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For a while now it has seemed like Antonio Brown and the Steelers parting ways at some point this offseason is a foregone conclusion, but that might not be the case. When Steelers owner Art Rooney II spoke again last week he used a much softer and less definite tone, and now we have more reason to believe a reunion isn’t impossible. 

Brown made his first public appearance since this saga began yesterday from the Super Bowl, and in his brief comments he didn’t rule out returning to Pittsburgh, according to Jeremy Fowler of Brown said he just wants to win, and emphasized that it “doesn’t matter where.” Brown didn’t elaborate much further but it’s interesting given the way Rooney publicly softened his stance recently.

“There has been contact between both sides, though it’s unclear whether Brown has spoken directly with Rooney”, Fowler writes. Sources told Fowler that Brown is “open to thriving in a new offense if that’s the path the Steelers choose”, which seems to suggest Brown isn’t demanding a trade. As Fowler points out, Brown has solely communicated through social media since the season ended up until this point, so these comments are significant.

It was also reported just a few days ago that the relationship remains solid between Brown and some members of the front office. For a while it seemed like the bridge had been burned, and if he does return it’ll definitely take a lot of work from Mike Tomlin to mend things in the locker room. Brown coming back to the Steelers is clearly picking up some steam, but there’s still plenty of time for things to reverse course yet again.

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20 comments on “Latest On Antonio Brown, Steelers

  1. crosseyedlemon

    So basically we can expect an update on Brown every time he breaks wind.

    • Ironman_4life

      There is no news. Its either Brown or a Kardashian. Pick your poison. Ohhh we need a colin kaepernick article. What team wont sign him this week?

    • slpdajab55

      No doubt … who cares .. he’s a great receiver but so is Fitz , so was Marvin Harrison , so was Jerry Rice , so is D-Hop .. all of them less the ego.

  2. goldenmisfit

    Ownership softening their stance on brown tells me they know without brown that Rothlisberger would be exposed. His numbers would go down and then they would say signing him to an extension paying him anywhere between 28 and 30, million per season would be a colossal mistake.

    • Rocket32

      It has nothing to do with Ben being exposed without him. Obviously their offense would take a notable hit if he were moved but it has more to do with what a high level player AB is then Ben. Any QB except Brady would be hurt by losing a weapon like AB.

    • Vedder80

      They are taking a softer tone because they realize how big of a cap hit they will take if they keep him. Tough to compete when you are in a $21mil hole.

      • royhobbs

        Wow , stop throwing facts and truth into this silly, ignorant, fake news, blurb! And I couldn’t agree more. You and I alone know why he is still a steeler. Nice job, vedder!

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      You’re right, Big Ben is a flash in the pan. He never did anything before Brown got there. SMH

  3. fieldsj2

    It’s 2 days from the Super Bowl and there’s been more stories about A.B. than the teams playing. Why is it so important to highlight, probably the most selfish player in football.

    • tsolid

      Why is so important the you HAVE to click on the articles and comment? Don’t like? Don’t read. SIMPLE logic

      • Ironman_4life

        Probably about as important as you replying to every single comment made here. Dont like his comment. Dont read SIMPLE.

      • fieldsj2

        It’s the comment section. Why is it so important for you to worry about my comments? I can see your upset with the all caps. Grow up!

        • deal1122

          Lol that guy always feels the need to come bash people on here when he truly knows nothing about the situation. He’s butt buddies with Bell and brown

            • deal1122

              Haha good one. Too bad you still have no idea what you’re talking about. Real easy to act hard behind a computer screen tough guy

  4. supertrucker247

    So tired of this crap!!! Stop making a big deal out of everything he does. JUST GET RID OF HIM!!!

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