Raiders To Play 2019 In Bay Area

The NFL wanted the Raiders to have their 2019 setup worked out by Super Bowl LIII. With four days remaining until the season’s signature event, the franchise still does not know where it will play next season.

However, a region is now known. The Raiders were loosely connected to places like San Diego, Portland and Reno, Nev., but the team will play the 2019 season in the Bay Area, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports (video link). But it’s still unknown which stadium will be the Raiders’ home in their final lame-duck season.

Roger Goodell said Wednesday he believes Mark Davis‘ preference is to keep his team in the Bay Area next season, and Ian Rapoport of adds (video link) the Raiders and 49ers have engaged in discussions about sharing Levi’s Stadium next season. This would be the NFL’s preferred option, per La Canfora.

The San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park remains in play, and the Raiders discussed this with the MLB franchise recently. But it sounds like that is the least likely option, with the 49ers still having the right to block this from happening due to possessing territorial rights in San Francisco. The NFL has done site studies on the Raiders’ sharing a stadium with the 49ers and the prospect of them using the San Francisco MLB venue, per JLC.

Option 2 appears to be staying at Oakland Coliseum. The Raiders were planning to reopen dialogue with the city of Oakland, but Rapoport adds this has yet to take place. The lawsuit Oakland filed against the Raiders and the NFL brought this uncertainty about the Raiders’ 2019 home, but Davis has been lukewarm about sharing a venue with the 49ers in the past. No 2019 lease agreement was in place between the Raiders and the Coliseum before the lawsuit.

The Raiders are on track to move to Las Vegas in 2020, but their 2019 location should be known soon, considering the “significant” backlash expected to come their way from the league if no solution surfaces by the Super Bowl.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 comments on “Raiders To Play 2019 In Bay Area

  1. crosseyedlemon

    It’s a crime what Davis and Chucky have done to the Raider franchise so the most appropriate place for them to play would be Alcatraz Island.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Careful you may give Goodell a new idea. “NFL Alcatraz series” every year the 49ers play a game there.

      • Dodgethis

        Would of been a fun 49ers raiders matchup, except the raiders would of been the home team at any prison facility…

        • anthonyd4412

          Not if you consider the recent history of their respective rosters

  2. Bluemarlin528

    Comments for two out of work comedians above…

    As a Raider fan I will follow them wherever they go. One more season would be awesome.

  3. snotrocket

    Foothill, West Valley, or De Anza would make a fitting home for the Raiders.

      • captainsalty

        Aren’t you the same person commenting on how all the coaches looked like they shopped at thrift stores? Perhaps you should stick to the Kardashians and leave sports to people that know what they’re talking about

        • crosseyedlemon

          What an incredible put down. I can see why you were made an officer.

  4. captainsalty

    The team definitely regressed on the field this past season. However, Mack and Cooper weren’t the missing links to the Raiders winning the Super Bowl. With the amount of money those players will cost in the future combined with Carr’s contract, it would’ve been very tough for the Raiders to keep their roster deep with talent. Everyone is quick to throw Chucky under the bus for the team’s performance this season but let’s not forget that he signed a 10 year contract, the team is moving to a gorgeous facility in Las Vegas, and they already possess quite a bit of future draft capital. As long as they don’t draft Kyler Murray 4th overall (hopefully less likely without big Al as the owner) they should be in really good shape in season 3 at their new home.

  5. tank62

    I’ll wait for a report from someone with integrity instead on La Canfora. That guy is never correct. Total disgrace

    • crosseyedlemon

      Your spot on with regards to how bad stadium names have become since corporations have taken charge. I’d like to see just one show some honesty in their approach and name the facility “Rob U Blind” stadium, field or arena as the case may be.

  6. bigeasye

    It’s a sad situation all around. Professional athletes have no business playing in that stadium and it’s unfair to ask fans to shell out money to sit there either.
    Asking for public financing is not fair since the city doesn’t get much out of it and I doubt Mark Davis has any real cash other than team equity. He can’t afford to finance a new stadium himself making the only option to sell the team. A new owner (Larry Ellison?) would also realize that the coliseum is not sustainable would more than likely move them out of Oakland anyways.
    The city didn’t do itself any favors by suing the raiders out of spite. As much as I’d like the raiders to stay in Oakland, I too would follow them anywhere and if I were Mark Davis- is give the city a nice one finger solute on the way out.
    As far as the current team is concerned as great as Mack is it wasn’t sustainable to pay him 23 mill in today’s world and the guy didn’t honor his contract. The team sucked with or without him- hopefully the new regime will get actual football players in. How many of the dudes did they cut this year that made it on a playing field elsewhere?

  7. dust44

    Still think it makes the most sense to head to Vegas now. UNLV I’m sure would love that stadium rental $$$. With Oakland filing a lawsuit. There’s really no point in staying in the Bay. There’s much more value to go to Vegas if a stadium deal for one year can b worked out. Build ur fan base. Not like they r going to win much next year wherever they r located. But if they can nail a couple drafts in a row they will b fine. Think they got a couple solid picks last year. Now with a lot of ammo and they can always trade back with one of those late firsts into the early second and pick up more picks of someone starts to fall.

  8. goldenmisfit

    A lot of people like to crack jokes about the Raiders and granted right now all these jokes are warranted but everyone seems to forget over the next two seasons they have a grand total of five draft picks in the first round. As long as they make the right selections in two years this can be a team with championship aspirations.

    • crosseyedlemon

      If everyone who walked up to the roulette wheel made the right selections they could bankrupt the casino too. How often does that happen? The odds of striking gold on five draft picks over 7 rounds are enormous. If the Raiders can find even one potential pro bowler with those 5 picks they will have beaten the odds.

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