Kaepernick Lawyer Predicts A Team Will Sign QB Soon

After reaching a settlement with the NFL on his collusion case earlier this week, Colin Kaepernick could be nearing a return to the league, his lawyer Mark Geragos said in an interview on CNN, Mike Freeman of Bleacher Reports tweets

“I think you’re going to see within the next two weeks someone is going to step up.”

In addition to making that statement, he mentioned that three teams could have interest, namely the Panthers. Whether he is speaking from knowledge of the situation, which he obviously has, or just making the claim, is unknown at this moment.

The Panthers are a natural landing spot for the former 49ers quarterback, who possesses a similar skill set to Cam Newton and would be playing for a team that just gave Eric Reid a three-year contract. Reid, of course, was a part of the same collusion case against the NFL.

In the past, Geragos has also mentioned the Patriots as a potential landing spot. Of course, any team that does sign the polarizing figure could withstand a backlash from a section of fans who do not agree with Kaepernick’s protest. If any team could do it, it would be the Patriots.

Again, as far as fits go, the Panthers would make the most sense. The offense wouldn’t have to change if Newton, who has been dealing with nagging injuries over the last year, has to leave the game. The mobile Kaepernick obviously boasts a different skill set than the statuesque Tom Brady. Also, in recent years New England has opted for a traditional pocket passer as its backup like Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brissett and Brian Hoyer rather than a dual-threat.

Recently, it was reported the quarterback was contacted by the upstart AAF about a potential gig but he decided not to sign with the league.

We will see in the coming days if there is anything to Geragos’ comments or if it is just conjecture.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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150 comments on “Kaepernick Lawyer Predicts A Team Will Sign QB Soon

      • jlahman

        Did you read the article?
        Recently, it was reported the quarterback was contacted by the upstart AAF about a potential gig but he decided not to sign with the league.

        • Kwflanne

          He declined to play for the AAF…. because they didn’t meet his salary demand of 20 million

      • SocraticGadfly

        Kaeo reportedly wanted $20M from an AAF team. That was laughable there and will be in the NFL too. If he’s willing to take a deal with low guaranteed pay and a decent signing bonus and option years, some team might.

  1. TheTruth12

    I actually wouldn’t mind him signing with the Pats, MUCH better option than Hoyer.

    • twiker

      Yeah cause his running qb skillset is at all similar to the system that has won them 6 sb’s

      • TheTruth12

        Brissett has some running qb skills and played for the Pats, again fills a need and is a huge improvement. No doubt McDaniels would be able to draw up some plays to fit his skill set.

    • bledrules

      Belichik wouldn’t even consider it (thankfully)
      If Brady were to get hurt their season would be over anyway

      • iamhector24

        That’s just not true. How many games has Hoyer won? How many playoff games?

        • Mack83

          That has not a damn thing to do with Football IQ. He said IQ, not stats. Hoyer has been following in the footsteps of the greatest of all time, his football IQ is def higher than someone who hasn’t played in 2-3 years and wasn’t good when he walked out on his contract.

          • jellbuc

            His football IQ obviously no one on this chat knows, but we do know Hoyer sucks. However Hoyer could probably do ok in NES system. However you guys are missing the main point here. The Panthers are not giving him 15 million a year to sit. NE definitely isn’t so unless he’s willing to take Hoyer money (<1mil last year and 2.85 this year if they retain him) neither team can afford him. Actually no team can afford him right now unless they plan on putting him at QB1 from the jump. All these arguments about backups are stupid he won’t play for anyone unless he’s made starter day 1 with starter money, if not the best that could happen is someone gets hurt and are willing to pay him for 1 year.

            • Dodgethis

              His IQ is terrible. He’s had the same scouting report every year. Too much time in the weight room, not enough time in the film room. A nice way of saying he is stupid.

      • Saint

        Bill Traded for Tebow… oh wait, no one is supposed to remember that right?

        • kenleyfornia2

          Tebow is not a distraction in any way. Just a popular guy. And he was only there for camp, its not like he made the team

        • namvet70

          Bill didn’t trade for Tebow. He signed him as a free agent at the league minimum with no guaranteed money involved, and of course he was cut before the regular season even began.

