Steelers Will Consider Trade Offers For WR Antonio Brown

While there are some clear financial hurdles to overcome, the Steelers will be listening to offers for Antonio Brown this offseason.’s Ian Rapoport reports that the organization is “expected to consider trade requests” for their star wide receiver prior to the start of free agency.

As our own Zach Links previously detailed, the Steelers may be a bit wary of trading or cutting Brown due to the impending financial implications. Thanks in part to the $19MM signing bonus he received in his four-year, $68MM extension and the $12.96MM restructuring bonus he later secured, cutting or trading Brown would result in a $21.12MM cap charge for 2019.

However, as Rapoport points out, the Steelers could see some slight savings if they trade Brown prior to the third day of the league year. The receiver is due a $2.5MM roster bonus on that date, and trading Brown would save the team $1MM in cap savings. Furthermore, the team would also see around $15MM in “cash savings.”

Of course, the Steelers aren’t simply looking to give Brown away. Rapoport writes that several team executives believe the asking price is a first-round pick, while others believe it’d take “multiple high picks” in order to pry him away from Pittsburgh. On the flip side, other source told Rapoport that they wouldn’t be surprised if the organization somehow remedies the situation, leading to the receiver sticking with the Steelers in 2019.

Following his curious behavior leading up to a crucial Week 17, there have been conflicting reports about whether Brown requested a trade out of Pittsburgh. If the 30-year-old is indeed on his way out, the Steelers surely won’t be lacking for suitors. While it was a “down year” by his standards, Brown still finished the campaign with 104 receptions for 1,297 yards and a league-leading 15 touchdown receptions.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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86 comments on “Steelers Will Consider Trade Offers For WR Antonio Brown

    • yoyo137

      Hopkins and Brown with Watson would be insane but they wouldn’t have any money left to upgrade the offensive line which gave up like 60 sacks on Watson this year.

  1. 3Tavgreg

    To the Bills for the 9th overall pick. That would make Brown their #1 receiver, and put Foster and Jones at 2&3 where they belong. Pitt could then use that 9 pick on the stud defensive player they need, and replace Brown with their own #1 in a deep WR draft.

    • steelerbravenation

      I say trade AB & the 20th pick to 49ers for the #3 overall, a 2nd this year and a 1st next year.
      Then trade the #3 to the Giants so they can move up to take Haskins the QB they need and get the number 6 plus a 3rd this year and a 2nd next year.
      After that Steelers either keep the 6th or trade back even further and get more picks to help replenish the system.

      • 3Tavgreg

        That’s way too much for the 49’s to give up considering all of AB’s baggage.

        • steelerbravenation

          My bad it’s the number #2 pick from the niners
          If you think that is to much remember this is the team that drafted Foster even though that didn’t work out not only did they draft him but they stuck with him after his 1st issue with DA.
          Also consider Amari Cooper brought The Raiders a 1st round pick even though he wasn’t signed long term.
          But if not the 49ers pick up the phone and go right down the list until somebody bites which somebody will.
          From the Niners it would have to be at least the # 2 overall and their 2nd rounder though. But would def negotiates for more. And like I said they would walk away with the #20 overall as well. I believe that is more than fair.

          • phenomenalajs

            The Jets may be willing to do the #3 for #20 swap plus give up Darron Lee and the 3rd they got for Teddy Bridgewater for AB.

            • steelerbravenation

              I would take that deal but would rather not Lee maybe a 2nd next year instead.

              • dust44

                I like Lee. He helps fill the speed LB void created by Shaziers injury. And with Lee also being a Buckeye he can learn from Shazier during his recovery. I like that deal a lot.

          • 3Tavgreg

            Yea, look how good the drafting of Foster worked out for them. If anything that experience will only make them more gun shy.

            • steelerbravenation

              It’s not gonna make them gun shy. They are all on the cusp of being expected to win games. Lynch & Shanahan need results soon. The Jimmy G injury hurt.

        • jkoms57

          Then you don’t get him.. remember when you got Garrapollo cuz ur 2nd rndr was highest?
          This works the same way. Either give us the #2 or we can get a top 10 pick from someone else.

      • 3Tavgreg

        That’s way too much for me 49’s to give up considering all of AB’s baggage.

      • busta37

        Why would the niners do that. Way too much to give up when they can use those picks to fill their own holes.

        • steelerbravenation

          Use what picks a 2nd rounder ? For a HOF WR in his prime signed for 2years.
          No rookie coming in is providing AB type level production. I am still providing the 20 overall. So they have a pick to fill a hole in a deep defensive draft.

          • Steven Juris

            High priced, malcontents aren’t worth 1st round picks. Especially when everyone knows that the Steelers have to get rid of him.

            • tsolid

              Yea… 1300 /15TD’s definitely isn’t desirable. Glad most front office actually look at production when making decisions, and not personal feelings

            • jkoms57

              Hey dum dum..

              Steelers have to eat 20 mil in dead cap. Aka they’re not trading him for anything less than a top 10 pick or multiple 1sts, regardless of ur assessment.

