches for the Bungles. You just dumped Marv. Why in the world would you pick the guy that he recommends if you did not like the job that he had been doing??

    • fieldsj2

      If you watched the Lewis press conference, time was already up and they asked Marvin about you and he basically said they should interview Jackson. He did not recommend him. That was just a headline grabber ESPN put up. You could tell Lewis wasn’t even comfortable answering the question.

    • Smartz1

      No kidding. And they will likely hire this doofus because of “familiarity” and “continuity”. What a joke. I am very close to cashing out and finding another team to root for.

  4. Clark K

    I know I’ve said this before but if they hire Hue does that make the Bengals the worst run franchise in any sport? If you can’t win a playoff game, why even win a game? Basically what the Bengals are saying by giving this doofus an interview

    • kenleyfornia2

      Only the Raiders playing their home games in London next year would top that level of ineptitude

  5. crosseyedlemon

    NFL Films did some groundbreaking things when Art and Steve Sabol were alive such as miking players and Hank Stram during a Super Bowl. Wish they were still alive to tape some of these coaching interviews. I’m sure Hue Jackson’s would be an instant classic….lol.

  6. murraysons

    Well he literally can’t do worse than he did before, so no matter the outcome, the Bengals can always say “he did better with us”

  7. whynot101

    It’s a scam, the fix was in when they hired his fired ass, I pity the bengal fans if this were to happen! Where’s his winning track record???? There is none

  8. jeb39999

    I was surprised they hired him so quickly after the Browns dumped him, but I guess it shouldn’t surprise me at all that they would consider Hue a serious candidate for HC

  9. pantless

    I want this to happen so badly – just so I can continue to laugh at his incompetence

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