      • SocraticGadfly

        Belichick took the “troubled” Randy Moss. Took Gordon off the Browns’ hands and reportedly is STILL interested in bringing him back next year.

  2. sportsfan101

    I pray to god no team will. He is a cancer to the nfl that just won’t go away. Please let this be his goodbye farewell to the nfl. I’m sick of his bullshit and there is no nfl player I hate more, coming from a patriots fan who truly hates the mannings for costing us 3 more rings.

    • TheTruth12

      Cancer for standing up for what he believes in okay bud. Do Patriots fan a HUGE favor and pick a different team I’m embarrassed that you like the same team as me

        • Saint

          I wouldn’t say most fans…

          Most fans don’t care. The ones that see Kaep’s name and get angry for no reason are not in the majority bud.

        • Sirsleepit

          Most NFL fans don’t like Kap because they completely misconstrued why he was kneeling. Y’all made a big fuss over nothing and hate the guy for standing up for what he believes in. If you see something is fundamentally broken and believe you have the power to change it, you should. That is an American RIGHT to speak freely and to protest. This was about something far bigger than football and y’all HAD to try and change the reasoning for his stand. Honestly I cannot stand you people who try to change the narrative. Some of my best friends and coworkers served and currently serve in the military and to kneel is to show respect and reverence for those who have fallen. The narrative only changed when a black man does it so honestly screw all of y’all and your backwards beliefs

          • brucewayne

            I don’t hate Kap or any other human being! I just think he picked the wrong platform to try

            • brucewayne

              and be relevant again . He should’ve went about it another way !

          • FlippityDippity

            I don’t think most people are frustrated with Kap because he’s “standing up for what he believes in”, and “how dare he do that”… I think people are frustrated because they just want to watch some damn football… Of course he has every “RIGHT” to do what he’s doing, just as the NFL has every RIGHT to do what they did… This isn’t a matter of who’s right here, or who has the right to do what they’re doing… He started his protest with a very clear point, and eventually that point changed from “social reform” to “screw the NFL” and who had the guts to hold out longer… It’s a pissing contest that the NFL just isn’t interested in participating in anymore, as they have more, you know, FOOTBALL related things to deal with…

      • Ironman_4life

        Im near san francisco and i dont know anyone who likes Kaepernick anymore.

      • wrigleyhawkeye

        Dude started “standing up for what he believed” once he got benched. In other words, he threw a tantrum, got called out for it, masked it as something it wasn’t.

        • cka2nd

          Sitting down and answering a reporter’s question after the game – not seeking out said reporter, I might add – is “throwing a tantrum?”

          • brucewayne

            and in the spotlight already ? It made him look really thirsty the way he went about it!

            • cka2nd

              Who knows when the issue finally came to a head in his mind? Black Lives Matter first came to national attention in 2014, but that doesn’t mean everyone who would be affected by it would be so right away.

                • cka2nd

                  No, some people have been marching and protesting for decades over racist violence against blacks and police brutality against blacks (decades and centuries if you want to go back to the Jim Crow and slavery eras) but Kaepernick is only 31 years old and may not have taken the full measure of the issue until his mid- to late-20’s.

      • osfan9987

        He believed in making 60 million dollars from a settlement? I think he had a point at the start but I’m sorry at this stage he’s just a man obsessed with his own legend

      • slpdajab55

        There’s ways to stand for what you believe in with our showing up the rest of football. He used a platform that’s clearly in the public eye for a sports game. The flag is bigger than any game. If it wasn’t for people that fought and died for the opportunity to have the freedom to enjoy the sport no one would be able to even play. I respect the fact he has an opinion , though I don’t agree with it .. I respect his right to have it as that’s what America is all about … but not the fact that he used that platform to voice his opinion. It’s nothing more than attention seeking and ignorance. Do it the right way not to fulfill other motives.

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          So… you’re welcome to your opinion, just don’t express it?

