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4 comments on “NFL Practice Squad Updates: 1/2/19

  1. sascoach2003

    I hope the Saints win the Super Bowl, just so J.T.Barrett can get a ring, and know that his sacrifices this year haven’t been for naught. He’s got to be on the Saints speed dial…

    • phenomenalajs

      It’s absolutely ridiculous that he’s on a yo-yo with them. You can’t tell me that every other member of their practice squad is more valuable than he was. I understand they were very impressed with his leadership during preseason. It’s just that no one sees him as an NFL level talent. This is a headscratcher to me considering how amazing his Buckeye teams were. Haskins has one good season and he’s seen as the top QB in the 2019 draft as a sophomore!
      Barrett should try playing in the CFL or the new spring league or the XFL in 2020 if he wants exposure.

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