John Harbaugh: “Joe’s Going To Have A Market”

It sounds like Joe Flacco‘s tenure with Baltimore may be coming to an end, but head coach John Harbaugh is still a big fan of his long-time quarterback. Following today’s season-ending loss to the Chargers, Harbaugh said the veteran quarterback should have plenty of suitors during the offseason.

“Joe Flacco is going to play really well in this league. Joe can still play — I think we saw that the first half of the season,” Harbaugh said (via Cindy Boren of the Washington Post). “Joe’s going to have a market. There’s going to be a lot of teams that are going to want Joe because they understand that. I’ll be in Joe’s corner wherever he’s at. He’s special. Joe Flacco is a great talent; he’s an even better person. He’s the best QB in the history of the Ravens without question…He’s going to do just fine.”

Harbaugh all but said that Flacco won’t be in Baltimore next season, although this isn’t much of a surprise. It was clear that the veteran’s tenure with the organization was coming to an end when they decided to stick with rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson following Flacco’s return from a hip injury.

A report from mid-December indicated that the organization would ultimately either cut or trade the 33-year-old. This offseason marks the first time the Ravens can cut ties with Flacco and save money against the salary cap, although reports have indicated that the front office could help move the veteran to a franchise of his choice.

Flacco was still more-than-serviceable in his nine games this season. The veteran signal-caller completed 61.2-percent of his passes for 2,465 yards, 12 touchdowns, and six interceptions. Jackson struggled during today’s loss, and Harbaugh admitted that they considered inserting Flacco into the lineup. Ultimately, the veteran didn’t see the field for what will likely be his final game with the franchise.

If this is indeed the end of Flacco’s tenure in Baltimore, the veteran will finish his stint sitting in first for the majority of the team’s all-time passing stats. The 2008 first-round pick even ranks 15th in franchise history in rushing yards, which only accentuates his all-time value to the franchise.

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23 comments on “John Harbaugh: “Joe’s Going To Have A Market”

  1. acarneglia

    100% Flacco has a market. Could not possibly be worse than Tannehill or Bortles. Has a Super Bowl ring and MVP too his name. Honestly one of the underrated QB’s in the league. Not a top tier guy like Rodgers or Brady, or in that 2nd tier like Newton or Wilson, but the 3rd tier with guys like Mariota or Dalton.

    • dugdog83

      5 years ago that was correct. He lost his job to a guy that can’t throw, what does that tell you?

      • justinept

        He didn’t lose his job on performance, though. like the OP said, he isn’t in the top two tiers, but he lost his job becsuse he got hurt and the team got hot with Jackson starting. The Ravens weren’t going to change the QB regardless while they were winning 6 of 7 games…

  2. dust44

    I’ve made a lot of Joe overthrow jokes. But that’s mostly because I’m a Steelers fan. Joe is an immediate upgrade for a lot of teams. I think he ends up with the Redskins. Jay Gruden has seen him multiple times while with Cincy. And most importantly he can make all the throws and has done a lot with lesser receivers. Jacksonville is def a possibility as well. He will put them over the top with a real QB. I think Miami ultimately goes with a Rookie and a stop gap Tyrod Taylor type instead of a guy like Flacco who has many more years left in the league.

    • pt57

      How does Wash fit Flacco in their cap? I’m not seeing how they can pull it off. And even if they can, should they? They’d be devoting $50 million or so of their cap space to QBs.

      • wood3348

        Because Baltimore would have to eat some of his contract to make it happen

      • crosseyedlemon

        Well you have to remember that the caps are soft and that creative accounting and restructuring of payments can usually allow teams to work something out. Everyone was asking how the Rams could afford Donald and other high ticket players like Gurley but they moved some of the money into signing bonuses and deferred some payments to stay under the ceiling.

  3. TheTruth12

    Okay so he won a super bowl cool, this is a what have you done for me lately league, what did he do today besides keep the bench warm for Jackson? Of course Harbaugh is singing his praises they want to try to get something for his horrible contract. If he’s such a great talent, so special, and the best Ravens QB why wasn’t he on the field when they were down 23-3? Jackson had one of the worst playoff games and Flacco never saw the field… If the Ravens are heading into 2019 with Jackson as their starter it’s gonna be a LONG year I mean you don’t even have to touch him for him to fumble.

    • fletch1367

      He should have been on the field. The Ravens May have won that game with Flacco starting.

  4. yoyo137

    He would be a really good fit on a team that is down 12-0 playing their rookie QB who has 2 fumbles and -2 passing yards at halftime of a playoff game.

  5. whynot101

    Why trade for him with that huge contract when you can $ign him cheaper when, and he will be , CUT?

  6. natsfan3437

    Flacco and Snead to the Giants for Sterling Shepard and a 4th round pick.

    • yoyo137

      Sterling Shepard isn’t even the best Shepard on the Giants. If they’re not talking OBJ or Saquon the Ravens hang up immediately. Giants don’t have any other players who are worth anything.

      • yoyo137

        And there’s no way the Giants are trading Saquon. And OBJ’s contract is almost untradeable. So i don’t see any fit between those two teams for a trade

  7. victorg

    I always liked Flaco But I wouldn’t be too excited if he was my teams starting QB.
    Would be cool to see him sign in Cincy and stick to the Ravens Next year BUT if anything
    I could see Kubiak talking to Elway about bringing him in they had a good run together one season.

    • yoyo137

      It’s too bad they paid Case Keenum already. He’s not making a crazy amount of money as a starter but if he was a backup it would be way too much. And I doubt he has trade value. Flacco would definitely be an upgrade for the Broncos in a familiar scheme with Kubiak though and he might be able to be signed on a relatively cheap deal given he didn’t play the whole second half of the season.

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