          • slpdajab55

            Yes express it .. not the way he did though. Like I said .. nothing but attention seeking … I doubt seriously that he even gives a darn about what he was so called kneeling for. Just wants the spotlight on him …

        • cka2nd

          So, would you say the same thing about a football player who refused the traditional post-Super Bowl trip to the White House because he had a heartfelt difference of opinion with the President?

    • iamhector24

      Cancer? The NFL welcomes back dudes who BEAT THEIR SPOUSES. But this dude is a “cancer”. And you wonder why the word “racist” is thrown around so easily to people like you.

      • baumrind973

        Great comment. Most people commenting here are jackasses. Why not see if he still has the skills? Maybe it’s time to “kill” all the racists.

        • gregstruth89

          It’s not about his message. It’s about the fact that his skills suck.

          • cka2nd

            16 TD’s to 4 INT’s in his last season, on a bad team with a dis-functional coach and, for the second year in a row, at least, front office.

      • jkurk_22

        While I agree, I don’t like letting thugs who beat people back in. The difference is when they come back, wether they mea it or not, they apologize profusely and then don’t talk about it at all. This guys just keeps running his mouth and won’t stop

      • brucewayne

        The word racist is thrown around A LOT by way too many idiots to cause race-baiting

    • Stillers12

      You hate a guy because teams colluded to not sign him? If you hate someone you don’t know then there is an awful lot of sadness in your life.

  3. RockHauler

    This narrative is getting old. Especially after reports just came out that the AAF offered to sign him, but his salary demands was $20 million for the season. The entire teams payroll isn’t that much! You would think a player who professes that he want to play, and hasn’t played in going on 3 years, would take the opportunity to show that he has the skills to be signed.
    Does his agent think teams will line up to sign him and pay him $12-17 million to probably be a backup? Time to have a gut check. Do you really want to play? Do you still think that you’re an elite level QB? Or do you want to keep the illusion alive that you are being blackballed but having outrageous demands behind the scenes?

    • AndyMeyer

      A gut check? After what he’s been through? So he can prove something to who? You? Get real

      • osfan9987

        What he’s been through? You know the cops didn’t shoot him right? This wasn’t one mans story of getting even after being wronged and he didn’t change the world for the better he got paid, maybe he deserved to I’m not saying he didn’t but the folk hero status is a little much for me minorties still suffer disproportionately at the hands of police and he still doesn’t

        • Vizionaire

          yup! that’s why the league and owners asked for out of court settlement!

          • Polish Hammer

            Yup! That’s why he sold out his cause and took the money instead of proving a case in court!

      • brucewayne

        What he’s been through? Really? That’s a joke! He’s not Rodney King by no means!

    • maxorange33

      He won’t sign with anyone. The teams that might show interest won’t sign him because Kaepernick won’t play for the relatively low offers that are offered. Plus I believe that he knows he can’t play and he likes the commentary and perception that he is good, he doesn’t want to wreck that narrative by playing and exposing the reality.

      • AndyMeyer

        Exposing the reality that he’s better than most of the guys who got jobs before him?

        • Dodgethis

          He hasnt been good since his sophomore year, when the league figured him out. Keep on spouting that nonsense though.

        • maxorange33

          He’s a better athlete than others, but to be an effective NFL QB you need to work out of the pocket and he is completely inept at that. To say nothing of his inaccurate arm.

            • brucewayne

              or to go threw the progressions without taking off or his inaccuracy on longer throws!

  4. EvilDeadpool

    You suck playing in your career & you take a knee just to get a payout, then you don’t donate any to struggling African people you claim to be fighting for. Your a piece of sh¡t & should never step onto the field again

    • AndyMeyer

      He’s donated to over 40 organizations including the Black Veterans for Social Justice and the Black Youth Project
      I suggest you research before you post such an close minded, ignorant comment

      • Ironman_4life

        What about White Veterans for Social Justice or the White Youth Project. Oh wait. Separating by race is how we spread equality. Js.

        • cka2nd

          The Voting Rights Act was last renewed by a GOP-majority Congress and a GOP President in 2006. 10,000 pages of evidence was produced documenting modern-day, contemporary instances of racial discrimination against people of color in the conduct of US elections. I would not be shocked if a page or two documented discrimination against white people in the conduct of elections, but I wouldn’t be shocked if no such evidence was uncovered by the Republican Congress and its staff, either.

