Jets To Hire Adam Gase As Head Coach

The Jets have agreed to hire former Dolphins head coach Adam Gase for the same position, according to Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington of (Twitter link).

Gase will stay in the AFC East, where he led Miami to a 23-25 record from 2015-17. That tenure only included a single postseason appearance, a first-round loss in his rookie campaign. But Gase, 40, earned glowing reports as an offensive coordinator with the Broncos and Bears earlier in his career, as he helped Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler to immensely successful seasons.

Once viewed as something of a “quarterback whisperer,” Gase will now be tasked with continuing the development of 2018 No. 3 overall pick Sam Darnold, who showed flashes during his first NFL go-round. He’ll also inherit an interesting offensive corps, with weapons such as receiver Robby Anderson and tight end Christopher Herndon at his disposal. And the Jets, who rank second in projected 2019 cap space with nearly $100MM at their disposal, should be likely to reinforce their roster via free agency.

As PFR’s Head Coaching Search Tracker shows, the Jets had been one of just three teams without a head coach in place. With Gase on board in New York, only the Bengals and Dolphins have yet to find a new head coach.

Before hiring Gase, the Jets interviewed a number of intriguing candidates:

Kingsbury landed the Cardinals’ head coaching job, while others like Bieniemy, Monken, and Richard each still candidates for either the Cincinnati or Miami position. But of the remaining vacancies, McCarthy was only interested in New York, so he’s now likely to wait until 2020 to find another head coaching gig.

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48 comments on “Jets To Hire Adam Gase As Head Coach

    • crosseyedlemon

      One stupid for each game the Jets will win next year sounds about right.

  1. of9376

    What the f…? Just when I thought the Jets couldn’t get any worse. They should have kept Bowles.

    • kenleyfornia2

      How on earth is hiring someone who will make an attempt to develop the franchise QB and focus on offense worse than Bowles. Bowles was to Darnold what Fisher was to Goff

      • dirtbagbaseball427

        Would you haters rather have Matt rhule with no nfl experience??? I’m ok with it he’s at least been a HC

  2. sameichel

    This is likely a play towards recruiting leveon since they both went to Michigan st

      • dcahen

        Colts don’t need Bell, period. No way their GM disrupts a solid team first organization for a talented me first RB. Marlon Mack is just fine, in fact very good.

    • TJECK109

      Lol Bell isn’t going to the Jets because the HC went to the same college years apart

    • DonKieballs

      I can’t see how a HC like Gase who has pissed off a TON of players he coached would attract a RB who sat out because he wanted to be the highest paid player at his position by far. If anything Bell will go to the Jets because they offer him the most cash. The Colts would be the perfect destination for Bell in my opinion.

  3. RockHauler

    How could they let McCarthy slip through their fingers especially when he removed himself from consideration from all other jobs. He’s a proven coach who has a history of developing a hall of game QB.
    Instead let’s go for the hotshot young guy, the next Sean McVay, who has been proved not to be a winner and was not liked by the organization.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Mike McCarthey couldn’t even get Rodgers to the playoffs in the last 2 years. This guy took Ryan Tennehill/Matt Moore to the playoffs. Its not 2010 anymore. McCarthey will be a failure without Rodgers

    • Rocket32

      What has McCarthy ever done? He mainly underachieved in Green Bay. So many years of Aaron Rodgers and just one super bowl to show for it. With a good coach a Rodgers led team should have won multiple rings over the years. If he couldn’t win it all more then once in Green Bay he isn’t winning with the Jets instead.

    • Bubba

      Because McCarthy sucks and couldn’t win with a first ballot HOF QB. Have you watched his offense?

  4. steelerbravenation

    Wow hire the guy whose team all came out and said they didn’t want to play for him.
    That’s why the Jets are the Jets
    Joe & Evan gonna be must listen to radio tomorrow

  5. steelerbravenation

    Hopefully Gase wants a nice WR that wears number 84 and is willing to trade that number 3 pick for him throw in a 3rd rounder and we would be happy to give him the #20 pick with AB

  6. denny816

    Another kick in the balls to every “expert” who said McCarthy would have his pick of any job he wanted after his firing. He makes terrible in game decisions and his offense had grown stagnant the last 3 seasons.

  7. dirtbagbaseball427

    3-4 years ago this guy was the hot commodity…took a bad situation with inheriting Tannehill in Miami plus a weird owner…so this time around he’ll be trained in that…but other than that I’m a lot more pleased with this than rhule

  8. lucienbel

    I actually think this is a decent move. As a Packers fan, watching McCarthy role out the same plays everyone had figured out game after game got old. I don’t think going young at head coach is bad. Gase always seemed like he was decent too, just needed a QB.

    • phenomenalajs

      How can you tell with him? He has the same expression all the time! I don’t know that he’d be thrilled anyway, since Gase’s Dolphins stunned the Pats last month and almost cost them their bye.

      • Maaku

        The Dolphins were terribly coached, disorganized, one of the most penalized teams, they couldn’t even get lined up half the time. The players hated him. The defenses easily figured out his offence, the fans could guess what he was going to run, the team quit on him at the end, they would have lost their last four games if they didn’t pull the pats game out

        • xabial

          The team never quit on Gase. It was a couple, maybe 3-4 players, but Gase never lost locker room and some fought for him to the very end.

  9. driftcat28

    Gase is slightly better than McCarthy but at the end of the day they will both end up the same way. A couple of mediocre seasons with the Jets then back looking for another job. The jets are the jets

  10. jjghost

    Actually, bill belichick is probably the last person who would be “crying with laughter “ because he likely sees the similarities between himself and Gase.

    bill belichick’s first head coaching job
    36-44 record .450 win%. 1 playoff appearance (lost to Steelers in divisional game)

    Adam Gase’s first head coaching job
    23-25 record .479 win% 1 playoff appearance (lost to Steelers in wild card game)

  11. seaver41

    Silver lining- the GM stepped on the express elevator to unemployment

  12. Sick of Losing

    OK, so since all of you guys come on here to say how “STUPID” this move was, who would you have chosen??

  13. cbwalradth

    Pats fans are laughing? Gase beat the pats twice in the last 2 years with his terrible dolphins teams… he’s only coached 1 player on the offense in Landry that anyone would even take on their practice squad… Great team first coach that will be dangerous if he ever gets a qb… afraid I just don’t see McDarnold as that qb…

  14. bradthebluefish

    Gase will do well with a team that’s on the rise. Where they have a stable QB and aren’t cap stricken.

    • Maaku

      Im a Fins Fan No he wont , he’s awful , They were undisciplined , un organized, His offense is predictable , The players quit on him .

  15. mcpenner67

    check out Barstool Sports for KFC’s reaction to this……priceless!!!

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