Chiefs Plan To Extend Patrick Mahomes After 2019; Mahomes Could Earn $200MM+

The Chiefs are expected to pursue extensions for a few key members of their roster this offseason, and it makes sense for the club to get those commitments out of the way, because it will have a particularly big order of business to take care of after the 2019 season. At that point, quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be eligible for a long-term extension of his own, and Adam Schefter of reports that Kansas City is expected to work out a second contract with him before the 2020 campaign.

That contract, per Schefter’s sources, could be the league’s first $200MM deal. If that’s the case, Mahomes would dwarf Matt Ryan‘s recent extension with the Falcons, which has a total value of $150MM, and Schefter suggests that Mahomes’ new pact would include an average annual value that far eclipses Aaron Rodgers‘ $33.5MM mark.

Mahomes is also expected to become much more visible this offseason, according to his agent, Leigh Steinberg. Mahomes will likely be named the league’s MVP this season, but Steinberg has instructed Mahomes to keep a low public profile to this point. Now that his client has taken the football world by storm, Steinberg says that Mahomes is in line for multiple marketing deals and television commercials.

Speculatively, Kansas City could attempt to frontload expected extensions for players like Tyreek Hill and Chris Jones to create more flexibility when Mahomes cashes in. Mahomes, just 23, passed for 5,097 yards and a league-leading 50 touchdowns in 2018, and he will lead the Chiefs against the Patriots in a much-anticipated AFC title game this afternoon.

A Super Bowl appearance or two will only increase Mahomes’ otherworldly asking price.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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37 comments on “Chiefs Plan To Extend Patrick Mahomes After 2019; Mahomes Could Earn $200MM+

    • billykent

      WORTH IT?!…Seriously?…$200MM for playing football…This is out of control!!!

        • TheTruth12

          I’m sorry but Ryan earned his $150M tons of 4th quarter comebacks, multiple NFC Championship games, got his team to a Super Bowl. I’m not saying Mahomes isn’t great cause he is but NO ONE should get a 200M deal after 1 good season. Again Mahomes looks fantastic I think he eventually will get that big of a deal but 1 season is an awfully small sample size no matter how good it was.

          • Polish Hammer

            This article is all speculation and when it does eventually happen it will be a couple years after a Ryan signed his. If he has a 2019 like he’s shown he will certainly pull down that kind of deal.

          • yoyo137

            If the Chiefs win the Superbowl this year Mahomes already beats anything Matt Ryan has done in his career. Mahomes has infinitely more potential, athleticism, accuracy, throwing power, and he already seems to be on a path to become one of the smartest QBs in league history. If Matt Ryan gets $150 million, give Mahomes $400 million because that’s how much better he is, and way younger to boot.

        • Yes they do because hitting a baseball is far more difficult than throwing a football. And baseball players play far more often than football players. Also, it takes fewer baseball players to play a game so there is more money to spread around.

            • That’s the risk they willingly take. A baseball player can get drilled in the head with a much harder ball than any football player ever faces. There are risks associated with everything in life…take the ones you’re willing to accept the consequences for, and don’t blame others for them.

        • justinept

          They dont in 2019… Machado and Harper are only rumored to be sniffing that type of money because of their relative youth to typical star FAs

      • mjctrack

        It’s capitalism…..he has a skill no one else has, why shouldn’t he get what someone else is willing to pay him?

        • Shh! Don’t tell that to people who believe in the “fairness” of socialism…or whatever it is they want it to be.

          • Guyrsanville

            The league is socialist. The owners split all the TV money around 18 BILLION equally. They share a part of their ticket revenue. It’s a great system that makes it impossible for a pro football franchise to lose money. And they cannot leverage the franchise to borrow money for other businesses. Smart.

            • If you think the NFL is socialist, then you don’t understand socialism. Do some more research.

              • Tom from Philly

                Tom’s uniting regarding player value and the basic understanding of socialism!

        • Tom from Philly

          Under capitalism, he gets less than he’s worth actually. Socialism would be better for the players, if the teams were run as co-ops. Don’t kill the messenger. Just keeping it real.

      • Guyrsanville

        No. It’s a bargain. He’s one of 32 in the world. The owners split at least 18 billion or so in TV $$ and make about that much in concessions and merchandise and licensing. The players should get as much as they can.

