Tony Romo To Hold Off On Coaching

Someday, Tony Romo hopes to be a coach, as David Moore of the Dallas Morning News tweets. But, for now, Romo likes being in the broadcast booth, which means that Cowboys fans hoping to see him as the team’s new offensive coordinator will have to cool their jets. 

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Well, they’ll have to wait,” Romo said. “I’m sure one day I’ll coach. Right now, I’m happy with where I’m at.”

Romo retired from playing before the 2017 season, but the NFL world wasn’t convinced that his on-field days were over. Two years later, Romo has one of the top jobs in sports broadcasting, and pressure is mounting for him to take a job on the sidelines.

Romo admits his interest in coaching, but it’ll be hard for him to walk away from his current gig at CBS. Romo reportedly earns $4MM/year from the network and he’s expected to earn a significant bump on his next extension. If Romo earns, say, $6MM/year on his new CBS deal, it’s hard to imagine an NFL team topping that salary to hire him as an offensive coordinator.

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18 comments on “Tony Romo To Hold Off On Coaching

  1. justinept

    Cowboy fans hoping to see him as the OC wont have to wait… they’ll have to get realistic. The guy is about to become the highest paid broadcaster in football. He isnt leaving that for a chance to run an offense. If he ever leaves, it will be to serve as a HC.

  2. vannzee

    Is it crazy that he could be a Jason Garrett successor in a year plus time? Could be a rare head coach with no previous coaching experience, especially if he keeps building value due to his broadcasting.

    Would follow MLB model of manager hirings.

  3. ncbrave

    I’m just glad that people are starting to appreciate this man and give him the praise he deserves. Romo was the scapegoat for some bad Cowboys team over the years. He was one of the few reasons they won any games during that stretch. Just think how good the current Cowboys team would be with a QB of Romo’s Caliber. I know I’m going to hear from Romo haters but his numbers don’t lie. I understand the playoff record but football is a team game he couldn’t do it all.

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      Dude, you are so right on! Romo, T.O. (then Dez), Witten and Murray…. no defense, no O-line and Howdy for a HC. Dude deserved so much better. I can’t help but think Dallas (despite Garrett) could have made some noise in the NFC the last 3 years with Romo at the helm.

    • playicy

      Guy has no clue what’s going on, bring Phil sims back he can do way better than bozo romo

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Why just recruit coaches from the broadcasting booth? Open the job up to anyone who can speak into a microphone. Surely Howard Stern could make the Jets or Giants into champions.

  5. jessethegreat

    I hope not. He’s my favorite broadcaster to listen to. He’s actually got a personality, and you can tell he’s sincere in his love for the game.

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