Josh McDaniels To Stay With Patriots

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels says he will no longer pursue head coaching jobs this offseason and will remain with the Patriots “moving forward” (Twitter links via Doug Kyed of NESN). Frankly, McDaniels has little choice in the matter – the Packers were the only team to interview him in this cycle and he rejected overtures from the Bengals. None of the other clubs with vacancies requested an interview with the Pats OC.

McDaniels also added that he had “no contact” with the Browns. At one point in time, McDaniels was linked to Cleveland because of his offensive acumen and potential to guide young star quarterback Baker Mayfield, but the Browns never went down that road for one reason or another.

Ultimately, McDaniels appears to have been undone by last offseason’s flip-flop with the Colts. The OC did not feel that the saga “burned” him from future head coaching jobs, but one can’t help but wonder if teams are wary of getting involved with him at this juncture. Next year could be a different story, but this year, teams did not appear willing to trust the 42-year-old.

On the plus side, McDaniels can now focus on the biggest task at hand. The Patriots square off against the Chargers on Sunday in the Divisional Round.

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35 comments on “Josh McDaniels To Stay With Patriots

  1. Rocket32

    McDaniels was never going to leave the Patriots, fake news. He’s staying in New England as their OC until Belichick retires and then taking over as HC like they promised him last year.

    • sameichel

      I don’t understand his intent at all, should have accepted bengals interview, makes no sense why he would want to take over for Bill when it is obvious that once Tom leaves the team will be one of the worst in league

    • jmac2121

      And once he’s head coach, the Pats will become a league example for the Rooney Rule, likely lose draft picks during their rebuild stage without Brady. Pats will be bad, McDaniels will be bad…

      • bosox2004

        When Bill leaves, which I think will be after this season, Josh will take over.

        • Mack83

          Won’t be after 2019. Maybe, maybe after 2020. Depends on where he falls on a few records IMO.

      • b.kline

        If you have a succession plan in place you don’t need to meet Rooney Rule requirements.

  2. Glad the browns didn’t even request an interview. He’s an overrated bum. Product of the greatest head coach of all time and the greatest QB of all time… move along.

    • goldenmisfit

      Might be one of the most ignorant comments I have ever seen on this message board

    • EvilDeadpool

      Wait. JB You know the browns suck right? Your team is on their 21st coach & has came in last the most of any team. I think your crapping on Josh because your team never had a chance to obtain him

      • Trust me. This is the last person I wanted the browns to even consider. Outside of NE (Denver and St Louis) he has done nothing… if I wanted the browns to keep sucking and re hire another coach in 2021, McDaniels would be the guy.

        Also, FYI, telling a browns fan that their team has sucked is a useless comment. we know this. We have been witnesses to Hue Jackson, Mike Petitne, ownership, Johnny Manziel’s Coke addition, Ray Farmer, etc. Now that Baker Mayfield is in town, it’s a new day. Sky is the limit and we need a good head coach, not this over rated bum McDaniels.

    • TheTruth12

      Honestly the people bashing McDaniels, and saying he’s overrated have lost the little credibility they have. The Pats were a top 5 offense even with Brady having his worst season statistically since 2014/2013, and not having Gronk be Gronk all year. And how can you say this will be the worst team when BB and Brady retires? We don’t even know who will win this weekend so shut up :)

  3. sufferfortribe

    See what happens when you leave the bride at the altar? Nobody wants to even date you.

    • dave13

      So two teams requesting interviews and one actually interviewing him means nobody wants to even date him? Looks like 2 teams to me

        • dkcsmc1991

          People get so defensive suffer. You’re lucky to find someone with any sense at all, let alone sense of humor.

        • dave13

          1. That was not funny at all, maybe if he had zero interviews it would be slightly funny but it makes no sense and has no humor in it. Good attempt at a save though. Or your just that dumb that you think that statement had even the slightest comedy in it. You need to get out more if that’s the case.

          2. Dkcsmc that statement was not defensive at all. I’m not a Pats or mcdaniels defender, simply pointing out a terrible analogy that didn’t apply. As I can see though you are right about one thing because between the two of you there there is zero common sense and your sense of humor is pathetic. Good luck in life

  4. axisofhonor25

    Why am I not surprised? As soon as Belichick either retires, or they turn in a losing season, or Tom Brady leaves, that dude is staying put. He only wants to coach contenders and teams with elite QB hence the Aaron Rodgers link that have a good chance of making the playoffs. Only reason he bounced from Indy is when he realized how messed up Luck’s arm was and panicked. He’s smart for his approach, a bit of a snake, but smart nonetheless.

  5. sameichel

    It makes no sense why he would want to coach a washed up Arron Rodgers team, or why he would want to take over the pats for Bill, when they will be one of the worst teams in the league when Tom leaves

  6. kenleyfornia2

    Anyone who actually payed attention back when he was in Denver would know he was not a bad coach because of play calling or schemes. He was very bad with his drafts and respect of the locker room. So to act like he will be a bad HC is just lazy. If he can get respect of his players he will be fine

      • Dkaner

        How insane was that Tebow pick? Not only did the Broncos trade up for a QB that NO ONE was going to draft in the first round, he gave up additional picks to do it. Its was worse than Detroit’s Andre Ware pick because Denver traded up to get him while Detroit did use a very high number 1 pick, they did not spend multiple picks on him. Sure you are going to have QB busts galore in this league but the one thing a QB must do is be able to freaking throw the ball down field and both Tebow and Ware were both products of great football teams and systems but neither were ever considered great passers. Sorry, if you can’t throw it change positions. Both Ware and Tebow could have been good football players. Ware could have been a WR or DB and Tebow a TE or LB. Both resisted both bombed.

    • sameichel

      Exactly, his broncos teams had little to no talent, and they started 6-0 his first season, even the 8-8 record at the end was about the best they could have hoped for

      • TheBlueMeanie

        They had no talent because he traded it all away. His first two moves were to trade Cutler and Marshall.

        Dkaner, you clearly know nothing about Andre Ware. He was never asked to change positions. Your analogy is cute but way off.

  7. Thronson5

    I actually thought he might leave this time. There were some good HC vacancies this year. Guess he’s just going to ride it out there in New England. Kind of shocking because once the Pats are done with this run you wouldn’t think he’d want to stay there for a rebuild. They holding some sort of leverage over the guy? Lol.

    • itslonelyatthetrop

      He’s there as a short term succession plan. If Belichick leaves before Brady, odds are McDaniels would be first in line for the throne. If Brady leaves before Belichick, McDaniels finds a good HC spot with a ready QB. If both leave at the same time…

      I’m told that Kraft likes Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz.

  8. Z-A

    Lot of haters. Hes a top 5 OC. Is he a top-32 leader of men? Maybe maybe not. But waiting out Bill is his best option. Finding a Brady replacement is easier if Bill is there to evaluate the talent too.

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