        • Tom from Philly

          Exactly! Why he’d get down-voted for that is ridiculous. I’m genuinely surprised that people would rather the money go into some owner’s pocket than to the guy generating all the value. If you think $200M is more than his value, you’re simply mistaken. If they paid them truly fairly, he’d be making more than that and all football contracts would be guaranteed. So, a $180-210M contract with “only” $120M or so guranteed really isn’t as much as insane as people think. If you think it’s too much money for any player, then get mad at cable companies. They’re the ones giving billions of dollars to the NFL for the rights to show it. Again, all the owners are getting billions of dollars for not doing too much, yet you’d rather a young player not get paid his value? Bizarre, but ok.

  1. Guest617

    chiefs won’t have cap space to protect him or receivers to catch the ball. no money to pay defense/special teams. suckers get sucked

      • Mack83

        It’s not really hate, when it’s true. That much money tied up in a QB will hamstring the team from adding where it needs to add.

  2. kenleyfornia2

    Or you could just wait. He will still have 2 years under team control after 2019. Throwing 200 at a guy that early is dumb. That price will still get him in 2021

    • byronious

      Agreed. Obviously the entire team should receive bonuses for getting this far and possibly farther but you’re only hurting your team by spending so much for one player.

      And he only has one great nfl season. People were crowning Deshaun Watson after like 6 games last year-how’s that looking now?

      Wait for a better sample size. He’s not going anywhere. Plus the enormous contract size could overwhelm him and therefore he underperforms…Oh but wait his dad played baseball so he’s good under pressure…lol what!??

    • Tom from Philly

      If they wait, it could approach over $200M. The reason Reid would want to get him under contract at around $200M would be to avoid him even thinking of approaching the open market and/or his market price going up. I truly don’t understand why people are up in arms about this. QBs who can throw 50 TDs and are elusive in the pocket with a cannon for an arm, at age-23 are almost impossible to find. Hence, the Chiefs will assuredly pay him next year. Cannot risk losing him after pouring all those assets and time into him. If Kirk Cousins can get $30ish per year after years of franchise tagging, of course Mahomes should get his fair share. It’s not as if the owner will lose money. This post-season run alone is worth more than $200M to the owner if they get to the SB, let alone if he keeps this success up at such a young age.

    • Tom from Philly

      Oh come on. No QB has ever received a contract even approaching 10 years. If he gets $180-200M+, it will likely mean that his AAV will be in the $35-40M territory. Players create so much value for owners. I don’t get why people would be upset about Mahomes — an elite age-23 QB — getting paid a boatload of money. If he’s worth it, then the Chiefs are not going to lose him. And desperate teams would pay that (see: Osweiler, Brock and Bortles, Blake) amount if he ever reached UFA. He would never. Big Red is going to lock him up for at least 5, maybe 6 years plus his Year 5 option to keep him under team control as long as possible. The total price will just be a formality.

      Elite as Hunt is/was and Hill is, you can find elite WRs and RBs typically through the draft (not that they won’t re-sign Hill with a ton of money, despite the absurd double standard they have with allowing him to be drafted despite his domestic violence record but I digress).

  3. Tom from Philly

    All of you are missing the point. First off, of course he’s worth in the neighborhood of $200M. Wentz, despite not ever playing in a playoff game will almost certainly eclipse the Ryan $150M mark. So, if a somewhat injury-prone Wentz gets around $165M (give or take), and Mahomes has another ridiculous year next year, how would $200M be too much?

    Ya’ll are saying “it’s only been one year.” Well, again, same with Carson, and he’s not completed either of the last two years.

    Then to the people saying, “no one is worth $200M.” That’s ridiculous. Someone will pay him that amount — or close to it, anyway. The Chiefs can’t invest that much time, assets and resources into making Mahomes one of the Top 3-5 QBs in the league at age 23 then simply let him go. Sure, it’s tough to make a legit team around him when one is paid that much, but that’s what draft picks are for.

    When’s the last time a young, elite QB wasn’t paid record numbers? If Fletcher Cox can get $100M a couple years ago, elite as he is, Mahomes certainly can be in the conversation for $200M a year from now. Hell, Foles might eclipse the $20-22M per year mark and he’s had some really down years.

    Lastly, the cap will be up by the end of next year. Mahomes has showed his value. Don’t get mad at the players making the gargantuan amounts of money. It’s all from TV revenue that typically goes into the owner’s pocket. It’s why Jeffrey Lurie (owner of Eagles) is worth $2B, despite getting a loan to buy the team a couple decades ago for a couple hundred million. Football value is through the roof. You guys would rather have it in some old rich guy’s pocket than the player creating all the value?

    • Polish Hammer

      Or just don’t line up offsides on a very crucial play to give the Patriots a humongous gift…

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