          Unfortunately, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court appointed by that same Republican President later voted to gut the Voting Rights Act, as he had argued for since at least the 1980’s, because he thinks the way to fight racism is to just ignore race. He also argued that times had changed since 1965, ignoring the 10,000 pages of evidence of contemporary racial discrimination uncovered by his own fellow Republicans.

          I am against racial segregation in any but its voluntary, private form, but I am FOR recognizing when racial discrimination takes place, including blind, unthinking and cowardly police violence.

      • Polish Hammer

        And despite being in the league 7 years none of those donations came before the sitting/kneeling nonsense. He didn’t give one penny or one minute of his time to any of them prior.

        • AndyMeyer

          If you call the sitting/kneeling/protest as nonsense, then you clearly have no clue

          • johnnybadd2019

            It turned off a lot of viewers. It cost the league money. Sure he can protest but he should do it on his own time

          • Dodgethis

            Clue about what? Or is that as far as you’re programmed to respond?

        • brucewayne

          AND also took donations from his foundation to use for those causes as well!

  5. DarkSide830

    regardless of the non-football stuff surrounding him, there is no reason a team would want a guy who has been out of the league for the time he has wasnt at all decent prior to that layoff.

    • cka2nd

      16 TD’s to 4 INT’s in his last season. On a crappy team. With a crappy front office and head coach. 4 TD’s and 0 INT’s against the two Super Bowl teams. 3 TD’s and O INT’s against the first and third best defenses of the year.

      I’d say that performance qualifies as decent.

    • crosseyedlemon

      This is why the collusion case was on shaky ground from the outset. Every owner could figure out on his own that there was likely to be much more negative impact than benefit by signing Kap.

      • cka2nd

        And yet they settled, probably for tens of millions of dollars, and just before the final phase began. If Steve Jobs can write e-mails about colluding to hold down salaries in Silicon Valley, if MLB could lose a collusion case back in the 90’s, I’d guess that some NFL owner or front office flunky wrote or said something that got around that shouldn’t have. Ooops!

  6. chisuxcity

    CNN reporting this huh? FAKE NEWS!
    No pocket presence and a cancer.

    • iamhector24

      I’m glad you’re admitting it. That’s the first step to getting over your issues.

  7. brewcrewbernie

    Wouldn’t it be something if he was signed before Harper or Machado? Lol

  8. GDC

    I don’t like how he used the term “step up”. Like someone needs to step up so he has a stage?

  9. whynot101

    Let’s not forget his deteriorating skills is why he lost his job. Someone mentioned phrase “ after all he’s been through”. That’s the price you pay for sticking up for what he believes in and it doesn’t matter whether folks think it’s right or wrong. Bottom line he duped nfl into a nice chunk of change, legally

    • Polish Hammer

      He didn’t stand up for anything, they got behind him and propped him up as the face of the cause when he was sitting on the bench pouting about losing his job and it became convenient.

    • cka2nd

      16 TD’s to 4 INT’s in his last season. 8 to 1 vs. playoff teams. 4 to 0 vs. Super Bowl teams. 3 to 0 vs. two of the top three defenses of the year.

      Every QB should have such “deteriorating skills.”

      And yes, a settlement just before the final phase of a case begins counts as “duping” one’s opponents. Uh huh.

    • Dodgethis

      Yeah getting adopted by wealthy white people who put you through college must be terrible.

  10. jonesadoug

    I hope someone signs him soon just so everyone can be reminded just how bad this guy plays QB. then maybe he just rides off into the sunset where he should already be.

  11. Richard Hangslow

    Why does the media continue to support this anti American bigot? Seriously why?

    • baumrind973

      Does being stupid qualify you for anything? If you understood the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights, you might not make such an obviously naive statement. Or, are you a racist too? Get educated before making these public pronouncements!

      • Dodgethis

        What does the constitution have to so with the collusion of media companies and political activisists? Instead of trying to label and shame someone for absolutely nothing, maybe try to get a grip on reality? You’re a prime example of why democrats who believe in abortion should practice it.