            • steelerbravenation

              That’s the problem with know it alls on these boards. He is not high priced the reason his cap hit is so high is because when he got his extension most of his money came in the form of a signing bonus. So that money effects the Steelers over the course of the contract. His money that effects a team aquiring him will be $12.6 in 2019, $11.9 in 2020 & $12.5 in 2021. So the financial hardships only effect the Steelers.that value gotta be shown in the compensation

    • bucsfan

      That’s potentially Devin White at 9, and then someone like Harmon or Metcalf at 20. I could live with that, although an additional later round pick wouldn’t hurt.

  2. steelerbravenation

    Easy solution you ask any of the Top 5 teams in the draft that maybe interested in a deal. You trade AB & the Steelers 1st round pick for their 1st and 2nd this year plus another pick for next year preferably a 2nd but would take a 3rd if need be.
    Then you trade the aquired 1st round pick back to a team and get their 1st and 2nd for this year plus more for next year.
    Now you have 1 1st round picks & 3 2nd round picks combined with your own 2 3rd round picks
    All those draft positions are going to players that are expected to contribute immediately so that is a total of 6 contributors playing on rookie deals so the cap hit would soften a bit.
    Not to mention any off the later year draft picks you can acquire thru the years because the picks I mentioned would require more from a team for Pitt to make the deal.
    If played right AB could turn into Hershel Walker and the lengthily rebuild will not have to happen.

      • steelerbravenation

        Easy solution to absorb the cap hit. You need to trade back to acquire multiple contributors to play on rookie contracts to absorb the cap hit. Yes it is a very easy solution.

      • steelerbravenation

        and the Jets received the 3rd overall pick last year for the 4th overall and 2 seconds how is the niners recieving a HOF WR in the prime of his career plus a 1st round pick for the 2nd overall an overpay ?
        Don’t forget if Jimmy G didn’t get hurt the Niners expected to compete this year. This would add them a huge offensive weapon the draft wouldn’t be able to provide them and they still got a spot to acquire a defensive contributor.

        • Steven Juris

          Trading for an always injured QB isn’t a good idea. Just ask how trading for Bradford helped the Eagles and the Rams.

  3. redsox1918

    Trade him to the Packers for the 12th and 75th pick (3rd rounder) That gives you 5 picks in the first three rounds. Also you could match Bell’s offer and make him your number 2 wide receiver of get a third rounder for him giving you 6 picks in 3 rounds. Use those picks for impact players.

  4. Hannibal8us

    I can’t see anyone giving up an early 1st round pick for Brown. As phenomenal as he is there’s so many reasons why I’d be incredibly hesitant to give up too much for him. Such as his age, injury history, his contract, his attitude, and the desperation of the Steelers to move on. It’s the same thing as Bell, the Steelers are trying to trade from a compromised position of the player being a malcontent.

      • steelerbravenation

        You are going to compare Brandon Marshall to AB ???? That makes you lose all credibility within itself. Marshall had been known forever to be a problem in the locker room.
        AB I think is a small part of the problem not the whole problem within himself.
        To tell you the truth I would rather keep him and trade Ben and fire Tomlin but with the way everything played out he can’t stay and you can’t trade Ben.

        • nigg3rphish

          You can’t trade Ben. As soon as you do he’s gonna get caught raping and it will become obvious that the steelers have likely be enabling and covering for him the whole time. Keep the rapist, flip the selfish superstar for pennies on the dollar. At least it’s more than you got for Bell

    • steelerbravenation

      That’s the only reason why the Steelers 1st round pick would be in play. When Amari Cooper for just a half season guaranteed pulls in a 1st round pick then that establishes a market.
      I only pick the 49ers because they were suppose to compete this year and Jimmy G’s injury hurt that. Aquiring AB would give them an established weapon playing with a chip on his shoulder. As a Steeler fan I love AB’s passion and his work. Nobody works harder or plays harder. I just believe this situation can’t be fixed and I believe it goes deeper than jus AB.
      This is a team issue. A Ben & Tomlin issue. It’s disfunction top to bottom. I just believe AB’s passion and wanting to win made him blow it up. Now with that being said he can’t come back after what he did. But I think with a fresh start he is a tremendous asset to a team making a move to win sooner than later.

      • Michael Chaney

        AB’s market has little, if anything, to do with Cooper’s market. On paper, AB is one of the top 2-3 receivers in the league, but there’s a lot more at play than just that. Cooper was much younger, cheaper (he’ll be expensive soon but he hasn’t signed an extension yet), and didn’t have any of the off-field baggage that AB is accumulating — which is basically the whole reason the Steelers would try to move on anyway. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

        A few years ago, Brandon Marshall was traded in his prime for two third rounders and his situation was a lot more similar to AB’s than Cooper’s was. The Steelers will easily get more than two third rounders, but you’re expecting a Godfather-type offer that probably isn’t gonna happen.

