Patriots Rumors: Gordon, McDaniels, Gronk

Here’s a look at the Patriots as they get set for the Super Bowl:

  • The Patriots are gearing up for the Super Bowl in Atlanta, but Josh Gordon is miles away at an inpatient facility in Florida, a source tells Doug Kyed of The Patriots are paying for Gordon’s treatment, which may be a sign that a return is possible. For what it’s worth, the receiver will get a ring if the Pats are victorious on Sunday.
  • Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels says he regrets his handling of the Colts situation last year, as Charean Williams of PFT writes. “It’s a lot that goes into it,” McDaniels said. “I think at the end of the day you have to make the best decision for yourself and your family. I’ve said this a number of times: The timing of all that stuff was not. . . . I wasn’t proud of any of that stuff.” McDaniels likely paid the price for his flip-flop in this past cycle. There were eight head coaching vacancies, but McDaniels only landed an interview with the Packers and declined to speak with the Bengals.
  • The Rob Gronkowski retirement chatter is picking up steam again, but the tight end pretty much offered a no-answer when asked if the Super Bowl will be his last game. “I don’t know,” Gronkowski said when asked about his plans (via PFT).
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22 comments on “Patriots Rumors: Gordon, McDaniels, Gronk

  1. TJECK109

    I’m all for supporting a guy who has a substance addiction. I just don’t know when enough is enough. It’s like parents continuing to bail their kids out of trouble hoping this time will be the last time they relapse

    • Mack83

      At this point I think the Patriots are simply doing what’s best for Josh, which they assumed the role of when they traded for him.

      I can see them hoping he can come back since they did give value to CLE in the trade. But, who knows.

      Gordon needs to understand the ramifications and just simply hire someone to be with him 24/7/365 to keep him out of trouble.

    • kc7755

      Hey TJECK, walk a mile in the shoes of parents of a young athlete that takes that wrong turn. Obviously you haven’t and as much as I’d like to wish this plague on you, I will not. I wouldn’t wish this on any parent or family member including yours. I resent your mindlessly cold comment. They are always your sons and daughters. Abandoning them is not in any way productive for the addict, their family, or society.

  2. Bill Jasper

    Think about how much weed Gordon will be able to buy when he pawns that ring!

    • Whateverworks77

      I agree, problem is that it is prob way more than weed, such a wasted talent.

  3. yoyo137

    Boo hoo poor Josh McDaniels. He better not expect sympathy from anyone. Sure he made a decision for him and his family but he didn’t consider that at all before fully accepting another job? I hope the Patriots organization is broken by the time McDaniels takes over.

    • TheTruth12

      Lmao get over it Colts and their fans are happy with Reich, and Pats and their fans are happy with McDaniels.

  4. Grogan’s Heroes

    Weed is legal in Mass…the NFL needs to keep up with the times

  5. Guest617

    always assumed brady, belichick and gronk would all walk away the same year

    • Rocket32

      The Patriots definitely won’t be paying Gronk now, it would be the worst time to do so. He’s injury prone and not what he once was, hasn’t looked himself this season. Patriots aren’t the type of team that’s gonna stick with you and pay you because of how long you’ve been there and what you’ve done in the past. Don’t forget they almost dealt him to Detroit last offseason.

  6. ishkabibble

    It’s mind-boggling to think Brian Flores is a Head Coach and Josh McDaniels isn’t. Though he’s been with the Pats a number of years he spent one season as Ass’t Def. Coordinator. Bizarre. I mean, as a Patriots fan I’m real happy to see him still here…while Kliff Kingsbury gets a HC job in Arizona. Best of luck with that, Cardinal fans!

  7. Phattey

    Addiction is one of the hardest things in the world to battle , hope josh can finally beat it

  8. RockHauler

    As for Daniels, the problem is people forget his unremarkable time as coach of the Broncos. Sure he redeemed himself and deserved another chance as a head coach and got it when hired by the Colts. The problem was not that he changed his mind, the problem was that he accepted the job, hired a few assistants away from the jobs they already had and then changed his mind. Those assistants had families and their careers in mind when they took the new jobs. Only to be told, thanks but no thanks. For those that can’t relate, imagine you’re working at a job in Miami, you get an offer for a promotion and a raise but need to move to Los Angeles. You accept, quit your job and move, only for the company to say oh, we’ve changed our minds, but good luck. Your job on Miami has been filled, your apartment has been rented. That would piss off both you and a lot of people and lose trust in that company. That was is why Daniels won’t get another opportunity unless with the Pats.

    • bradthebluefish

      Exactly! Well said good sir. McDaniels wasn’t a leader in this situation and his lack of leadership it affected a lot of people.

      One of the reasons why I question if McDaniels should be the heir to Belichick’s throne. I think either Harbaugh would be preferred.

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