Browns To Part Ways With Several Coaches

Although the Browns kept a key part of their 2018 late-season setup in place, promoting Freddie Kitchens to head coach, they are going to be looking for a largely new staff.

In addition to letting interim HC Gregg Williams go, the Browns are ending the Cleveland tenures of several coaches, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Among them are quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese, special teams coordinator Amos Jones, offensive line coach Bob Wylie, tight ends coach Greg Seamon and special teams assistant Josh Cribbs. The Browns, as could be expected, will ax linebackers coach (and late-season play-caller) Blake Williams, Cabot notes.

Expected to stay are wideouts coach Adam Henry and DBs coach DeWayne Walker, Cabot adds, with running backs coach Ryan Lindley — a Cardinals quarterback during Kitchens’ time as Arizona’s QBs coach — could remain as well.

This Browns team lost fewer games than the franchise had since its 2007 season, but the Kitchens regime will involve many new faces at the Berea, Ohio, facility. This should not be incredibly surprising, considering these assistants arrived during Hue Jackson‘s tenure.

Jones finished his first season as ST coordinator, while Zampese took the QBs job last year as well. He’d previously served as the Bengals’ OC before being fired early in the 2017 season. Seamon served on all three Jackson staffs, finishing his tenure under Gregg Williams. Wylie, of Hard Knocks fame, came to Cleveland in 2017 after a CFL stint. Known obviously for his special teams brilliance in Cleveland, Cribbs broke into coaching this season.

Also let go: assistant DBs coach Jerod Kruse, offensive assistant Bob Saunders, assistant offensive line coach Mark Hutson and quality control coaches Brian Braswell and Eric Sanders.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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27 comments on “Browns To Part Ways With Several Coaches

    • sufferfortribe

      No. Who do you think is cleaning up the stench Hue Jackson left behind?

      • tsolid

        Browns have been TERRIBLE for decades. The fact every comment you make is about HUE, shows the lack of awareness of the silly fans. OWNERSHIP & front office have lead to the in the ineptitude of that organization. 100 Qb’s/head coaches in the last 10yrs?? Or course it’s an exaggeration, but it seems that way. Try looking forward instead of playing the blame game.

        • sufferfortribe

          Who was head the previous coaching staff? Hue Jackson, which is why I made my particular comment.
          If you don’t like my opinion, which has been formed by being a Browns fan since the 1960’s, then maybe it’s best to keep your mouth shut?

          • tsolid

            Browns fans since 1960’s?? Maybe you should keep YOUR mouth shut and confirms your stupidity. Again… TERRIBLE organization for decades and all you do is HUE, HUE, HUE! Can’t wait til the league catches up to ole Mayfield, AKA “the next great thing“

            • sufferfortribe

              Did you read the last part of my comment, or do you have issues with reading comprehension?

              • tsolid

                I have an issue with you openly admitting how stupid judgment is. YOUR’E the guy that comes on EVERY Browns post to try and POLICE the negative comments. Your skin must be as thin as water. Toughen up Buttercup

            • smirry527

              I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone be so fired up to convince others to not be fired up about Hue. May want to tweak the sales pitch.

              • tsolid

                No sales pitch big guy. Just the nonstop blame game is comical. But, I guess that’s expected from losing Orgs!

                • smirry527

                  I’m a stats guy so I would recommend just going with quantifiable data next time instead of just sweeping generalizations about the team/fans/coaches but that’s just me. You do you, pal.

                • sufferfortribe

                  What’s comical is guys like you who have nothing better to do with their time than continually bag on an organization that has an incredible history. Try doing research on it….if you’re actually capable.

  1. partyatnapolis

    sad to see wylie and cribbs go. mainly bc of hard knocks for wylie and bc cribbs was one of my fav players. but dorsey knows what he’s doing

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      Cribbs can get an assistant job at Kent State, probably. If not elsewhere. He’s a wealth of knowledge in the return game.

      • partyatnapolis

        he really is. hence why i was hoping the browns would keep him on. he could really help callaway with his return game

  2. goldenmisfit

    So they went from 0-16 and became 7-8-1 so let’s fire almost the entire staff LOL

    • sufferfortribe

      Understand the dynamics of this. These were not John Dorsey choices for the staff, they were Clueless Jackson’s. Dorsey has the right as GM to assemble his own coaching staff.

  3. connfyoozed

    Amos Jones’s special teams have been a hot mess in more places than just Cleveland… Pittsburgh and Arizona to name 2. That move should come as no surprise to anyone.

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