2019 NFL Head Coaching Search Tracker

Several NFL teams are currently hunting for a new head coach, and amidst reports about interview requests and potential candidates, it’s easy to lose track of the latest updates in the shuffle. So we’ll use this space – which will be updated until every team has hired a new head coach – to keep track of the most recent news and rumors. It can be found on the right-hand sidebar under “PFR Features.”

Listed below are the head coaching candidates that have been linked to each of the teams with vacancies, along with their current status. If and when other teams decide to make head coaching changes, they’ll be added to this list. Here’s the current breakdown:

[Updated: 2/5/19, 8:17am CT]

Arizona Cardinals

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Denver Broncos

Green Bay Packers

Miami Dolphins

New York Jets

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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30 comments on “2019 NFL Head Coaching Search Tracker

  1. Clark K

    Imo the Jets job is most attractive barely beating out Cleveland, 100M in cap room division with the Pats and? And the city.
    Cards- Gase
    Bengals- Jackson
    Browns- Williams
    Broncos- Fangio
    Packers- LaFleur
    Dolphins- Munchak
    Jets- McCarthy
    Bucs- Richard

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      I’m not following your rationale. Being in the same division as the Pats is a good thing? NYC is a good thing? I get the cap space as a “good” thing because there’s hope, but a lot of teams have a lot of cap space.

      • billykent

        You said exactly what I was thinking when I read his comment…The two most glaring negative aspects are the fact that they’re in the same Div as Pat’s and you have to deal with the the cesspool and multitude of fairweather fans!!! Cap space is all NY has going for it…

    • Michael Chaney

      How is the Jets’ job more appealing than the Browns’ job? Whatever the Jets have going for them (young QB, cap space, passionate fans), the Browns do too.

      They’d also have to work under Maccagnan, who might be fired in a year, which means that the new guy could want to pick a different coach.

    • slpdajab55

      I disagree .. I think Bengals will be Bienamy , Jackson will end up the OC in Minnesota…McCarthy will take Browns.

  2. emtae

    Is Bruce Arians not a candidate in Cleveland? I thought he was very interested in the job. I don’t see him on anyone’s interview list…

  3. kenleyfornia2

    If McCarthey cant win with Rodgers in the last 8 years how on earth can he possibly develop Sam Darnold. Espically with his extremley predictable play calls

  4. steelerbravenation

    Believe Cleveland is looking for somebody younger that they can see being there long term.
    I can’t believe the Jets are not even interviewing Munchak. Don’t get me wrong as Steeler fan I never want to see him leave he may be the best O-line coach in NFL.
    Believe McCarthy will be going to Cleveland
    Gase to Denver
    Bienemy to Tampa Bay
    Zac Taylor to Cincy
    John Harbaugh to Miami in a trade
    Bowles to Arizona
    Dan Campbell to Packers
    Todd Monken to the Jets

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Great job the PFR staff in condensing all this into an easily accessed form.

  6. JJB0811

    Other than a coach from their own team, every single team is interviewing the same candidates or 80% thereabout. Not 1 ST coordinator being interviewed. Every team is STILL high on Pats coordinators, yet none have turned into much after leaving them.

    No creativity from the GM & owners on the searches. I can already tell you that the teams hiring will be less than 500 next season with the ‘they are rebuilding now and have a great mind running the show’ mantra being played.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Jets and Bengals will get some relief in that only the Patriots and Redskins have a softer strength of schedule next season. The Broncos however will have a harder time as only the Raiders will have a stronger strength of schedule to deal with.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Who carea what other Pats people have done. They are their own person.

      • JJB0811

        That they are. But having a HoF coach and QB clearly helps hide flaws in their coordination.

    • bufffan51

      Pretty accurate comment I’d say. I’ll give a nod to Tampa because they will end up with Arians (best coach of the bunch) and Bowles. watch. If Tampa turns that away they’re fools.

  7. stubby66

    For the Packers I say call Holmgren and see if he would be interested in bringing class back to Green Bay

  8. yoyo137

    Why is Harbaugh on here? Doubt he makes it out of Baltimore alive today with those crime rates

  9. metnoxious

    Wait. Bowles. You want Bowles???? Well I guess that’s ok if he doesn’t have to make time management decisions or discipline anyone or talk to the media or understand strategy with under two minutes to play or call the right formations. Ok then you’re all set.

  10. crosseyedlemon

    Great job by the PFR staff in creating this easy to access coaching tracker. Now all we need is a way to bookmark our favorite posts.

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