        • steelerbravenation

          As a Steeler fan I would agree with you if I didn’t see deeper than what the media is putting out there. AB is not the problem his going about pointing out a problem is what is making him the bad guy.
          I am sorry this team is older and you can’t replace Tomlin because a new system and new philosophy would be to hard to implement in a veteran team.
          You can’t trade Ben because of his contract and his own baggage as well as you just can’t get rid of a HOF QB. A HOF WR will always be more expendable.
          Ben is the problem. Although I didn’t like Haley Ben ran him out the door and got his best friend his job with no experience. He continuesly went on his radio show and called out guys publicly every week without holding himself accountable. Every opportunity he gave his opinion on the LeBron Bell situation when he didn’t need to. From what I have heard and read Ben runs the offensive practices and refuses to practice on Wed. I bet Tom Brady practices everyday just from a leadership standpoint. Also Ben calling out the GM for drafting Rudolph after Ben was the one who put his retirement in the air. Also saying publicly it’s not his job to mentor Mason.
          All this and Tomlin allowing it to happen. Throw in Tomlin not squashing it all. Whole situation is a mess and AB is a part. But JuJu has never said a bad thing about AB helping him. He practices hard and leads by example.
          Is his sideline antics a bit much of course. And again after everything he obviously gotta go but he should be looked at as part of the problem and not THE problem. He just happens to be the most expendable.

    • tsolid

      I guess people are under the illusion that they HAVE to trade him. Haven’t seen where he, himself said he wanted a trade. Haven’t seen where the Steelers said they NEED to trade him. So, all of this “compromised” nonsense b/c he got into a disagreement with one of the most passive/aggressive divas in the NFL is laughable.

      • jkoms57



        you’re dillusional Tsolid… AB is a brat and goes completely against the Steelers way (high-maintainance/zero rings)
        Aka GET OUTTA TOWN BOY!!!

      • Hannibal8us

        While minor he has had troubles staying healthy the last two years. That would be a major concern to me if I was considering giving up early 1sts for a WR presumably exiting his prime.

    • jkurk_22

      Y’all keep saying the Steelers have to trade him or that they’re desperate to move on, but I really don’t think they are. I’d love to see them trade him away from that drama ridden team, but I have a feeling they won’t do it.

      • Hannibal8us

        Well that was kind of my unsaid point, they’ll look for a deal but when they’re low-balled for the reasons gave I think they’ll wind up keeping him and his behavior.

  5. sluman46953

    how bout the colts . match him with ty . then sign bell . then shine up a few super bowl rings …..

    • steelerbravenation

      See now that’s taking it back further in the draft so if I am Colbert I am not giving up the #20 overall with him. And I want more than a 1st.
      Actually think the Jets may be the best fit. With Bowles firing Mcagdnan May feel the hot seat to win fast so they may take that deal. But they don’t have a 2nd round pick so they gotta negotiate a little deeper.
      I don’t see Cards, Bucs, Bucs, Giants, Jags or Raiders having interest. Possibly the Bills but now you are talkin bout a different structure of a deal.

  6. steelerbravenation

    Can’t see Oakland looks like they are focused on aquiring draft capital. And Pitt I can’t see trading with their biggest rival in Cleveland. But Lions & Panther I guess I could see with a level of interest.

    • nigg3rphish

      Jon Gruden loves veterans. Oak might be the favorite. He can give them the cowboys pick and come out looking like a genius, even it’s not the clear cut win turning cooper into brown would appear to be on the surface

    • steelerbravenation

      That I would have to think about if I was Kevin Colbert. That would be interesting.

      • steelerbravenation

        Only question is why would Arizona want him when they are starting a rebuild ?

        • swartnp7

          Rosen would have DJ & AB as weapons. Plus Kirk and Nelson as #2 & 3 wr & Seals-Jones isn’t too shabby. They also have the #1 pick in rds 1&2 this yr. Take Bosa or Allen at #1. DJ’s backup in 2nd rd.
          Their rebuild could be done in one swoop.

  7. Jack0207

    I wouldn’t touch AB with a 10 foot pole. Why would the Steelers let go of a HOF worthy player in his prime?!

    • steelerbravenation

      He is the most expendable to keep this small window of contention open.

  8. Polish Hammer

    Always amusing to see so many fantasy league GMs dictating what packages should be on the table…

  9. sluman46953

    face it … if he is traded.. it is to San Francisco , Green Bay , New York Jets , or Indianapolis… thats the bottom line …. nuff said.

  10. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    I don’t understand the reasoning behind the Steelers still having a cap hit if they trade AB. Seems like an odd thing to have in a CBA.

  11. steelerbravenation

    I could see Bills having interest
    Man could you imagine the competitiveness between AB & OBJ both playin in NY

  12. crosseyedlemon

    Giants should push Manning into retirement, eat the dead money and sign Brown. A receiving duo of Beckham and Brown would be beyond scary to even the best secondary in the league.

  13. Bubba

    Jerra “ Nose Picker “ Jones would be all over this one. Let’s add one more Prima Donna and with my puppet “ Jason Garrett” we can have another 9-7 season. He is 30. Can you say DECLINE?

  14. Colts have money. Pulling a LeBron and teaming up with Bell somewhere? Tampa Bay could make room.

  15. paulkauffmann

    Hmmm maybe the Raiders use one of the 3 first round picks they have And maybe their 2nd round pick like 35 or so

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