Giants Commit To OBJ; Won’t Commit To Eli Manning

At a Wednesday press conference, Giants GM Dave Gettleman reaffirmed that Odell Beckham Jr. remains in the team’s plans. However, he declined to commit to a future with longtime franchise quarterback Eli Manning

We didn’t sign him to trade him,” Gettleman said when asked about the temperamental wide receiver (Twitter link via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY).

When pressed further about OBJ, Gettleman told reporters, “You heard what I said.” However, it’s a different situation when it comes to Manning.

Gettleman said he had a “very extensive” and “no-holds barred” conversation with Manning on Monday, suggesting that Manning could be on his way out.

We will do what’s in the best interests of the New York Giants. We’re trying to build sustained success. That takes brutal honesty and some tough decisions,” Gettleman said (Twitter link via Vacchiano).

Early in the 2018 season, it seemed certain that Manning wouldn’t be the Giants’ quarterback in 2019. The Giants were 1-7 and the season was circling the drain again, with Manning struggling heavily in his first year in Pat Shurmur’s offense. But, the Giants managed to turn things around by winning four of five games and had a near upset win over the Colts.

Manning, ultimately, finished out with his best statistical season in years, and his yards per attempt was his best posting since 2011. Before the Giants’ home finale, we heard that Manning was still more likely to return as the team’s QB than not. Now, however, that’s very much in question.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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13 comments on “Giants Commit To OBJ; Won’t Commit To Eli Manning

  1. jeremy

    Unless they have a young QB for the future you stick with Manning as long as you can. I don’t see any free agents who would turn them around

    • crosseyedlemon

      Making upgrades has a price and Mannings 23MM cap hit certainly doesn’t help Gettleman move forward on that front. Give Eli the gold watch and a consultant job if that’s what it takes but clear the cap space that is wasted on him.

    • jrruocco

      Unless there is a significantly better QB that becomes available, you stick with Eli. It wasn’t his fault the offensive line played poorly, or at minimum confused on their assignments. The fact that Eli made it through the season in one piece and no missing time is incredible. Give Eli time and he can beat Anyone. Give him offensive line of the Saints or Chiefs and see how much better he will be. Oh by the way this was his best statistical season do who do you blame. Also where was the Defense? Eli is not the Giants problem, he is their scapegoat for poor coaching, terrible offensive line and inconsistent defense. No one man can lose all your games especially since statistically he was Giants best player not named Barkley!

  2. goldenmisfit

    They can go after Nick Foles. The Eagles have that $20 million option but if Nick Foles wants to be a free agent he can just give back his signing bonus and he’s a free agent. What what Nick has done over the last two seasons for the Philadelphia Eagles. Also keep hearing that the Raiders are looking to trade Derek Carr.

      • BAINES03

        To be fair, after reading some comments I’m starting to think Gruden posts on here…

    • Flacco, Foles, Bridgewater, etc… all stop-gap guys that aren’t necessarily any better than Eli… the only advantage of those guys would be that they’re potentially cheaper, but when you factor in Eli’s buy-out of $6M, it’s probably not worth making that move .. they should either stick with Eli and draft his replacement at 6 (or trade up) and try to get Haskins, or take an OL or DL, and look for his replacement in next year’s draft which will be much deeper at QB

  3. jrruocco

    Eli I’d not the problem. He had his best statistical season and had the Giants in every game, even though his offensive line either didn’t understand the plays, or they just suck. Watch Shaquan Barkley, he got all his yards on his own. If the offensive line was like New Orleans he would have had 2000 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving. Also where was the Giants defense? The coaching was even worse. Eli is the scapegoat for all that is wrong with the Giants offensive line, defense both run and pass, and last coaching. Every game the Giants won was thanks to Eli and Barkley despite him getting hammered on 95% of the plays. It is amazing he played every down all year and didn’t get hurt. Out the blame where it belongs and get off Eli’s back. One man is not a team. There is no other quarterback that would have done better than Eli with that offensive line and games without OBJ.

  4. Dkaner

    “Best Statistical” years are very deceiving. If you are BEHIND in every game, you are throwing a ton. Many of those yards are in garbage time when the Giants are behind the defense is now in prevent DEFENSE. I know this because Matthew Stafford throws or a ton of yards every year but the Lions rarely win. Garbage yards in garbage time makes for a garbage team. Hence, the garbage record!

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