Cowboys Looking To Extend HC Jason Garrett

The Cowboys are focused on tonight’s playoff matchup against the Rams, but they’ll shift their focus to extending their head coach whenever their season ends. Appearing on Good Morning Football,’s Ian Rapoport said that the Cowboys intend to begin negotiating a long-term contract with Jason Garrett during the offseason (Twitter link).

Following the Cowboys lackluster start, there were whispers that the organization could look to move on from Garrett. Furthermore, we heard that the team hadn’t considered extending the 52-year-old. However, the Cowboys finished the regular season with a 7-1 record, and they won last week’s playoff matchup against the Seahawks.

The recent run apparently convinced the organization that Garrett was “their coach of the future.” The head coach’s contract is set to expire at the end 2019 campaign, but the team is hoping to extend him before that time. After having previously signed a five-year, $30MM contract, Rapoport expects Garrett’s next contract to be among the most lucrative in the entire game.

Garrett has been with the organization since 2007, and he took over head coaching duties in 2010 after the team fired Wade Phillips. Garrett has put together a 77-59 record during his tenure as head coach, leading the Cowboys to three playoff appearances.

Meanwhile, defensive backs coach and passing-game coordinator Kris Richard wasn’t able to get a head-coaching gig this offseason (although Rapoport notes that he was a finalist for the Dolphins gig). However, based on his quick ascension through the organization, many believe the Cowboys will make Richard their full-time defensive coordinator in 2019. Rod Marinelli is the Cowboys current defensive coordinator, but Rapoport could envision a scenario where the 69-year-old transitions to a senior defensive assistant role.

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32 comments on “Cowboys Looking To Extend HC Jason Garrett

  1. goldenmisfit

    If the Cowboys win today I have no problem with an extension if they lose I think they should wait to see how they start next season.

  2. Breezy

    “Most lucrative in the entire game”. If he surpasses Gruden’s 10/100mm, I might root for a new team.

  3. CubsRule08

    He’s gonna be the new Marvin Lewis.

    Always on the verge of firing, only to get extended even more

  4. Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

    God No! Another 5+ years of Howdy Dummy? Jarrahs next genius move will be extending Duk and my nightmare scenario will be complete. Mediocrity reigns in Dallas!

  5. RockHauler

    As a Giants fan, who has to endure the crap that they’ve called football the past 5-6 years. I am ecstatic that they are extending Garrett. That means more years of mediocure football from the coaching staff and holding back the potential of the players. Woo Hoo!!

  6. sovietcanuckistanian

    frankly, I hope Richard is the long term play here. Garrett has had his moments, but I think hes done all he can do, even a huge uptick in talent wouldn’t put them that much further ahead of where they are now. in saying that, JJ needs to meddle less too.

  7. PhilliesFan012


    • Polish Hammer

      Agreed, every NFC East team fan says go ahead and lock him up long term. Guaranteed to choke, only thing missing is Tony Romo…

  8. roddy1018

    Mark my words…this off-season will go down as the worst HC signing/extending in all of football.

  9. Bubba

    I love Jason Garrett as a coach. I hope they sign him for a big deal and a lot of years. I hate the Cowboys so if they are stupid enough to do this good for the other teams. “ Jerra Nose Picker” Jones is Clueless.

  10. Screamer

    As a Cowboys fan, I can not see how this is good in any way. Every single Cowboys fan I know or read online thinks Garrett needs to go. Only one person on this planet that’s a fan of the Cowboys supports this and unfortunately he writes the checks

  11. jeb39999

    I don’t know who they could go out and get instead that would be better right now so extension makes sense now, but coaches have often been fired only a year or two after receiving an extension so it doesn’t mean he will be around forever anyway.

  12. bpflyers1

    They should not extend Garrett. What has he accomplished in all his years as the Head Coach? NOTHING!!! Hire Kris Richard as the Head Coach and bring in a new Offensive Coordinator!!! Time to get something done Jerrah! You’ve got some talent on this team. Don’t waste it!!!

  13. crosseyedlemon

    Garrett needs to do the right thing and send a huge bonus cheque to the player that ended Alex Smith’s season. Cowboys probably miss the post season if the Redskin’s hadn’t imploded.

    • Polish Hammer

      They’re not the only team to suffer an injury. Philly’s defensive and offensive backfields were decimated by injuries in addition to others across the roster.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Takes more than skill to be a champion. You also need character and the Eagles used that character in spades down the stretch where they were essentially in a playoff situation each of the last 3 weeks of the season. I predicted our Bears would get burned helping a defending champion into the post season and unfortunately I was right. Teams with championship character learn how to overcome injuries and other forms of adversity.

        • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

          Great point above. Having Howdy Dummy as your teams HC is the ultimate adversity.

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