Patriots Preparing For Josh McDaniels To Leave

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. According to Mike Florio of, the Patriots are preparing for Josh McDaniels to leave for a head coaching gig this offseason.

Of course, as we learned last offseason, this won’t mean a whole lot until McDaniels is formally introduced and/or starts performing head coaching tasks for his new team. Last year, McDaniels was announced as the head coach of the Colts before he suddenly decided to stick around with New England. At the time, it was assumed that the 42-year-old was going to stay with the Patriots until Bill Belichick retired, at which time McDaniels would take over the reigns.

There may be a slight difference this time around. As Florio writes, the Patriots offensive coordinator “will only interview with teams that he’d be willing to coach.” This sentiment was emphasized by McDaniels accepting an interview with the Packers and declining an interview with the Bengals. As Florio points out, reports have indicated that there’s also mutual interest between McDaniels and the Browns.

Despite his fiasco with Indy, McDaniels has still proven to be a relatively hot commodity on the head coaching circuit. McDaniels had underwhelming results as the head coach of the Broncos, but he’s seen a lot more success during his two stints as the Patriots offensive coordinator. New England made him one of the highest paid coordinators last offseason, but we heard back in December that McDaniels had hired a new agent and was ready to explore new opportunities.

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35 comments on “Patriots Preparing For Josh McDaniels To Leave

  1. goodie2313

    So thankful this bum stayed in New England hoping the the Colts get a shot at him and embarrass that offense

    • kenleyfornia2

      He called the Pats offense for years now including 2 super bowl wins so thats why

      • Perksy

        So has every other patriots coordinator in the last 18 years. Doesn’t mean he will make a good head coach.

        • kenleyfornia2

          Ever Pats coordinator has won 2 super bowls??? The hate for McDaniels is ridiculous. We get it he was bad 8 years ago as a coach. When he makes the Packers offense look way better (thats the only spot he would go) you people will be silent

    • pasha2k

      Because he’s great n learned under Belichick. Of cause not everyone that is great plays in NYC.

  2. maxorange33

    You’ve got to be either incredibly stupid or incompetent to even consider handing over your team to him. He’ll NEVER earn the players respect, which is the one thing a head coach MUST have.

  3. snake120

    I hope he announces he’s leaving the pats and the team taking him changes their mind

  4. jmac2121

    All this rumour talk, is just covering the Pats from the Rooney Rule, hell take over for Belicheck soon and then the NFL will use them as an example to the Rooney Rule…damn you Pats, Go Colts!

  5. dray16

    I’m not sure Rodgers and McDaniels can coexist. And no, I am serious, there will be a ton of drama if he goes to GB, plus I can’t see GB being that aggressive getting him. I know they have a new GM, but they still have the same owner(s) (a board of directors) that Murphy has to answer to. There is more of a chance Philbin stays than McDaniels in GB.

    • jjgreedy

      The Packers have not had a board of directors running the show since the very early 90’s. The board hired Murphy. Murphy has 100% control. The board is made up of local doctors, car dealership owners, and other businessmen. They have zero say in any of the football operations. These facts are well known in Wisconsin.

    • doofus

      The Packers are owned by the Fans. There are over 100 thousands owners. I’m one of them. My children are also owners.

      I and my children have proxy votes. We elect the board.

      All organizations need ONE at the top, a CEO, not an organization run by a committee. Until Murphy proves otherwise, I say: Be Patient, let him do his job.

    • doofus

      What evidence do you have that points to AR and Daniels not being able to coexist?

      The Packers have interviewed over 12 candidates so far with more on to be interviewed. I’d say that it’s far from certain that Daniels will even be chosen.

      Let us stay calm. McCarthy is gone, that is the most important step in the process to contend again.

  6. bostonbob

    If he is smart, the right move would be Cleveland. Young QB and team with lots of cap $$

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