Jerry Jones Confirms Jason Garrett Will Not Receive Extension

Several days ago, we learned that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett may not receive a contract extension this offseason, thereby making the 2019 campaign a lame-duck year for him. That was quite the reversal from a report that emerged on the morning of Dallas’ divisional round matchup against the Rams, which suggested that the Cowboys were planning on negotiating a long-term deal with Garrett as soon as their season was over.

Speaking at the NFL Honors ceremony last night, team owner Jerry Jones confirmed that Garrett would not, in fact, receive an extension prior to the 2019 season, per Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Jones said, “We have been there before without a contract. He trusts me. I do trust him or he wouldn’t be the head coach to begin with. Our business is made too much of when you look at extensions and non extensions.”

Garrett did not have much to add on the subject, saying, “I don’t spend a lot of time on the business of football. I spend time trying to build a team we all can be proud of.”

As Jones noted, Garrett coached into a lame-duck year in 2014, when a 12-4 Cowboys team nearly voyaged to the NFC championship game. Garrett signed his current deal, a five-year, $30MM pact, after that season, but he has not been able to get his club over the divisional round hump. He has three division titles to his credit, but just two playoff wins.

It is difficult to say what Garrett will need to do to earn a third HC contract with Dallas, but he will probably have to at least get back to the playoffs.

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10 comments on “Jerry Jones Confirms Jason Garrett Will Not Receive Extension

  1. sportsfan101

    Give B.B. a call maybe he can teach you how to get past the divisional round

    • seventythreesfgfan

      Your all lame fans. Jones cares about one thing. Money, and will never ever put the right person the position as long he can squeeze every little bit of money out of his team. If his names wasn’t Jones, I’d pretty much expect him to be crying about something related to money. There is a country, with people who’s only goal in life is to control the masses through the media and film. Maybe he should convert and begin wailing on a wall.

  2. afsooner02

    Yeah…it’s Garrett’s fault the cowboys haven’t sniffed a super bowl since 1996.

  3. Ironman_4life

    Cowboy hater choking on my words but man they look good. They should be a super bowl contender next season.

    • benster04

      actually cowboy fans will suffer through a non playoff year next year, schedule is very difficult and garrett will not stay on BUT at last a Sean Payton reunion in the works as his contract is up after next season and brees close to retiring

  4. dray16

    This is easier for Jerry next off season, this way he doesn’t have to fire him. that’s all this is, unless the Cowboys at minimum win the NFC, Garrett is gone.

    • Garrett should be gone already! He has hit his peak! Problem w/ jones he makes personal instead of business decisions!

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