Chargers Sign K Nick Rose

The Chargers are signing kicker Nick Rose ahead of their upcoming Divisional Round matchup against the Patriots, tweets Adam Schefter of Rose will handle kickoffs while incumbent kicker Michael Badgley will continue to manage field goals and extra points.

Badgley has been immensely successful on field goals, as he ranks fifth in the NFL with a 93.8% conversion rate. Additionally, he’s only missed a single extra point on 28 attempts. However, as Eric D. Williams of notes, Badgley has turned only nine of his 54 kickoffs into touchbacks, which translates to an NFL-worst 16.7% touchback rate.

Badgley’s problem on kickoffs could lead to issues against the Patriots, who deploy former All-Pro special teamer Cordarrelle Patterson on kick returns. This season, Patterson averaged 28.8 yards per kick return (tied for fifth in the league), while New England as a whole ranked fifth in Football Outsiders‘ kick return metric.

Rose, 24, split time between the Chargers and Redskins in 2017, appearing in 10 total games. During that time, he made 11-of-14 field goal attempts while converting 23-of-26 extra points. Most recently, Rose signed on to play for the San Antonio Commanders of the Alliance of American Football, which debuts in the spring.

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15 comments on “Chargers Sign K Nick Rose

  1. axisofhonor25

    They fear the guy that much they need to spend payroll? Just chance it with the kicker you got.

    • bradthebluefish

      My problem isn’t payroll but giving up a roster spot for a kickoff kicker. But hey, I don’t blame them given what the article has laid out.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Yes Donnie Jones seems to have a noodle leg. Dude can barley punt it 30 yards

  2. jfive

    see what happened to seattle when seabass got hurt, this provides the team some insurance IF anything were to happen to Badgley

  3. crosseyedlemon

    The strategy here sounds good provided the Chargers don’t have to attempt a late game onside kick. If that happens then coach Lynn could leave himself open to some second guessing if he picks the wrong kicker.

  4. Kwflanne

    This is just a flat out stupid signing. Mark it down, watch Badgley miss field goal/extra point this game… you don’t mess with something that’s been working. While his touchbacks haven’t been good, our kick coverage has. Let badgley keep doing his thing! As it is with ALL kickers, a lot of it is mental. WHY put in badgleys head that “we don’t trust you in this area (kickoffs), so just do field goals…”

    This will come back to bite the chargers.

    • kenleyfornia2

      He was making 50+ FGs into the wind. Like the guy said below he’s not that soft

      • Kwflanne

        Yeah, because no kickers have ever made field goals, then struggled once there is a mental issue…. Roberto Aguayo anybody? Parker? If it isn’t broken, you don’t try and fix it. Plain and simple. Maybe the kickoffs kept him involved in the game, kept him loose. Who knows. The ONLY thing that is factually known…. is that him handling field goals, PAT, AND kickoffs…. was working. But for some reason, they want to change that. And take up an extra roster spot while they’re at it….

    • jussayin619

      I don’t think your looking at this the correct way or the logic behind it. Let me explain why… first your going to be playing in Foxborough. It’s going to be snowing. You have a kicker who’s been on point all year and your going to rely on his leg in case it comes down to that. You don’t need him kicking in the snow for kickoffs and then trying to make a tackle if Paterson gets loose. You can always cut rose after the game. But the main thing is making sure you don’t expose your kicker to the elements of New England. It’s not going to mess with the kickers head that they are signing someone for kickoffs. You gotta look at it the correct way and the whole picture from weather to possible tightness of hamstrings in cold weather like that. Don’t expose your best leg to elements if it’s not needed. It’s a smart move.

      • Kwflanne

        ….. FYI…. it is not supposed to snow during the game on Sunday. Soooo….. that post was pretty much just a whiff

        • jussayin619

          You realized two days ago predictions were four to five inches of snow for Sunday’s game right?

  5. Kwflanne

    The chargers handling of special teams has been a disaster for years, and has not improved this year… although they may have found their field goal kicker, as Badgley is solid. However, what did it cost? Drew Kaser because we blamed him for Sturgis struggles… now we have Donnie Jones who can barely punt the ball 30 yards… now signing a second kicker just to handle kickoffs, even though we haven’t had that issue all year until this point?? If we are so scared of Patterson returning a kick…. maybe our special teams coordinator needs to be fired, because coverage can be coached. Were they not scared of Baltimore’s kick returner? Or tyreek hill returning kicks for the chiefs? This literally makes no sense. It is tinkering just for the sake of tinkering. There is such a thing as over-thinking…. and over-coaching….. that’s what this is

    • jussayin619

      Drew was garbage… nobody knew where his kick would end up not even himself that’s why we got rid of him

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