Extra Points: 2019 NFL Draft, Stidham, Lock, Redskins, Phillips, Seahawks, Fluker, Sweezy

The NFL combine is right around the corner, and the draft isn’t too far away. With that in mind, Matt Miller of Bleacher Report spoke to some league talent evaluators, and had a few interesting nuggets on the quarterbacks in this year’s class. A “lead AFC personnel man” told Miller that Missouri quarterback Drew Lock “really helped himself” during this week’s Senior Bowl practices, and could be the top quarterback selected this April.

The same personnel guy told Miller that Duke quarterback Daniel Jones helped himself as well, and that his mechanics looked good in practice. Miller writes that Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham also boosted his stock this week, and that three scouts told him Stidham could even climb into the end of the first round. Stidham has been projected as a Day 2 guy in most mock drafts, so that would be a pretty significant leap for him.

Here’s more from around the league this Friday night:

  • The Redskins made a coaching move this evening, and it could end up impacting the Rams. Washington hired Brian Angelichio to be their tight ends coach, the team announced in a tweet, and he’ll be replacing Wes Phillips on Jay Gruden’s staff. Phillips is the son of NFL-lifer and current Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets that Phillips is a “potential fit” in Los Angeles. Rapsheet notes that the Rams will be in need of a quarterbacks coach when Zac Taylor officially departs to become the Bengals’ new head coach, and notes that Phillips will be “one to watch.” Wade has become one of the funniest and most personable coordinators in the league the past couple of years, and a Phillips family reunion would be a lot of fun.
  • The Seahawks’ offensive line was a big part of their success this year, as they helped pave the way for their first productive ground game in years. Now Seattle will have to make some decisions on whether they want to keep last year’s line intact. Starting guards D.J. Fluker and J.R Sweezy are both scheduled to be unrestricted free agents this spring, and Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times writes that the team “would like to keep both and will work to get that done.” Both players received below average grades from Pro Football Focus, but Seattle was apparently happy enough with their play.
  • In case you missed it, an update on the latest assistant coaching moves.
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19 comments on “Extra Points: 2019 NFL Draft, Stidham, Lock, Redskins, Phillips, Seahawks, Fluker, Sweezy

  1. TheTruth12

    If a team takes Jones or Stidham in the 1st they’re gonna regret it, they’re simply not 1st round talents.

      • natsfan3437

        Lock is a first rounder if you have a late pick and you already have your guy at qb to where he can develop behind him.

        • Michael Chaney

          Everything I’ve read says that he’s a perfect fit for the Broncos, but I think he’s a perfect fit for the Chargers just because of the developmental reasons you mentioned. I think he could stand to have a year or two to develop from the sidelines.

  2. afsooner02

    In fairness I’m not sure there’s a franchise QB anywhere in this draft….Haskins and Murray included on that.

    • doug.daniel243

      Big facts. The complete lack of QB talent is just leading to everyone being played up when in reality they all suck. STOP LOOKING FOR A GOOD QB WHEN THERE ARE NONE!!!

      • TheTruth12

        Haskins and Murray are so far from sucking but it is them and then a significant drop off in talent. Haskins threw 50 TDs not easy, Murray most explosive QB since Vick. You can’t say they suck until you see them play on an nfl field.

        • Steven Juris

          And one knee injury and Murray is serving fries to fans. He’s too small o ever stay in the pocket and he has the body build of an average girl.

    • Michael Chaney

      I only see 2-3 even worth potentially taking in the first round; any guys taken in the first round after that are probably going to leave their teams disappointed.

      Teams always try to convince themselves that someone can be a good quarterback when they get desperate. It’s the same reason Tom Savage was being talked about as a possible first rounder a few years ago.

  3. Guest617

    any qb coming out should be buried on a practice squad, rushing them into action only destroys their development

    • ckln88

      I don’t really believe there’s factual evidence to back your statement up. Because it’s only too early if they don’t do well. If they do, then they’re just an amazing talent.

  4. ahale224

    How much more fun would the combine and or senior bowl be if they did the skills challenges that they do at the pro bowl?

  5. jay13

    There is only one true QB talent in this draft. Haskins has the tools and with nfl coaching should be a really good QB as early as year 2. The rest are lotto tickets, yes, even Murray. Murray could decide baseball is the sport he wants in 3 years. The talent is explosive and worth the ticket. Lock, I don’t know enough about him but all experts have issues with him. Daniel Jones reminds me of Chad Pennington. No arm strength(can make the throws though) but a solid game manager. Stidham in the first round would be a poor investment. The combine, pro days and tests will be paramount for all these guys.

    The defensive talent in this draft is crazy

    • Michael Chaney

      I agree that Haskins is the only guy I’d bet my future on, but even he shouldn’t be a day one starter. I never thought that the Browns would get a franchise QB, but I’m so glad they did already so they can take advantage of the defensive talent this year instead.

  6. Jack0207

    No one really knows who is a good QB or not. Not many had Mahomes as a great QB. Also years past QB’s rated as can’t miss are out of football.

    • myaccount

      Not many had Mahomes as a great QB? I think a lot of people loved both him and Watson.

  7. Matthew Heywood

    How could both guards for Seattle get bad grades if they were the top rushing team in the nfl? Seems that stat keeping company is wrong here

  8. crosseyedlemon

    I have to confess that sometimes the players attitudes make no sense to me at all. On the one hand they get upset when the owners interfere with their right to kneel yet strangely they don’t object in the slightest when the owners conduct this combine and humiliate them like trained seals doing circus tricks.

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