Buccaneers Interested In John Harbaugh?

The Buccaneers are the second NFL team — along with the previously-reported Dolphins — which has mulled a trade for Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, according to Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com.

Harbaugh, whose contract expires after the 2019 campaign, hasn’t conduced any substantive extension discussions with Baltimore, but reports have indicated he’s still likely to return as the Ravens’ coach next season. However, La Canfora reports many around the NFL feel clubs are “slow-playing” their head coaching searches with the hope that Harbaugh will somehow become available.

The Ravens also need to determine how their new front office and coaching hierarchy will be structured, per La Canfora. Harbaugh has long reported to general manager Ozzie Newsome, but it’s unclear if that setup will continue once new GM Eric DeCosta formally takes over. Therefore, other teams could potentially lure Harbaugh with the idea that he’d report directly to a franchise owner, rather than a personnel executive.

Tampa Bay, for its part, has thus far interviewed four coaches for its vacancy: former Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Cowboys defensive backs coach Kris Richard, and Vikings defensive coordinator George Edwards. Arians is currently viewed as the favorite for the position, but the potential availability of Harbaugh could shake up the Buccaneers’ search.

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16 comments on “Buccaneers Interested In John Harbaugh?

  1. Kraycik

    Makes sense
    Trade Hardball to Bucs for case of beer, some warm socks and maybe a draft pick or two.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Personally I think staying in Baltimore makes the most sense for Harbaugh. The Steelers are in self destruct mode and both the Browns and Bengals will be starting fresh next year with new HCs. That is a pretty favorable setup for the Ravens within their division. Wild Bill in New England is probably close to calling it a career and Harbaugh slipping in as a replacement there would likely be a win/win for both him and the Patriots.

    • tharrie0820

      Except in BAL he has a QB that can barely pass and can’t hold onto the ball and no receivers

  3. tiredolddude

    Hilarious. I’ve watched this guy and his teams for years. Is the NFL so strapped for head coaching talent and ability that guys like this are so coveted?

  4. yoyo137

    You can have him, we don’t want him anymore. He’s a glorified special teams coordinator who is scared to play aggressive and always settles for long field goals and failed short 3rd down conversions. Morninwheg deserves just as much of the blame for the offense. Leaving Flacco on the bench the whole game when Lamar Jackson is struggling? Refusing to go for it on 4th down when you’re down 2 scores at home going into halftime. Smh get the crowd into it, they were literally booing Lamar Jackson. And I’m a huge fan, but this was a Ravens playoff game. Not a teach Lamar Jackson for the future game. Harbaugh and Morninwheg need to go and they should promote Don Martindale to head coach so that the only competent coach on our staff doesn’t leave.

  5. yoyo137

    The worst part is that the Ravens would have won this game if the Melvin Gordon fumble was ruled correctly!! And Harbaugh would have got the credit for sticking with Lamar when the defense played their best game of the year against a top offense and was kept on the field for wayyyyy too long because Lamar kept taking sacks and fumbling. Harbaugh has been given credit that belongs to Don Martindale and the defensive personnel. Harbaugh does not know how to make adjustments and is not even a top 10 head coach in this league.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Sore loser talk. Watt got in the endzone the play before, and the Chargers got a brutal spot. All Jackson could do was throw up some prayers in garbage time You really think in a close game Lamar chucks up those pathetic prayers.

      • yoyo137

        In a real game Flacco is in by halftime. Not my fault the Ravens don’t have a real coach. The Chargers played really poorly and the Baltimore defense was on the field for far too many snaps. If they had a competent offense with a QB who would actually show up they’d have easily won the game. Embarrassing and there’s a reason the Ravens have been under .500 since the last superbowl win. His name is JOHN HARBAUGH and he’ll let Justin Tucker kick a field goal rather than make an actual decision as a head coach. He’s too scared of answering questions after making a tough decision in a game and is content with the status quo. Nothing gets him off more than seeing Justin Tucker kick a ball

        • kenleyfornia2

          So if they went for it on 4th down in the Chargers zone instead of kicking they would have won. Thats your solution lol.

          • yoyo137

            Yes and kept a rookie rb who kept getting sacked or handing off for 2 yard gains and kept the clock running in a game script that 100% called for a passer type, turnover averting QB. Like hmmmm, idk, the one that sat on the bench all game? He was scared to pull the trigger on any type of decision today. Benching Lamar, going for it on 4th downs. It’s like he’s always content to play everything safe and take no blame at the end of the day. Show some urgency for God’s sake

    • tiredolddude

      Yeah, but they’d have lost to the Browns if Lamar Jackson’s fumble last week was ruled correctly. Same logic

      • yoyo137

        You’re right, I was just saying that despite John Harbaugh’s best effort to lose the game, they were one call away from winning this one.

  6. tharrie0820

    Lamar Jackson is literally Kaepernick (great runner, Kap is probably a better passer) that turns the ball over every other play. Change my mind

    • yoyo137

      I was thinking this yesterday. When the Ravens had the Superbowl win against the 49ers when the Harbaugh’s coached against each other, the Ravens beat a turnover-prone young Kaepernick with a mistake-free veteran QB in Joe Flacco. And this time in the playoffs they lose by having a turnover-prone young QB and lost to a great veteran QB who minimized his mistakes in Philip Rivers. Lamar is just too predictable right now, he needs to learn how to play in the pocket and take a sack without fumbling, and he really needs to work on widening his throwing base. He looks like he’s tiptoeing in the pocket trying to stand up as straight as possible.

  7. Baltsportsfan

    Here’s the thing you’re not remembering, they installed this make shift offense in mid-season when Flacco got hurt. Lamar needs a full off season to continue to learn while somebody, hopefully Greg Roman, installs a real offense around him. Then let him go through training camp as the starter with his offense. And hopefully a better O-line who played terrible yesterday. Lamar will get better, but have some patience.

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