Dolphins, Brian Flores Finalize Deal

The Dolphins have their new head coach. After the Super Bowl, Brian Flores‘ agent finalized terms on a contract to make the Patriots’ defensive guru the new head coach in Miami (Twitter link via Ian Rapoport of 

Terms of the deal are not yet known, but the industry standard is a four-year deal with a fifth-year team option, so that’s likely the structure of Flores’ pact. At 4pm ET/3pm CT on Monday, the Dolphins will introduce their new coach to the public.

The Dolphins agreed to hire Flores nearly a month ago, but league rules prohibit teams from hiring coaches who are still active with their clubs during the playoffs. Last year, the Colts were burned by a gentleman’s agreement with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, but the Dolphins were comfortable enough with Flores to move forward without a signed deal.

Flores did not hold the title of defensive coordinator in New England last year, but he was the de facto DC and got results out of a unit that was undermanned, particularly up front. The D was up and down throughout the year, but things came together later in the year and Flores’ pass rush stepped up on Sunday to stifle the Rams en route to the Pats’ sixth Super Bowl win in franchise history.

The Dolphins’ defense is much more of a fixer-upper, but owner Stephen Ross, GM Chris Grier, and the rest of the Fins front office has confidence in Flores. He’ll take over for offensive guru Adam Gase, who was hired as the Jets’ new head coach in January.

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21 comments on “Dolphins, Brian Flores Finalize Deal

  1. Boston1897

    As a Pats fan, sad to see him go. He was the one I wanted to replace BB when he left. Everything you read say the Dolphins are getting a heck of a coach, and sucks he’s going to a rival

    • PeterDipersio

      He was the one you wanted to see replace BB ? I think McDaniels has that locked down

      • Boston1897

        Everything I read about Flores talks about how great he is with the players, and I think Broncos fans would tell you Josh isn’t that way. 100% McDaniels is a good offensive mind, but he may be one of those people best suited to be coordinator and not head coach. I sure hope I’m wrong though

  2. Guest617

    Pats should be compensated w/a draft pick – rules committee needs to take a look

    • Steven Juris

      Why? Teams can’t block assistants from being offered head coaching jobs.

    • Mo Vaughn

      Why? It’s like this in every sport, unless they’re still under contract as a head coach. Other coaches can go for another job as long as their contract is up or their current team allows them to be interviewed.

      • Steven Juris

        Teams can’t actually block an assistant from being interviewed. Teams just can’t hire them until their season is officially over.

        • troll_smasher

          Teams actually can block assistants being interviewed if they are still under contract. As a common courtesy, Teams usually don’t stand in the way when it comes to Asst coaches interviewing for better jobs. A couple teams blocked asst coaches from being interviewed a few weeks ago.

          • Steven Juris

            Teams blocked assistant coaches from being interviewed for similar positions. Teams can do that, teams can’t block assistant coaches from being interviewed for head coaching jobs.

            • Boston1897

              Not true, they can block. But what coach would go to a team who’d block them from a promotion? All the teams allow interviews for promotions because otherwise they wouldn’t get good assistants

              • Steven Juris

                Any team that blocked an assistant to interview for a head coaching position is going to end up in trouble. They actually can’t do it. Pretty much part of all contracts with assistant coaches is that they can’t be blocked from interviews for head coaching positions. Usually not for coordinator positions as well.

            • vegasloveforthebills


              Lateral move- able to block

              Promotion- unable to block

    • bradthebluefish

      Any assistant looking to move up a position should be allowed to look & leave.

    • Michael Chaney

      There’s literally nothing illegal about what the Dolphins did. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  3. JJB0811

    Not sure if I would use the word “guru’ w/ Adam Gase. Exactly what did he do in Miami?

  4. metnoxious

    Good luck Brian but really you’ll be back in two years. I mean, it’s the Dolphins.

  5. PeterDipersio

    I hate it when a Pats coach leaves! He tends to take some players with him. I believe Trey Flowers is a free agent and he could follow Flores to Miami

    • Steven Juris

      I would be more concerned when Belichick and Brady retire. Don’t exactly have a replacement at QB.

  6. yoyo137

    I like to think when teams make the final decision to hire coaches who are still coaching in the playoffs now, that they ask “you’re not going to pull a Josh McDaniels, right?”

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