        • cka2nd

          You might be shocked by how many Republicans support abortion rights. And by how many anti-abortion activists have taken their wives and daughters to have abortions at the very same clinic they picket.

      • Ironman_4life

        So he’s stupid because you disagree with his opinion. Bless freedom of speech which really only pertains to liberals. …

  12. Thronson5

    Being a 9ers fan I got to watch this guys game and the way he played up close and personal and I was one pissed of fan when they traded Smith even though most 9ers fans were stoked about him I had saw his style of play before and knew how it would end. Seems like everyone gets hyped on these running qb’s and forget how it’s played out ever and over and over again. They get so happy with the shinny new you and grow brain dead to the past or they just don’t want to believe it’ll happen to their guy because it’s their team. We are seeing it all over again for I don’t know how many times now with Lamar Jackson. Sure some Ravens or Jackson fan will come to his defense but I will go ahead and screen shot this comment ana when it happens I’ll be sure to send you it. It’s gonna happen. Kaep was good, then the league caught on to the fact that he couldn’t throw a touch pass, also he got cracked by Clay Matthews and didn’t like it felt and it rattled him so any time he was about to take a big hit he would panick and throw a bad pass or interception or take give up and take a sack when guys were wide open. Those things mixed with not being able to hit the touch passes and having terrible field visions he failed miserably. Was so glad when they got rid of him! Jackson will be the same thing, I promise you! Kaep might be better than some back ups in the league but he is nor very good and isn’t a nfl starter for a reason and that reason has nothing to do with the kneeling. Sure that might be why teams aren’t signing him but it’s most because he sucks and isn’t worth the PR headache or the money he demands.

    • AndyMeyer

      So let me get this straight. You were pissed they traded a guy who became expendable for a guy who lead you to a super bowl?
      What has Alex Smith won?
      Thrown 72 touchdowns to only 30 picks. Not bad for a guy who had 2 seasons with 2 different head coaches. Tomsula and Chip Kelly. God awful

    • kenleyfornia2

      Exactly, the people that saw Kap on their team when he played know he is not that good. Its all the non 49ers fans glamoring for him. Garroppolo is the only QB that has made this 49ers team look decent. Alex Smith was their franchise QB. Kap was the flavor of the month and they fell for it

      • AndyMeyer

        Their franchise quarterback who won 2 playoff games in 7 years. 2-5
        Kaepernick 4-2 in the playoffs in 2 years
        “Garrappolo is the only QB that has made them look decent” LOL
        Sure in the win/loss column. 8 games : 12 TD against 8 picks

        • kenleyfornia2

          TD to interception ratio is the most over rated stat for QB. It doesn’t show how much into coverage a guy is willing to throw. Kap in 2016 was scared to throw the ball into tight coverage thats why he didnt throw many picks but they never won games. Jimmy is by far the best QB they have had in recent years and its not even close

        • Dodgethis

          Smith won the hard games that season. Second half was a cake walk. Kaep didn’t do anything great in any of his playoff games. Team won some games with his gimmicky run, and some receivers who managed to catch his terrible passes. He couldn’t run progressions to save his life. He decided who to pass to before the snap. If that 1 guy wasn’t open he ran. Sure he had a few nice, lucky plays. But he was a flash in the pan gimmick half way through a season by a head coach who is so overrated it’s disgusting. It failed. Kaep didn’t grow. He failed. He was tying his shoe during an anthem and suddenly he’s turned into a social justice warrior by the propaganda media and his domestic terrorist girlfriend. Enough is enough. Welcome to reality.

    • Vizionaire

      yeah, packer fans must hate aaron rodgers running! that is really funny

  13. ahale224

    Didn’t read all the comments, but Ravens backup with Flacco gone? I think they came close a few years ago already.

  14. Wildboyz

    Might make sense for Baltimore.
    But it would be really interesting if he signed with Washington, and stole some of the D.C spotlight from Trump, and took a knee to protest the “Redskin” moniker. Donald might have an aneurysm.

