Rob Gronkowski Leaning Towards Retirement?

Last year, Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski contemplated retirement. This year, Ian Rapoport of reports that Gronk will once again consider hanging up the cleats, but this time, there is a better chance he will actually walk away from the game.

Before the 2018 draft, New England reportedly had a trade in place that would have sent Gronkowski to the Lions, but when Gronk learned of that news, he threatened to retire rather than play for another club. Of course, there has been some drama between Gronkowski and the Patriots for several years now, some of which may be attributed to the fact that Gronkowski believes he is severely underpaid.

Regardless of the source of tension, we heard at the end of last month that Gronkowski had grown tired of the “Patriot Way,” and underpaid or not, he is financially set. Plus, thanks to his effusive personality, he will have some sort of career outside of football if he so chooses.

The 29-year-old has once again battled injuries throughout the course of the 2018 campaign, and Rapoport says sources close to Gronk have said the season has taken an emotional toll on him. He certainly has not played up to his usual standards, with just three scores and a yards-per-game mark of 52.5 that is higher only than his rookie season figure of 34.1. Teams have largely stopped double-teaming him, and he just does not look like his usual explosive self.

So it would not be surprising to anyone if Gronkowski calls it a career and starts the next chapter of his life whenever the Patriots’ season ends.

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20 comments on “Rob Gronkowski Leaning Towards Retirement?

  1. Ramon Garciaparra

    Action movie star; WWE wrestler; replace Terry Bradshaw on pre-game show; not a nuclear scientist

  2. Mack83

    He would be underpaid if he were on the field 16 games a season. But when you’re broken like glass, are you really underpaid if you’re not there?

  3. jorge78

    He signed his extension 6 years ago. Salary inflation overtook him…..

    • Polish Hammer

      Judging by his partying habits he’s probably spending more than that…

      • echozulu88

        It’s actually been reported that he’s very smart with his money and only spends what he makes off endorsements. CNBC, Time Magazine and the NFL wrote articles about how well he’s financially planned & saved.

        • Polish Hammer

          Yes that’s what he said, but it’s also been reported his net worth is $15million when he’s earned over $60 million in the NFL so far.

            • Polish Hammer

              Thanks, that explains everything. His agent is taking 20-30% despite the NFL mandating that an agent can’t take more than 3% of player salaries. So once again, $60 mil minus taxes and agent fees should leave him with $40 mil just from NFL salaries alone not counting endorsements.

              • Fkap0038

                Damn i wish i had his problem even that 15 mill is still more than you or i will ever see in our life tine stop hating on the dude man

  4. HailRodgers12

    Isn’t this like the 5th year in a row he’s contemplated retirement? Who does he think he is, Brett Favre?

    • crosseyedlemon

      League founder George Halas initiated the “I’m retiring but not really game” so this is just Gronk paying homage to an old tradition.

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