Seahawks, Wilson To Begin Negotiations

Russell Wilson‘s last contract negotiations proved quite the test for both sides, and the Seahawks quarterback made significant strides as a player in the years since. And the NFL’s quarterback salary landscape looks remarkably different now than it did in 2015.

With their season over and their franchise cornerstone entering a contract year, the Seahawks will soon begin extension talks, Pete Carroll said during a radio interview with 710 Seattle (via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, on Twitter).

The last update provided on these looming talks came in September, when Wilson’s camp had not received any word the Seahawks were progressing on a new deal. Now that Wilson is in a contract year, that will change. But this may take a while. As of last offseason, Wilson expected this process to end with the Seahawks franchise-tagging him in 2020.

Wilson signed a four-year, $87.6MM deal with the Seahawks in July 2015. That re-up has since been surpassed by 10 other quarterbacks. With two passers now making at least $30MM per year, Wilson is unlikely to sign for less than that, especially considering he just turned 30. He should still be in his prime when this his third contract concludes. And with the Seahawks moving on from numerous high-profile veterans, making 2018 their first fully Wilson-centric team (and an unexpected playoff entrant, at that), the quarterback’s camp will surely demand their client be compensated like similar franchise centerpieces across the league.

Although Wilson was a two-time NFC champion when he signed his most recent Seattle deal, he compiled his first two 4,000-yard seasons over the course of that pact while throwing at least 34 touchdown passes three times in that span as well.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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10 comments on “Seahawks, Wilson To Begin Negotiations

  1. Z-A

    I mean he has already won a SB so he probably doesn’t care if they cant win another if hes paid 30M.

  2. JJB0811

    He’s a smart dude. So hopefully he sees all of the top 5-7 paid QB’s didn’t make the playoffs. The more cap 1 player eats; the less chance you have to win in January.

    • marinerfan

      Agreed. I usually have that same thought with most local high paid guys but the agents are the ones who kill that line of thinking. They don’t want their guy ‘underpaid’ cuz of the effect on the market and the next player who wants to be paid.

  3. ahale224

    I’m guessing he’ll want 4 years and not 5 so he will have the chance to sign another massive deal before 35. I’m guessing something like 4 years 124 million.

  4. jordlindz

    Why pay $30MM for a guy you’re gonna severely underuse? Just trade him for a haul to the Giants or something.

    • ayrbhoy

      Jordlinz- OK, you could say RW could’ve thrown the ball more in the WC game at Dallas but severely underused? Thats a severe exaggeration. Russ fits perfectly in Carroll’s balanced offense and he’s (RW) never once made any comments re: being unhappy otherwise. Wilson airs it out when he needs to- Look at the KC and both LAR games this year. He’s going nowhere

    • wrighthawks

      I AGREE 100%. Get something for him. I don’t know why everyone in Seattle loves him so much. He’s the most overrated QB in the league. He can’t read defenses, he can’t audible, he can’t see over the line so has to have a throwing lane, he won’t trust his receivers so has a hard time throwing the ball unless they’re 5 yards open, and he makes the line look worse than they are with his inability to sit in the pocket. I’d say go after Foles! I’d rather pay Foles than to waste money on Wilson or sign a solid free agent and use that cap money on both lines.

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