  15. jgiun1@yahoo.com

    I really agree….I could see Redskins as a starter. Hate the guy, but could be a good sign for QB needy Washington.

  16. crosseyedlemon

    So the lawyer claiming collusion is now saying NFL teams will be lining up to sign his client? That was a quick flip…lol.

  17. Polish Hammer

    Interesting, now that he got $$$ for nothing he’d be willing to take a backup role and backup contract? Sellout!

  18. lautrec

    Personally I don’t care if kapernik signs with a team or not. The nfl is basically the same as everyday life, i.e. it’s all about the drama, the division of people, the accusations of indentity politics, histrionics, dogmatic rhetoric, holier than thou approaches from BOTH sides, and self righteousness. Half the people are for kapernik because he is the antithesis of the ones who hate him. The other half hate him because he is the antithesis of what they value. Neither side even cares what is schtick is and probably most people don’t care about the knee thing one way or the other. We the people choose to let people like kapernik have space in our heads. How can any of us know if he’s a cancer or a good teammate? The nfl has many types of people employed. There’s probably many of them I would dislike but I don’t have to live with them so I don’t care what they are like as long as they entertain me. They are like Hollywood actors. Their views and opinions are worth nothing to me. Just entertain me. That’s what they are good for.

    • AndyMeyer

      Actually, i would think A LOT of people care about the “knee thing”

    • Dodgethis

      You ruined your argument with the both sides nonsense. Identity politics is a strategy of the left. Trying to fight it doesn’t make you complicit.

  19. tharrie0820

    It’s funny. People are fine with Tyreek Hill, who beat his pregnant girlfriend, yet consider Kaepernick a cancer

  20. mongogreg

    As the father of two law enforcement sons, I fully support his right to free speech.
    I will never accept his opinion of law enforcement officials.
    I don’t want to ever see him play
    again, but that is just my personal opinion.
    Free speech is a right, that can come with consequences.

    • Dodgethis

      Free speech is only aplicapble to the government. The private sector can do what it wants. Serious misunderstanding on your part.

      • cka2nd

        So, are you also saying that workers SHOULD have no rights on the job, SHOULD never be able to fight for or bargain for rights on the job, and the private sector SHOULD be able to do what it wants? Because “The private sector can do what it wants.” is a pretty darn expansive statement.

  21. maxorange33

    Similar skill set to Cam Newton! Dual threat?!? While they both can run, the comparison ends there. Cam is capable from the pocket and over center, Kaepernick isn’t. Kaepernick can run, NO dual threat.

  22. Vizionaire

    nike has stayed with kaep and its market share has been growing. it is still going to sell more. simple proof there are somewhat silent majority that has supported his cause. it’s the noisy small faction that hates him for what he stood(kneeled) for.

    • Dodgethis

      The silent majority has nothing to do with liberal activism. You’re seriously delusional. Maybe check yourself in to a hospital.

  23. PhilliesFan012

    Good he deserves a shot, he did what was right and stood up for what he believes in. Hope he latches on and sticks !

    • Polish Hammer

      Ironic that this phony martyr only seemed to let his fro blow out after the cause got behind him.

      • Dodgethis

        And funny how much darker his skin is now than when he was drafted…

  24. Saint

    Dang, you would think that by all of these comments, Kaepernick touched everyone in the NO NO spot. People really find the dumbest things to be irrationally angry about.

  25. OCTraveler

    The questions at hand should be “In the year you were out, did you lose foot speed, arm strength or physical endurance?” If the answers are “no”, then look for a contract from a team that is not in a media-frenzied city like New York, DC or Boston but rather a place with a more liberal and politically tolerant culture and a team that has a mature coach who already has established himself and has a veteran QB in place – with these criteria, I would say that the best landing spots for him would be Seattle or maybe even New Orleans.

  26. zperrin171

    I legit don’t follow the NFL section of this bc of Colin. The NFL is dying… slowly.

  27. metseventually

    The ignorance in this comment section is baffling. THIS here is why he took a knee. Everyone do yourself a favor and read Michael Bennett’s book.

    • brucewayne

      You mean the bully who assaulted the elderly person at the Super Bowl? Some role model huh?

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